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File #: RLH CO 15-4    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Correction Order (Code Enforcement Only) Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 3/18/2015
Title: Appeal of Andrew McCabe to a Correction Notice at 1186 LINCOLN AVENUE.
Sponsors: Dave Thune
Ward: Correction Order, Ward - 2
Attachments: 1. 1186 Lincoln Ave.appeal.2-10-15, 2. 1186 Lincoln Ave.City photos.2-5-15, 3. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Letter sent by Gina McCabe.2-17-15, 4. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Complaint Summary from 1188 Lincoln Ltr.2-17-15, 5. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Neighbor Property Complaint Appeal Photos.2-17-15, 6. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Aerial Maps.2-17-15, 7. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Land Survey Invoice.2-2-15, 8. 1186 Lincoln Ave.1188 Lincoln Photos with Notes submitted by Elizabeth Day.2-17-15, 9. 1186 Lincoln Ave.1188 Lincoln View of Rear of Garage, 10. 1186 Lincoln Ave.1188 Lincoln Lawyer's Opinion ltr.2-24-15, 11. 1186 Lincoln Ave.1188 Lincoln Survey Field Notes.sent 2-25-15, 12. 1186 Lincoln Ave.Letter of February 24 2015 From Sunde Surveying Regarding 1188 Lincoln Avenue Survey.sent 2-25-15, 13. 1186 Lincoln Ave.McCabe Ltr.2-20-15, 14. 1186 Lincoln Ave.McCabe Ltr.3-11-15
Appeal of Andrew McCabe to a Correction Notice at 1186 LINCOLN AVENUE.
Date/Time of 1st LH: February 17, 2015 at 11:00 a.m.  
Purpose of Appeal: Not a shared driveway, we own the driveway, it's been there for many, many years. We need to put a dumpster on it for a remodeling project & n'bor is stating that we can't.   
Date of Order(s) Under Appeal: February 5, 2015        
Inspector/Key Staff: John Peter Ross  
WHEREAS, in the matter of Appeal of Andrew McCabe to a Correction Notice at 1186 LINCOLN AVENUE, the Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed the appeal and considered the testimony of City staff and the appellant;
WHEREAS, the Legislative Hearing Officer recommends that the City Council deny the appeal; Now, Therefore, Be It
RESOLVED, that the Saint Paul City Council hereby accepts and adopts the Legislative Hearing Officer's recommendation in this matter.
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