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File #: RLH AR 18-6    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Assessment Roll Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 3/7/2018
Title: Ratifying the assessments for Excessive Use of Inspection or Abatement services billed during August 21 to September 21, 2017. (File No. J1805E, Assessment No. 188304)
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Ward: Assessments, Nuisance Abatement, Special Tax Assessments
Attachments: 1. Assessment Roll, 2. Assessment Roll J1805E.1-3-18.pdf
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Ratifying the assessments for Excessive Use of Inspection or Abatement services billed during August 21 to September 21, 2017. (File No. J1805E, Assessment No. 188304)



WHEREAS, the Saint Paul City Council in Council File RES 17-2005 accepted the Report of Completion for Excessive Use of Inspection or Abatement Service for Property Code Violations billed during the time period of August 21 to September 21, 2017; and


WHEREAS, the City Council’s Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed the assessment roll, considered appeals of affected property owners and developed recommendations for City Council with respect to those assessments; and


WHEREAS, the City Council held a public hearing on March 7, 2018 to consider ratification of the assessment roll; and


WHEREAS, the City Council considered and found satisfactory the assessment of benefits, costs and expenses for the services provided; now, therefore be it


RESOLVED, that, pursuant to Chapter. 14 of the City Charter and Chapter 60 of the Administrative Code, the assessments are hereby in all respects ratified with the exception of the following amendments which will be considered separately:


RLH TA 18-55:  784 Agate Street;

RLH TA 18-40:  1590 Beech Street;

RLH TA 18-35:  1250 Charles Avenue;

RLH TA 18-53:  1524 Charles Avenue;

RLH TA 18-60:  129 Como Avenue;

RLH TA 18-58:  1976 Ivy Avenue East;

RLH TA 18-21:  892 Marshall Avenue;

RLH TA 18-54:  1763 Minnehaha Avenue East;

RLH TA 18-43:  1171 Minnehaha Avenue West;

RLH TA 18-59:  991 Payne Avenue; and

RLH TA 18-34:  721 Tuscarora Avenue; and be it further


RESOLVED, that the assessments be payable in one (1) installment, unless specified by the Legislative Hearing Officer’s recommended amendments.


Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
3/7/2018 1:46 PMSharon QuiTam Anderson Against : 3M settlement lawyersfees RealestateRICO settlementsRatification697SurreyAveSt.PaulreSharonScarrellaAnderson Tues6Mar2018 To Whom it may Concern; Amy Brendmoen St. Paul Council President Author of Numerous Resolutions aka Mrs. Mike Hahn Director Parks Rec. Hiring of Outside Counsel is subject to investigations, similar to the City St. Paul,MN hiring outside Counsel on different Issues/Lobby Firm etc. Strange that MN Attorney General was not involved in the Magner Case/RICO acts. LEGAL NOTICE; Affiant Mrs. Sharon Anderson VA Widow QuiTam Relator state and allege the following;***achusetts Where is MNAG LorySwansonRICO RealestatesRatification +1
3/5/2018 7:57 PMSharonScarrellaAnderson Against Mon5MAR2018 Mayor Melvin Carter apparant Coleman Clone reappointing Chris Colemans Dept Heads Cervantes,Hahm,Hurley, their Staff's Residence,Salarys,Martial Status. Sharon Loyal Donald Trump Supporter, that the Carter Adminis.using undue influence,obstructing Sharons Commerce Mrs. Sharon Anderson,QuiTam Relator, current 697 Surrey Ave Comes now Sharon exposing the Excessive Consumption by Executive Branch, ponzi taxing scheme with usurious interest to steal private propertys. Ruling Case's in Sig. below FOIA DEMAND WITH GRAND JURY CASE FIXING IS A FELONY GUIDE YOURSELF'S ACCORDINGLY +1
3/3/2018 1:28 PMWidow Sharon Anderson Against Hear we go again with Disparity, Blatant Discrimination vs Affiant herein after Sharon at 697 Surrey re pg 25 citing Amy Brendmoen aka 2nd Husband Mike Hahn who stole my Car 2007 in a RICO Enterprise on Seniors, Disabled Homeoners, contrary to ADA, to stress Sharons Blindness, mandating Objections with Monetary Damages to Affiant Sharon now in the Millions, with interest, Amy is GUILTY now fRAUD,DOUBLE BILLINGS,CONSPIRACY TO STEAL PROPERTYS with out Valid Complaints, Canons of Construction, Full Disclosure on approx 80 propertys to monthly add Fraudulent Billings apparantly by Drive By, must reopen USSC 10-1032 titled Magner vs. Gallagher +1