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File #: RLH RR 22-18    Version: 1
Type: Resolution LH Substantial Abatement Order Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 4/6/2022
Title: Granting a stay in the enforcement of Council File No. RLH RR 21-24, an Order to Raze and Remove the Structures at 975 HUDSON ROAD.
Sponsors: Jane L. Prince
Ward: Substantial Abatement Orders, Ward - 7
Attachments: 1. 975 Hudson Rd.Thooft-Vang email.2-2-22.pdf, 2. 975 Hudson Rd.Miller R-R Ltr.2-25-22, 3. 975 Hudson Ave.Work Plan + bids.3-7-22, 4. 975 Hudson.Lorie Miller Gen Contractor License.1-25-22, 5. 975 Hudson.Affidavit.3-7-22, 6. 975 Hudson Rd.Miller R-R Ltr.3-11-22, 7. 975 Hudson Rd.Miller R-R Ltr.3-21-22, 8. 975 Hudson Rd.Zimny email.3-30-22, 9. 975 Hudson Rd.Miller general contractor bid + subs.4-5-22, 10. 975 Hudson plan.4-5-22, 11. 975 Hudson Rd.financing + escrow.4-5-22, 12. 975 Hudson tax payment.2-22-22, 13. 975 Hudson Rd.Miller R-R Ltr.4-7-22
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Granting a stay in the enforcement of Council File No. RLH RR 21-24, an Order to Raze and Remove the Structures at 975 HUDSON ROAD.

AMENDED 4/6/2022

WHEREAS, on January 12, 2022, the Saint Paul City Council adopted Council File RLH RR 21-24, which ordered the removal of 975 Hudson Road within 15 days as property owner was not able to provide adequate materials and financial ability to complete the rehabilitation; and

WHEREAS, following the Council decision on the matter, a request was made by Derek Thooft, on behalf of Lorie Miller, to review this case again and consider granting a stay of enforcement; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer will be reviewing the matter in Legislative Hearing on February 22, 2022 in order to develop a recommendation on whether the Council should grant a stay of enforcement of RLH RR 21-24; and

WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer was directed to evaluate whether the owner met the previously established conditioned for the grant of time to rehabilitate the property: 1) provide a written contract agreement for the rehabilitation, noting that title cannot be transfer until rehabilitation is completed if there is a third-party doing the rehab; 2) submit evidence of financing sufficient to complete the project; 3) submit an affidavit indicating the finances will be dedicated for this project 4) submit a work plan, sworn construction statement or scope of work, including subcontractor bids; 5) bring real estate taxes to current; and 6) the property must be maintained; and

WHEREAS, at the February 22, 2022 Legislative Hearing, the Legislative Hearing Officer reviewed this case under SR 22-30 in which she recommended aforementioned conditions be met by close of business on March 4, 2022 and layover to March 8, 2022 for review of these conditions, including posting an additional $5,000 performance deposit; and

WHEREAS, at the March 8, 2022 Legislative Hearing, these conditions were not provided and has re...

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