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File #: RLH SAO 15-43    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Summary Abatement Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 10/7/2015
Title: Appeal of Robert J. McCarthy to a Vehicle Abatement Order at 1356 JEFFERSON AVENUE.
Sponsors: Chris Tolbert
Ward: Vehicle Abatement Order, Ward - 3
Attachments: 1. 1356 Jefferson Ave.Photos.6-3-15, 2. 1356 Jefferson Ave.McCarthy Ltr.6-24-15, 3. 1356 Jefferson Ave.appeal.6-10-15, 4. 1356 Jefferson Ave.McCarthy Ltr.7-8-15, 5. 1356 Jefferson Ave.Robert McCarthy Email & Site Plan.7-9-15, 6. 1356 Jefferson Ave.Site Plan Diagram.7-9-15, 7. 1356 Jefferson Ave.McCarthy Chain Emails.7-14-15, 8. 1356 Jefferson Ave.Tree Canopy, 9. 1356 Jefferson Ave. Lot Configuation Map, 10. 1356 Jefferson Ave.VAO.8-11-10, 11. 1356 Jefferson Ave. Photos.9-22-10, 12. 1356 Jefferson Ave.LH Notes.2-15-11
Related files: ALH 11-236, ALH 10-242, RLH SAO 21-1, RLH SAO 21-37


Appeal of Robert J. McCarthy to a Vehicle Abatement Order at 1356 JEFFERSON AVENUE.


Date/Time of 1st LH:  June 23, 2015, 11:00 a.m.

Purpose of Appeal:  Parking surface

Date of Order(s) Under Appeal:  June 3, 2015

Inspector/Key Staff:  John Peter Ross

Legislative Hearing Staff Comments:  The Vehicle Abatement Order cites Chapters 45 or 163. A staff person figured out that it probably should be Chapter 63, a copy which was given to the appellant.  Appellant said that he has a tree that would die if he paved the area. Staff found two related files having to do with vehicle abatement orders:  ALH 11-236 and ALH 10-242. 


Reviewing the photos, site diagram and maps, I conclude that the current gravel parking surface is significantly degraded, it has areas which are soil and there is vegitation growing throughout.  Also, parking is extended beyond the walk within the back yard of the property and into the grass.  The alley is improved, according to Public Works information, meaning it is oiled or paved, not gravel.  I have 2 recommendations: deny the appeal and require non-Cls 5 gravel resurfacing and refer the appellant to Site Plan review about the configuration of parking on the property and the proportion of the lot with hard surface.



AMENDED 10/7/15

WHEREAS, in the matter of the Appeal of Robert J. McCarthy to a Vehicle Abatement Order at 1356 JEFFERSON AVENUE, the Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed the appeal and considered the testimony of City staff and the appellant;


WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer recommends that the City Council deny the appeal grant the appeal for owner to use Class 5 as discussed and extension to put down Class 5 by December 1, 2015; Now, Therefore, Be It


RESOLVED, that the Saint Paul City Council hereby accepts and adopts the Legislative Hearing Officer's recommendation in this matter.




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