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File #: Ord 15-63    Version: 1
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 12/2/2015
Title: Amending Chapter 40 of the Legislative Code pertaining to Fire Certificate of Occupancy as it relates to Fees.
Sponsors: Russ Stark
Ward: Ward - all
Attachments: 1. Opposition to fee increases, 2. Letter from BRC in Support of Fee Increase, 3. Memo from Director Cervantes re 2016 DSI Fee Change Increases


Amending Chapter 40 of the Legislative Code pertaining to Fire Certificate of Occupancy as it relates to Fees.








Section 40.10 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

Sec. 40.10. - Fees.

(a)  Original issue, new building or substantially rehabilitated buildings. There shall be no fee charged for an issuance of the fire certificate of occupancy for new buildings at the completion of their construction or following substantial rehabilitation if the city's building official issues a certificate of occupancy or certificate of code compliance.


(b)  Fees.

Residential rate, one unit                     $196.00  $202.00

2 units                     $230.00  $237.00

3 units                     $240.00  $247.00

4 units                     $251.00  $259.00

5 units                     $261.00  $269.00

6 units                     $271.00  $279.00

7 units                     $282.00  $290.00

8 units                     $292.00  $301.00

9 units                     $303.00  $312.00

10 through 15 units                     $313.00  $322.00

16 through 20 units                     $345.00  $355.00

21 through 25 units                     $431.00  $444.00

26 through 30 units                     $512.00  $527.00

31 units through 35 units                     $592.00  $610.00

36 units through 40 units                     $673.00  $693.00

41 through 100 units                     $736.00  $758.00

100+ units                     $869.00  $895.00

A (Assembly), E (Education, I (Institutional), H (Hazardous),                      $180.00  $185.00

F (Factory), M (Mercantile, S (Storage), and B (Business)

Base fee: up through 13,999 sq ft.

14,000 through 48,999 sq. ft., per 1,000 sq. ft.                      $14.00   (unchanged)

49,000 through 117,999 sq. ft.                     $700.00  $721.00

118,000 and over sq. ft. maximum fee                     $828.00  $853.00


(c)  Reinspection fee. The renewal fee established in subsections (a) and (b) above allows for one (1) inspection and one (1) reinspection for the renewal of the fire certificate of occupancy. A reinspection fee of fifty (50) percent of the renewal fee shall be levied for each additional reinspection required to demonstrate compliance with applicable safety codes.


(d)  Referral (or complaint-based) reinspection fee. Whenever a written correction order is issued to the owner for a violation of this code and after a reasonable time for compliance has elapsed, a reinspection shall be made. If the violation has not been corrected at the time of the reinspection, a referral reinspection fee of seventy-two dollars ($70.00 72.00) shall be collected for every subsequent reinspection until the violation is corrected.


(e)  Provisional fire certificate of occupancy. A fee of one hundred three dollars ($100.00 103.00) will be charged for each provisional certificate of occupancy. This is an annual fee until the building is granted a fire certificate of occupancy upon the successful completion of fire certificate of occupancy inspection per this chapter.


(f)  No entry fee. The fire code official shall give notice of all inspections to the owner. If any reason exists that the inspection cannot be conducted at the identified time, the owner, shall make personal contact with the fire code official in an acceptable manner, no later than 8:00 a.m. on the date of the scheduled inspection. If the fire code official does not receive such notice and is unable to conduct the inspection because the owner fails to cooperate, the owner shall be assessed a seventy-two dollar ($70.00 72.00) no-entry fee.


(g)  Exceptions. The fees for the fire certificate of occupancy and inspection are provided in Chapter 33 of this code shall be required on buildings owned and occupied by any governmental agency, including county and state governmental agencies. The city, and any other agencies specifically exempted from such fees under state law, shall be exempt from payment of such fees.





This Ordinance shall take effect and be in force thirty (30) days following its passage, approval and publication.


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