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File #: RLH FCO 20-140    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Fire C of O OR Correction Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 10/28/2020
Title: Appeal of Laurel Hedlund to a Fire Correction Notice-Reinspection Complaint at 1108 WESTERN AVENUE NORTH.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Ward: Fire C of O Letter, Ward - 5
Attachments: 1. 1108 Western Ave N.appeal.9-29-2020, 2. 1108 Western Ave, 3. 1108 Western Ave, 4. 1108 Western Ave N.Wall Estimate.6-15-2020.pdf, 5. 1108 Western Ave N.Arial.2020.pdf, 6. 709 Bedford Ave & 1108 Western Ave N.Hedlund Ltr.10-16-20
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Appeal of Laurel Hedlund to a Fire Correction Notice-Reinspection Complaint at 1108 WESTERN AVENUE NORTH.


Date/Time of 1st LH:  Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

Purpose of Appeal:  The wall is a "dry stack wall" that does not utilize mortar, so by definition it is constructed with stacked loose stones. The wall is stable and holds back the earth as it is designed to.  Flaws are cosmetic, and a natural result of the freeze/thaw cycle.  They do not affect the function of the wall. To restack the wall costs roughly $9,200, and the warranty against settling from the freeze/thaw cycle is only 2 years, since this is a natural process.  Additionally, the retaining wall is built along the property line and not entirely on one property or the other, and therefore is shared.

Inspector/Key Staff:  Efrayn Franquiz

Legislative Hearing Staff Comments:  Owner tried to appeal her 5/1/20 Correction Notice, but her appeal was untimely. Staff told her to wait until she received another set of orders. She is now appealing the 9/18/20 Correction Notice. -rrn / Check 1200 was for $35.  $10 refund was mailed on 10/20/20 to Hedlund. -rrn



WHEREAS, in the matter of Appeal of Laurel Hedlund to a Fire Correction Notice - Re-Inspection Complaint at 1108 WESTERN AVENUE NORTH, the Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed the appeal and considered the testimony of City staff and the appellant; and


WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer recommends that the City Council grant the appeal; Now, Therefore, Be It


RESOLVED, that the Saint Paul City Council hereby accepts and adopts the Legislative Hearing Officer's recommendation in this matter.




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