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File #: RES PH 20-77    Version: 1
Type: Resolution-Public Hearing Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 4/22/2020
Title: Final Order approving the reconstruction of streets in the 2020 Saint Paul Streets Program (2020 SPS). (Public hearing held April 15)
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Attachments: 1. Assessment Roll - Griggs_Scheffer Area, 2. Assessment Roll - Como Ave, 3. Assessment Roll - Tedesco St, 4. 2020 SPS Special Notice, 5. 1209 Scheffer Ave.Griggs Scheffer comment., 6. 1328 Scheffer Ave.Glenski Email Comment.4-4-20, 7. 1262 Hartford Ave.Bergland Email Comment Chain.4-7-20, 8. 1209 Hartford Ave.Winberg Email Comment Chain.4-7-20, 9. 1231 Watson Ave.Johnson Email Comment.4-3-20, 10. 1399 Edgecumbe Rd.Gallagher Email Comment.4-13-20, 11. 1287 Hartford Ave.Klauda Email Comment.4-13-20, 12. 1309 Scheffer Ave.Peterson Voicemail Testimony.4-10-20, 13. 593 Griggs St.Barthel Email Comment Chain.4-13-20, 14. 1273 Juno Ave.Bowman Email Comment.4-13-20, 15. 2520 Como Ave.Uhaul Comment.4-8-20, 16. 1263 Scheffer. Johnson Email Comment.04-14-20, 17. 2520 Como Ave.Uhaul Comment & Attachments.4-13-20, 18. Payne Phalen and RING email chain re Tedesco Assessments, 19. Payne Phalen Support of Tedesco Project.04.14.20, 20. 2520 Como Ave.Engelbrekt Response to Uhaul Comment & Attachments.4-15-20, 21. 1253 Bayard Ave.Buie Email Comment.4-14-20, 22. 12XX Bayard Ave.Engelen-Eigles Email Comment.4-14-20, 23. 1391 Edgecumbe Rd.Adelson Email Comment.4-15-20, 24. 1201 Watson Ave.Knesch Email Chain.4-15-20, 25. 1209 Bayard.McCarthy Email Commnet.04-15-20, 26. 1270 Juno.Fox Email Comment.04-15-20, 27. 1292 Bayard.Huemmer Email Comment.04-15-20, 28. 1243 Juno.Wilson Email Comment.04-15-20, 29. 1293 Hartford.Congdon Email Comment.04.15.20, 30. Como addresses.Purdy email with attachments.04-16-20, 31. Como properties.Engelbrekt response to Purdy email.04-17-20


Final Order approving the reconstruction of streets in the 2020 Saint Paul Streets Program (2020 SPS). (Public hearing held April 15)



In the Matter of approving all necessary work for the reconstruction of streets in the 2020 Saint Paul Streets Program.


Under Preliminary Order:                     RES 20-444                                          approved 03/11/2020


WHEREAS, the Council of the City of Saint Paul has conducted a public hearing upon the above improvement, due notice thereof having been given as prescribed by the City Charter; and


WHEREAS, the Council has heard all persons, objections and recommendations pertaining to said proposed improvement and has fully considered the same; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Saint Paul does hereby order that the above-described improvement be made, and the proper City officers are hereby directed and authorized to proceed with the improvement; and be it


FINALLY RESOLVED, that upon the completion of said improvement, the proper City officers shall calculate all expenses incurred therein and shall report the same to the City Council in accordance with Chapter 14 of the City Charter.



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