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File #: Ord 12-34    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 6/27/2012
Title: Amending Legislative Code Chapter 67 pertaining to student rental housing.
Sponsors: Russ Stark
Attachments: 1. SPAAR Raises Concerns Over USTStudent Rental Overlay & Restrict.pdf, 2. PC Resolution.pdf, 3. Neighborhood Committee memo.pdf, 4. Zoning Study.pdf, 5. Hedges Letter.pdf, 6. Correspondence in support of St Thomas housing ordinance.pdf, 7. McCormick email.pdf, 8. Student Housing FAQs.pdf, 9. McElhatton email in support of student housing ordinance.pdf, 10. Haddad and Halliday Letter.pdf, 11. Chaplin letter.pdf, 12. Charpentier support of housing ordinance.pdf, 13. Waters support of housing ordinance.pdf, 14. Parranto email opposing housing ordinance.pdf, 15. Walbert letter.pdf, 16. Smith letter.pdf, 17. Omar opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 18. Scott opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 19. Pope opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 20. Revenaugh and MacGregor support letter.pdf, 21. Rebensdorf for ordinance against apt bldg.pdf, 22. Heist letter supporting ordinance.pdf, 23. Nuessle letter supporting housing ordinance.pdf, 24. Mattaini Letter.pdf, 25. Mattaini 2 more emails.pdf, 26. Cooper email.pdf, 27. Vallenga email.pdf, 28. Loia letter of support.pdf, 29. Jeff and Christine Johnson letter of support.pdf, 30. Kvasnik letter.pdf, 31. Fogarty support of housing ordinance.pdf, 32. Goering opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 33. stpaulprius opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 34. Redmond Letter of Support.pdf, 35. Rotter support call, 36. HLU Committee Resolution.pdf, 37. WSNAC Resolution supporting Student Housing Ordinance.pdf, 38. McMullen letter.of support, 39. Fogarty second letter of support.pdf, 40. Vandersteen opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 41. Westermeyer Letter of support.pdf, 42. UPDC_Letter_StudentHousingZoningStudy_CityCouncil_6-14-2012.pdf, 43. Kane letter of support.pdf, 44. Wackerfuss comments.pdf, 45. Doran letter against ordinance.pdf, 46. Gillett letter opposing ordinance.pdf, 47. Reitzel letter opposing ordinance.pdf, 48. Semmens support of housing ordinance.pdf, 49. 3 letters of support for ordinance.pdf, 50. DelFiacco letter against ordinance.pdf, 51. Farrell letter of support.pdf, 52. Hennes testimony.pdf, 53. Orth testimony on student rental housing ordinance.pdf, 54. St Thomas USG resolution-rental housing ordinance.pdf, 55. Averett opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 56. Kent-Daggett opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 57. Frogtown Neighborhood Assn opposes Student Housing Ordinance 6-21-12.pdf, 58. Emails in Support of housing ordinance.pdf, 59. Emails in Opposition to housing ordinance.pdf, 60. Emails in Support of Housing ordinance2.pdf, 61. 47 letters opposing ordinance.pdf, 62. 13 letters supporting ordinance.pdf, 63. 7 letters supporting the ordinance.pdf, 64. 10 letters opposing ordinance.pdf, 65. Support for housing ordinance3.pdf, 66. Opposition to housing ordinance2.pdf
Amending Legislative Code Chapter 67 pertaining to student rental housing.

WHEREAS, as provided under Minn. Stat. ยง 462.357, Subd. 1, the City's residential-use zoning classifications are established upon legislative determinations that zoning use classifications promote "public health, welfare, safety, morals and general welfare," are well planned, are expected to be somewhat permanent, and are in conformance with the City's Comprehensive Plan; and

WHEREAS, the Council of the City of Saint Paul notes that the Land Use Chapter of the City's Comprehensive Plan calls for maintaining the stability of the City's established residential neighborhoods by encouraging new, higher density, residential development along the City's transit and commercial corridors; and

WHEREAS, the Council further notes that the Land Use Chapter states that stabilizing the City's established neighborhoods is achieved through the use of existing as well as new zoning standards which are intended to maintain the prevailing character of these neighborhoods variously described in the Comprehensive Plan as "residential areas of predominately single-family housing" or as being "characterized almost entirely by single- family homes and duplexes" (Land Use Strategy 1: Target Growth in Unique Neighborhoods) and;

WHEREAS, the City's zoning ordinance, duly adopted pursuant to the City's delegated police powers, contains various land-use district classifications including several classifications for residential-use districts; and

WHEREAS, within the zoning ordinance's various residential use classifications, it states that the intent of one-family residential zoning districts is "to provide for an environment of predominantly low-density, one-family dwellings" while the intent of the two-family district is "to provide for an environment of predominantly low density one- and two-family dwellings" and, with respect to two-family dwellings more specifically, "[t]he district

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