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File #: Ord 18-54    Version: Name: Creating Chapter 224 to implement City Minimum Wage
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 11/14/2018
Title: Creating Chapter 224 of the Legislative Code to implement a City minimum wage.
Sponsors: Chris Tolbert, Rebecca Noecker, Amy Brendmoen, Mitra Jalali, Dai Thao
Attachments: 1. Saint Paul Minimum Wage Final Report - FINAL, 2. Facilitated Minimum Wage Discussions 3&4 Analysis, 3. Thao (Marked Changes Corrected) Min Wage 10-24-18 Min Wage Part D and E (003), 4. Amendment Proposal to Sec. 224.03 support doc v3, 5. Tolbert Proposed amendment - clean up language, 6. Tolbert Proposed amendment -disability employee definition, 7. SPACC Letter 10-23-18, 8. Varco email re Thao amendment 10-24-18, 9. NELP - North Star Policy Institute Letter, 10. Comment rec'd by Council re Minimum Wage Ordinance, 11. Tolbert 11-7 amendment - CBA exemption removed (002), 12. Thao 11-7 Amendment Change to Part D and E (002), 13. NELP Letter, 14. Midway Chamber Minimum Wage Letter November 2018, 15. Noecker 11-7 Amendments, 16. $15 MW Amendments Approved at 3rd Reading, 17. ROC United Letter 11-13-18, 18. Comment 2 rec'd by Council re Minimum Wage Ordinance, 19. Online comment re Minimum Wage, 20. Magee Testimony, 21. PH written testimony
Creating Chapter 224 of the Legislative Code to implement a City minimum wage.

The Council of the City of Saint Paul Does hereby ordain:

Section 1

WHEREAS, although since the 1970s, the United States Congress, and the Minnesota Legislature have increased the federal and state minimum wages every decade, the effective full minimum wage rate in Minnesota is still not as high as the minimum wage in 1968, when controlled for the cost of living; and

WHEREAS, increased costs of living, rising inflation and a transforming economy have forced Saint Paul workers and families to do more with less. A full-time worker earning the state-mandated minimum wage of nine dollars and sixty-five cents ($9.65) per hour for large employers would make an annual salary that is approximately five thousand ($5,000.00) below the poverty level for a family of four (4). A minimum wage of twelve dollars ($12.00) per hour in Saint Paul would be comparable to the federal minimum wage paid in the late 1960s. Inaction by the federal and state governments on the minimum wage has contributed to the struggle of tens of thousands of low wage workers in the city who struggle to meet their most basic needs; and

WHEREAS, a living wage is defined as the income necessary for workers to meet their basic needs, and the living wage in Ramsey County for a single person is sixteen dollars and twenty-three cents ($16.23) per hour; and

WHEREAS, the living wage for a household of two (2) adults and one (1) child, with one adult working full-time and the other working part-time, is twenty dollars and thirty-four cents ($20.34) per hour; and

WHEREAS, Saint Paul has the highest percentage of residents living in poverty of any metro city with a population over one thousand (1,000) in the state, and over sixty-two thousand (62,000) Saint Paul residents have incomes below the federal poverty level; and

WHEREAS, the largest share of Saint Paul residents, both live and work in Saint Paul; and


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