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File #: Ord 17-28    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 11/1/2017
Title: Amending Chapter 324 of the Legislative Code by adding menthol, mint or wintergreen and fruit to the definition of flavored products.
Sponsors: Jane L. Prince, Amy Brendmoen, Dai Thao, Russ Stark, Rebecca Noecker, Dan Bostrom
Attachments: 1. Hmong 18 Council letter, 2. Metro OBGYN letter, 3. Comment rec'd by Council, 4. HealthPartners Letter to SP menthol, 5. St. Paul Menthol LOS - RHI, 6. CWMN Letter of Support - Restricting Menthol St Paul, 7. ASNDC re menthol tobacco, 8. Court Shoppe letter re tobacco ordinance, 9. HAP_ltr_support_mentholSP_draft_20170517 BV signed, 10. keeney letter re menthol tobacco, 11. SHA Comment Menthol Cigarette Ordinance 8.17.17, 12. AATCLC St. Paul Letter 9.11.pdf, 13. SPPS Menthol Tobacco Resolution, 14. American Indian Cancer Foundation letter, 15. MCA LOS StPaul Menthol, 16. Tobacco Free Alliance, 17. Comment rec'd by Council 2, 18. Comment rec'd by Council 3, 19. Blue Cross Blue Shield Letter of Support, 20. TCMS Letter of Support, 21. Stairstep Foundation Letter, 22. ACS CAN Letter of Support - St. Paul, 23. AHA St. Paul Menthol Letter 9.14.pdf, 24. Comment rec'd by Council 4, 25. Comment rec'd by Council 5, 26. Comment rec'd by Council 6, 27. Comment rec'd by Council 7, 28. 4 Beautiful Lie Ugly Truth Postcards, 29. ANSR Letter of Support, 30. Board Chapter 324-Amendment September 2017 Letter, 31. Family Tree Clinic Letter, 32. Comment rec'd by Council 8, 33. Laurie Parham Ltr of Opposition, 34. Marty Thomas Opposition, 35. Linda Huber opposition, 36. Menthol Coalition Letter, 37. Menthol Coalition Members_August2017, 38. Prominent_Leaders_Support_List, 39. Menthol letter-Ed, 40. Health Care Organizations Letter of Support, 41. Comment rec'd by Council 9, 42. Comment rec'd by Council 10, 43. Comment rec'd by Council 11, 44. Bara Berg Letter 9-20-17, 45. SEIU Healthcare Letter 9-20-17, 46. Ain Dah Yung Center Letter 9-20-17, 47. AALF-St. Paul Letter, 48. Minnesota Medical Association Letter, 49. MNAAP letter, 50. MSBC Letter to St Paul City Council, 51. NAACP_Menthol_Letter, 52. Comment rec'd by Council 12, 53. Comment rec'd by Council 13, 54. Comment rec'd by Council 14, 55. MN American Lung Assn Letter, 56. Open Cities Letter, 57. Menthol Tobacco Dialogue Meeting 9-26-17, 58. Comment rec'd by Council 15, 59. Comment rec'd by Council 16, 60. Comment rec'd by Council 17, 61. ASANDC Menthol letter, 62. MN Dept of Health Letter, 63. Comment rec'd by Council 18, 64. Comment rec'd by Council 19, 65. Comment rec'd by Council 20, 66. Comment rec'd by Council 21, 67. SAPCC Letter of support, 68. Comment rec'd by Council 22, 69. Comment rec'd by Council 23, 70. CLUES Letter, 71. Comment rec'd by Council 23, 72. Blue Cross Blue Shield Letter of Support menthol ordinance 171025_final, 73. Coalition of Neighborhood Retailers, 74. Comment rec'd by Council 24, 75. Coalition of Neighborhood Retailers2, 76. Minneapolis Menthol Mint and Wintergreen Economic Impact Study Summary (October 2017), 77. Comment rec'd by Council 25, 78. 10-24-19 Stakeholders Meeting Letter
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11/7/20173 Mayor's Office Signed  Action details Meeting details Not available
11/1/20173 City Council AdoptedPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
10/25/20172 City Council Amended and Laid Over for Final AdoptionPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/27/20172 City Council Laid Over to Final AdoptionPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/20/20171 City Council Continue Public HearingPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/13/20171 City Council Laid Over to Third Reading/Public Hearing  Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/6/20171 City Council Laid Over to Second ReadingPass Action details Meeting details Not available
Amending Chapter 324 of the Legislative Code by adding menthol, mint or wintergreen and fruit to the definition of flavored products.

THE COUNCIL OF THE Saint Paul Legislative Code is hereby amended to read as follows:
Sec. 324.03. - Definitions.
The following words and phrases, as used in this chapter, shall, for the purposes of this chapter, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this section, except in those cases where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
(1) Cigar means any roll of tobacco that is wrapped in tobacco leaf, or in any other substance containing tobacco, with or without a tip or mouthpiece, that is not a cigarette as defined in Minn. Stat. ยง 297F.01, subd. 3, as may be amended from time to time.
(2) Electronic delivery device means any product containing or delivering nicotine, lobelia, or any other substance intended for human consumption that can be used by a person to simulate smoking in the delivery of nicotine or any other substance through inhalation of vapor from the product. Electronic delivery device includes any component part of a product, whether or not marketed or sold separately. Electronic delivery device does not include any product that has been approved or certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration for sale as a tobacco-cessation product, as a tobacco-dependence product, or for other medical purposes, and is marketed and sold for such an approved purpose.
(3) Flavored product means any tobacco product, tobacco-related device, electronic delivery device, or nicotine or lobelia delivery product that contains a taste or smell, other than the taste or smell of tobacco, menthol, mint or wintergreen, that is distinguishable by an ordinary consumer either prior to or during the consumption of the tobacco product, electronic delivery device, or nicotine or lobelia delivery product, including, but not limited to, any taste or smell relating to menthol, mint, wi...

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