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File #: RES PH 19-73    Version:
Type: Resolution-Public Hearing Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 4/10/2019
Title: Amending the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan for use with the Ford zoning districts for the Ford site redevelopment area.
Sponsors: Chris Tolbert
Attachments: 1. ATTACHMENT 1 PC Memo on Ford Zoning and Master Plan to Mayor and CC 3-8-19, 2. ATTACHMENT 2 PC Resolution on Ford MP and Zoning Final, 3. ATTACHMENT 3 Amendments to the Ford MP from PC, 4. ATTACHMENT 4 Ford Zoning Map Amendment CC, 5. ATTACHMENT 5 pcactionminutes012519 Amended, 6. ATTACHMENT 6 pcactionminutes030819, 7. ATTACHMENT 7- All Combined Public Comment on Ford PC Hearing 1-25-19, 8. ATTACHMENT 8 Ryan MP Amendments Submittal, 9. HBA Support for Ryan Amendments, 10. HDC Board Resolution Final for Support of Ryan Co amendments to Ford Master Plan 12062018, 11. MGCC Recommendation re Proposed Amendments to the Ford Site Master Plan, 12. RES PH 19-73 Tolbert Amendment, 13. Letter to City Council- HREEO Commission, 14. Comment rec'd by Council re Ford Site Amendments, 15. Winterer letter submitted at PH, 16. Ford Site Presentation
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Amending the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan for use with the Ford zoning districts for the Ford site redevelopment area.



WHEREAS, on September 17, 2017 the Saint Paul City Council adopted the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan (“Master Plan”) together with associated zoning code text and map amendments; and


WHEREAS, in June 2018, Ford Land announced the Ryan Companies (“Ryan”) as the Master Developer of the Ford site; and


WHEREAS, Leg. Code § 66.951 provides that the Master Plan can be amended by City Council resolution after the review and recommendation of the Saint Paul Planning Commission (“Commission”) following a public hearing; and


WHEREAS, on October 10, 2018, Ryan, with the support of Ford Land, submitted an application proposing certain amendments to the Master Plan (the “Master Plan Amendments”); and


WHRERAS, upon review of the proposed Master Plan Amendments, it was determined that some of them would also require amendments to Leg. Code Section 66.900. et. seq. (the “Ford District Zoning”) to maintain consistency between the Master Plan Amendments and the Ford District Zoning; and


WHEREAS, on October 31, 2018, the Commission’s Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee (“Committee”) forwarded a recommendation to the Commission to initiate a zoning study for possible amendments to Ford District Zoning to correspond with the Master Plan Amendments; and


WHEREAS, on November 16, 2018, the Commission began a zoning study which considered the Ford District Zoning amendments as they related to the proposed Master Plan Amendments, the said zoning study being subsequently released for public review and set on for a public hearing before the Commission on January 25, 2019; and


WHEREAS, on January 25, 2019, the Commission duly conducted a public hearing on the Master Plan Amendments, together with the Ford District Zoning amendments, where all persons interested were afforded an opportunity to be heard and, upon the conclusion of the public hearing, the Commission moved to hold the public hearing record open to January 28, 2019 to allow any additional written testimony; and


WHEREAS, after January 28, 2019 the public hearing record was closed and the Commission referred the proposed Master Plan Amendments and the Ford Site Zoning amendments back to its Committee for additional review which the Committee transacted on February 20, 2019 and February 27, 2019; and


WHEREAS, on March 1, 2019, the Committee, by memorandum, forwarded its recommendations and rationale for considering the Master Plan Amendments and corresponding Ford District Zoning amendments to the Commission; and


WHEREAS, on March 8, 2019, the Commission, based upon the Committee’s March 1, 2019 memorandum and all the public testimony received in response to the proposed Master Plan Amendments and recommendations regarding corresponding amendments to the Ford District Zoning, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, duly moved to recommend to the City Council certain amendments the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan Master Plan as well as Ford Site Zoning, as set forth in Planning Commission Resolution No. 19-09 which is incorporated herein by reference; and


WHEREAS, based upon all the previous recitals, the following alternative amendments to the Planning Commission’s recommendations set forth in Planning Commission Resolution No. 19-09 are hereby submitted as alternative amendments to the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan based upon the Committee’s March 1, 2019 memorandum, all the testimony received by the Commission and Ryan’s initial Master Plan Amendments application:



1.                     Do not aAmend the F1 River Residential District to allow single-family homes as a permitted use;                     

2.                     Do not aAmend zoning on Block 11 to allow F1 River Residential on the westerly side of the block from and allow F2 Residential Mixed Low on the easterly side of the block.

3.                                          Amend the F3 Residential Mixed Mid District to reduce the minimum height to 30 feet and minimum Floor Area Ratio to 1.0

4.                     Amend the maximum height in the F5 Business Mixed District when facing civic square, such that height maximum is (65) feet but can be seventy-five (75) feet, with a minimum ten (10) foot stepback from all minimum setback lines for all portions of the building above a height of thirty (30) feet, except for corner elements and portions of the building facing the civic square identified in the Ford Site MP, Chapter 7

5.                     Amend F3 Residential Mixed Mid minimum required commercial land uses to 0%

6.                     Amend F4 Residential Mixed High required minimum commercial land uses to 0% and the maximum residential uses to 100%

7.                     Amend F5 Business Mix to require a minimum of 0% in employment uses

8.                     Amend F6 Gateway District maximum commercial uses to 50% and allow Adult Care Homes, home occupation, live work, mixed residential and commercial, and multiple-family dwellings, as a residential uses.

9.                     Amend the dimensional standards on tree calipers to match the industry standard of 2.5"                     

10.                     Amend rooftop adjustments to provide more flexibility for materials and eliminate the Solar Reflective Index requirement

11.                     Amend the roof setback requirement to 10 feet from one (1) foot from the outer roof edges

12.                     Amend the maximum parking for non-residential parking by requiring a CUP if non-residential parking needs more than the maximum of 1:400 1:200 GFA.

13.                     Amend the structured parking requirement to meet the parking and design standards in the T3 district where arterial means primary street and collector means secondary street as defined in Ford Master Plan

14.                     Amend the structured parking requirement to say that above-ground structured parking should be designed with level parking floors and adequate floor-to-ceiling clearance height to allow the space to be converted to finished floor area if parking is no longer needed in the future and such design is determined cost-effective

15.                     Amend the bicycle parking from 1/300 to 1/5,000 square feet for recreational areas, and eliminate required bicycle parking for residential congregate living.                     

16.                     Do not Amend the Fee-in- Lieu of Parking to read as Public Parking

17.                     Amend the car share requirement to the following: Car-share parking requirement shall be revised based on the number of residential units and stalls in non-residential areas as follows:


Number of Residential Units

Number of required Car-Share spaces






2, plus 1 for every 200 units over 200


Number of Non-Residential Parking SpacesNumber of required Car-Share spaces







2, plus 1 for every 40 spaces over 50



                     A future amendment may be submitted within 10 years if no car-share operator is secured or the space is not used for other shared modes such as bicycles or scooters.

18.                     Do not eliminate Electric Vehicle infrastructure requirement for F1, F2, F3, and F4 Districts

19.                     Amend the shower requirement to 1 per 100 150 employees

20.                     Do not amend the transportation network to allow an additional vehicular connection to Mississippi River Boulevard                     

21.                     Conditionally explore the removal of Saunders Avenue and continue to explore east/west connections to the site

22.                     Amend Hillcrest Avenue between Cretin Avenue and Finn Street using the extension of Ranger Way to eliminate the northern superblock

23.                     Amend Woodlawn Avenue configuration with the addition of on-street parking to Woodlawn Avenue                     

24.                     Amend Ranger Way from bicycle/pedestrian only street to a two-lane road noting that it will still provide high-quality facilities for bicycles and pedestrians in the Transportation Network

25.                      Amend the Transportation Network to include a new retail road section between Cretin and Mount Curve Blvd North                     

26.                     Amend the landscaping space from 4’ to 6’ to provide an adequate buffer in the Transportation Network                      

27.                     Amend the Infrastructure and Roadmap to Sustainability to sections to remove groundwater reference and add flexibility regarding the west side of the site draining to the central stormwater feature

28.                     Amend proposed Parks and Open Space by deleting the pocket park on the mid-western edge of the site bordering Mississippi River Boulevard, retaining the two northern ballfields, and adjusting the geometry of the Civic Square to have a smaller plaza at the corner of Ford Parkway and Cretin Avenue

29.                     Amend the Transportation Network to state that “All street sections subject to change based on utility requirements and analysis resulting from environmental review”

30.                     Amend the Bohland Bike Lane section in the Transportation Network to shift the location of bike lanes on Bohland from on-street to a location protected at sidewalk level

31.                     Amend the section on a trail east of Mississippi River Boulevard to “Adjust as necessary to preserve as many mature trees as possible.”

32.    Amend the Ford Site MP to match the corresponding zoning text (Section 66.931) lot coverage on multi-unit homes to 40% in the MP.


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, after considering all public testimony, that the Saint Paul City Council hereby adopts the amendments to the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan for use with the Ford zoning districts for the Ford site redevelopment area.

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