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File #: RLH RR 22-52    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Substantial Abatement Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 12/14/2022
Title: Denying a stay of enforcement of demolition for property at 587 COOK AVENUE EAST. (Amend to grant a 180 day stay of enforcement)
Sponsors: Nelsie Yang
Ward: Substantial Abatement Orders, Ward - 6
Attachments: 1. 587 Cook Ave E.Minutes.pdf, 2. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner R-R Ltr.8-5-22.pdf, 3. 587 Cook Ave E.PA with addendum.8-22-22, 4. 587 Cook Ave E.Available Fund 8-23-22.pdf, 5. 587 Cook Ave E.Mylin email & Available Funds 8-23-22.pdf, 6. 587 Cook Ave E.Affidavit of Financing 8.pdf, 7. 587 Cook Ave E.additional fund 8-23-22.pdf, 8. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner Mylin R-R Ltr.8-26-22, 9. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner Mylin R-R Ltr.9-12-22, 10. 587 Cook Ave E.HVAC bid.9-16-22, 11. 587 Cook Ave bid.9-16-22, 12. 587 Cook Ave E.electric bid.9-16-22, 13. 587 Cook Av E.Mylin email.9-22-22, 14. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner R-R Ltr.9-30-22, 15. 587 Cook Ave statement.10-10-22, 16. 587 Cook Ave E.puchase agreement.10-10-22, 17. 587 Cook Ave E.updated financial statement.10-11-22, 18. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner R-R Ltr.10-16-22, 19. 587 Cook AveE.Jesse Williams - 587 Cook Ave East, Offer with CD.10-17-22, 20. 587 Cook Ave E.PA + affidavit.10-18-22, 21. 587 Cook Ave.Heiman financing.11-20-22, 22. 587 Cook Ave. Element DB Estimate.11-18-22, 23. 587 Cook Ave E - CookHeimann -MNAR - Purchase Agreement 11-20-22, 24. 587 Cook Ave E.schedule.11-21-22, 25. 587 Cook Ave E.Heimann affidavit.11-21-22, 26. 587 Cook Ave E.updated affidavit.11-23-22, 27. 587 Cook Ave E.Matt Heimann POF Combined.11-23-22, 28. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner Heimann R-R Ltr.11-28-22, 29. 587 Cook Ave E.Krippner Heimann R-R Ltr.11-30-22
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Denying a stay of enforcement of demolition for property at 587 COOK AVENUE EAST. (Amend to grant a 180 day stay of enforcement)

AMENDED 12/14/2022

WHEREAS, on June 8, 2022, the Saint Paul City Council adopted Council File RLH RR 22-23, which ordered the removal of 587 Cook Avenue East within 15 days; and

WHEREAS, following the Council decision on the matter a request was made by Jerry Krippner, to review this case again and consider granting a stay of enforcement based on a purchase agreement signed by a third party; and

WHEREAS, on July 13, 2022, the City Council referred the matter back to the Legislative Hearing Officer for reviewing on July 26, 2022 in order to develop a recommendation on whether the Council should grant a stay of enforcement of RLH RR 22-23; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer's recommendation to the City Council was forthcoming pending this review to grant an stay in order for Jerry Krippner or a 3rd party to 1) provide a written contract agreement for the rehabilitation, noting that title cannot be transfer until rehabilitation is completed; 2) develop and submit for consideration rehabilitation plans; 3) provide evidence of financing sufficient to execute these plans and an affidavit indicating those funds will be dedicated for this purpose; and 4) post a $5,000 performance deposit; and

WHEREAS, the matter was reviewed on July 26, August 9, August 23, September 27, October 11, and November 22, 2022 under Files RLH RR 22-45 and SR 22-132 during which 3 4 proposals were brought forward by Mr. Krippner, the first 2 3 of which failed to meet the Council's conditions; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer considered a 3rd incomplete proposal on October 11, 2022 for the rehabilitation of the property, and based on this review recommends referring the matter back to Legislative Hearing for additional consideration on November 22, 2022 only if the following conditions are met 1) a revised signed contract fo...

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