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File #: RLH RR 18-11    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Substantial Abatement Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 3/28/2018
Title: Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 521-523 DESNOYER AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the March 14, 2018 City Council public hearing. (Amend to remove or repair within 180 days)
Sponsors: Samantha Henningson
Ward: Substantial Abatement Orders, Ward - 4
Attachments: 1. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.PH 1-12-18, 2. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.SHPO 12-20-17, 3. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.OTA 12-6-17, 4. 521 Desnoyer Ave.Photos.2-2-07.pdf, 5. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Photos 9-11-17.pdf, 6. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Photos 12-4-17.pdf, 7. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Chermak-Moermond Email.2-12-18, 8. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Chermak Email.2-16-18, 9. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Olson Ltr.2-20-18, 10. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Dubriel Email.2-21-18, 11. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Howey letter to LHO.2-24-18.pdf, 12. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Draft Loan & Construction Agreement.2-27-18.pdf, 13. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Chermak-Moermond Email.2-27-18, 14. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Chermak-Moermond Email.3-7-18, 15. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Work Plan.3-12-18.pdf, 16. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Olson Ltr.3-8-18.pdf, 17. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Kunkel Electric Estimate.3-11-18.pdf, 18. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Barr Web Ind 3-10-18.pdf, 19. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Boehm Heating Bid.3-6-18.pdf, 20. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Intechx Services Inc Scope of Work.5-7-18.pdf, 21. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Bank Statement from US Bank.3-12-18.pdf, 22. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Olson R-R Ltr.3-15-18.pdf, 23. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.CCI Report.3-20-18.pdf, 24. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Ground Electric Bid.3-23-18.pdf, 25. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Boehmn Heating Co.3-6-18.pdf, 26. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Barr Webb Ind. Inc. Bid.3-10-18.pdf, 27. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Intechx Services Inc. Signed Construction Bid.3-23-18.pdf, 28. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Olson R-R Ltr.3-28-18.pdf, 29. 521-523 Desnoyer Ave.Olson R-R Revised Ltr.3-28-18.pdf
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Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 521-523 DESNOYER AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the March 14, 2018 City Council public hearing. (Amend to remove or repair within 180 days)

AMENDED 3/28/18
WHEREAS, the Department of Safety and Inspections has determined that 521-523 DESNOYER AVENUE is a nuisance building pursuant to Saint Paul Legislative Code §45.02 as 1) it is a vacant building as defined in §43.02; and 2) it has multiple housing code or building code violations or it has conditions constituting material endangerment as defined in §34.23, or it has a documented and confirmed history as a blighting influence in the community; and

WHEREAS, this property is legally described as follows, to wit: Desnoyer Park Ramsey Co Minn Nely 1/2 Of Vac Alley Adj And Sely 5 Ft Of Lot 38 And Nwly 1/2 Of Lot 36 And All Of Lot 37 Blk 20; and

WHEREAS, based upon the records in the Ramsey County Recorder's Office and information on file or obtained by the Department of Safety and Inspections, the following are the owners, interested or responsible parties for the subject property as of November 27, 2017: Jay Olson
8023 Lake Drive, Forest Lake MN 55025; Jay Olson, Arnold A Olson Trustee/Shirley A Olson Trustee, 3109 Stinson Blvd Ne, St Anthony MN 55418-2337; and Union Park District Council; and

WHEREAS, each of these parties was served a written order dated November 27, 2017 advising them of the basis for the determination that the subject property was a nuisance, and that the nuisance building was to be repaired or razed and removed by December 27, 2017; and

WHEREAS, this order informed the interested or responsible parties that they must repair or raze and remove the structures(s) located on the Subject Property by December 27, 2017; and

WHEREAS, a placard indicating the City’s order that this nuisance building be abated was posted on the building on November 28, 2017 in accordance with Saint Paul Legislative ...

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