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File #: RLH AR 13-89    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Assessment Roll Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 1/2/2014
Title: Ratifying the assessments for Property Clean Up Services from June 28 to July 31, 2013. (File No. J1401A, Assessment No. 148500)
Sponsors: Kathy Lantry
Ward: Assessments, Nuisance Abatement, Special Tax Assessments, Ward - 7
Attachments: 1. Assessment Roll
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Ratifying the assessments for Property Clean Up Services from June 28 to July 31, 2013.  (File No. J1401A, Assessment No. 148500)
WHEREAS, the Saint Paul City Council in Council File RES 13-1169 accepted the Report of Completion for Property Clean Up on Private Properties during the time period of June 28 to July 31, 2013; and
WHEREAS, the City Council's Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed the assessment roll, considered appeals of affected property owners and developed recommendations for City Council with respect to those assessments; and
WHEREAS, the City Council held a public hearing on January 2, 2014 to consider ratification of the assessment roll; and
WHEREAS, the City Council considered and found satisfactory the assessment of benefits, costs and expenses for the services provided; now, therefore be it
RESOLVED, that, pursuant to Chapter 14 of the City Charter, the assessments are hereby in all respects ratified with the exception of the following amendments which will be considered separately:
RLH TA 13-590:  915 Agate Street;
RLH TA 13-593:  621 Arlington Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-555:  212 Baker Street East;
RLH TA 13-600:  810 Buffalo Street;
RLH TA 13-557:  1039 Desoto Street;
RLH TA 13-582:  987 Edgerton Street;
RLH TA 13-559:  1039 Hudson Road;
RLH TA 13-558:  518 Idaho Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-560:  890 Iglehart Avenue;
RLH TA 13-553:  1884 Ivy Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-561:  309 Lawson Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-592:  486 Lawson Avenue West;
RLH TA 13-562:  1084 Lexington Parkway North;
RLH TA 13-563:  1040 Mackubin Street;
RLH TA 13-564:  823 Margaret Street;
RLH TA 13-576:  1882 Minnehaha Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-596:  1886 Orange Avenue;
RLH TA 13-598:  1230 Reaney Avenue;
RLH TA 13-599:  909 Rose Avenue East;
RLH TA 13-570:  601 Western Avenue North;
RLH TA 13-565:  1050 Wilson Avenue;
RLH TA 13-707:  82 Winter Street;
RLH TA 13-566:  1748 Yorkshire Avenue; and be it further
RESOLVED, that the assessments be payable in one (1) installment, unless specified by the Legislative Hearing Officer's recommended amendments.
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