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Meeting Name: City Council Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 5/8/2019 3:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Council Chambers - 3rd Floor
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes  
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RES 19-737 11ResolutionConsenting to amendments to the RiverCentre Convention & Visitors Authority Bylaws.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-755 12ResolutionAuthorizing the City Attorney's Office to pursue an available funding opportunity offered by Otto Bremer Trust.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-756 13ResolutionAuthorizing the City Attorney's Office to pursue an available funding opportunity offered by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety-Office of Justice Programs.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-787 24ResolutionAppointing Napoli Shkolnik PLLC and LaFlam LLP as Special Counsel representing the City of Saint Paul for the purpose of prosecuting legal claims against manufacturers and distributors of opioids.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
Min 19-22 15Approval of MinutesApproving the minutes of the April 3 and 10, 2019 City Council meetings.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-707 16ResolutionEstablishing the rate of pay for the new classification of Water Supply Field Supervisor, in Grade 044, of EG 10, M&M Supervisors Salary Schedule.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-679 17ResolutionAuthorizing the Police Department to remit actual costs of expenses of travel for eight law enforcement Explorers and five officers to Washington D.C. to attend the Explorer National Police Week from May 10, 2019 to May 16, 2019 from a dedicated grant awarded for this purpose.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-718 18ResolutionAuthorizing the City to enter into Agreement No.1033987 with the Minnesota Department of Transportation for federal participation in the performance of professional services for traffic signal optimization for the Downtown Traffic Signal Enhancements Project.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-770 19ResolutionAuthorizing using a project labor agreement on the Ayd Mill Road Mill and Overlay project.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-747 110ResolutionApproving adverse action against the Taxicab Service Company License held by I Care Cab LLC, d/b/a Midwest Star Taxi (License ID# 20170004855).AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-758 111ResolutionApproving a request by Absolute Towing & Recovery, Inc., d/b/a Absolute Towing (License ID #20190000202) at 310-7th Avenue in the City of Newport, MN for an impound lot located outside the limits of the City of Saint Paul.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-510 112ResolutionApproving the application with conditions, per the Deputy Legislative Hearing Officer for The Midway Entertainment Group, LLC (License # 20180004578), d/b/a The Midway Saloon, for Liquor On Sale - 100 Seats or Less, Liquor On Sale - Sunday, Liquor On Sale - 2 AM Closing, Entertainment (B), and Gambling Location licenses at 1567 University Avenue West.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-772 113ResolutionApproving the application with conditions, per the Deputy Legislative Hearing Officer, for Halstead Fitness LLC (License ID # 20190000397), d/b/a Strength Collective, for a Health/Sport Club license at 755 Prior Avenue North, Unit 235C.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RES 19-800 114ResolutionFormalizing a Sister City agreement between the City of Mogadishu and City of Saint Paul.Adopted As AmendedPass Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-110 315Resolution-Public HearingGranting the application of Mohammed Thabet for a historic use variance, with conditions, at 217 Mackubin Avenue. (Public hearing held May 1)AdoptedPass Action details Video Video
RES 19-700 116ResolutionApproving the agreement with Bird to provide e-scooter sharing services for 2019. (Laid over from April 24 and May 1) (To be withdrawn)Withdrawn  Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-40 117Resolution-Public HearingRatifying the assessment for the 2018 Street Maintenance Service Program-Mill and Overlay: Stryker Avenue. (File No. MO1805, Assessment No. 185503) (Public hearing held April 3; laid over from June 5)Laid OverPass Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-42 118Resolution-Public HearingRatifying the assessment for the 2018 Street Maintenance Service Program-Mill and Overlay: Victoria Street. (File No. MO1807, Assessment No. 185505) (Public hearing held April 3; laid over from June 5)Laid OverPass Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-38 119Resolution-Public HearingRatifying the assessment for the 2018 Street Maintenance Service Program-Mill and Overlay: Arlington Avenue. (File No. MO1802, Assessment No. 185501) (Public hearing held April 3; laid over from June 5)Laid OverPass Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-41 120Resolution-Public HearingRatifying the assessment for the 2018 Street Maintenance Service Program-Mill and Overlay: Forest Street. (File No. MO1806, Assessment No. 185504) (Public hearing held April 3; laid over from June 5)Laid OverPass Action details Video Video
Ord 19-16 121OrdinanceAmending Saint Paul City Charter Chapter 8.02 and 8.03 to clarify signature and petition requirements.Laid Over to Final AdoptionPass Action details Video Video
Ord 19-18 122OrdinanceAmending Chapter 6.03.1 of the Saint Paul City Charter pertaining to the imposition of civil penalties for violations of city ordinances.Withdrawn  Action details Video Video
Ord 19-28 123OrdinanceGranting the application of PAK Investment Holdings, Inc. to rezone property at 0 Bradford Street (between 2314 Wycliff and 2285 Hampden Avenue) from I1 Light Industrial to I2 General Industrial at 2314 Wycliff Street, and from I2 to I1 at 2285 Hampden Avenue (related to adjustment of common boundary); and amending Chapter 60 of the Legislative Code pertaining to the zoning map.AdoptedPass Action details Video Video
Ord 19-29 124OrdinanceAmending Chapter 81 of the Legislative Code pertaining to the City’s stormwater sewer system by adding new language providing for the creation of green infrastructure stormwater management districts and authorizing the collection of charges for payment of the capital and annual maintenance and operational costs of green infrastructure stormwater management systems.Laid Over to Final AdoptionPass Action details Video Video
Ord 19-1 225OrdinanceAmending Chapter 74 of the Legislative Code by enacting a new section designating St. Andrew's Church as a Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Site.Laid Over to Third Reading/Public Hearing  Action details Video Video
RES PH 19-129 126Resolution-Public HearingAuthorizing Fleet to use fund balance unspent in 2018 to increase the 2019 Financing and Spending budgets in the Fleet budget by $400,000 to purchase equipment and telematics devices and services.AdoptedPass Action details Video Video
RLH RR 19-18 227Resolution LH Substantial Abatement OrderOrdering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 530 GERANIUM AVENUE EAST within fifteen (15) days after the May 8, 2019 City Council public hearing. (Public hearing continued from May 8) (Amend to remove within 15 days)ReferredPass Action details Video Video
RLH FCO 19-43 228Resolution LH Fire C of O OR Correction OrderAppeal of Bernetta Romero to a Re-Inspection Fire Certificate of Occupancy with Deficiencies at 456 LAWSON AVENUE WEST.Referred  Action details Not available
RLH TA 19-155 329Resolution LH Tax Assessment AppealRatifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1895 SAINT ANTHONY AVENUE. (File No. VB1907, Assessment No. 198806; amended to File No. VB1907B, Assessment No. 198819) (Public hearing held May 15)Continue Public Hearing  Action details Not available
RLH SAO 19-30 230Resolution LH Summary Abatement OrderAppeal of Denise Day to a Vehicle Abatement Order at 1138 THOMAS AVENUE.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
RLH SAO 19-28 231Resolution LH Summary Abatement OrderAppeal of Muhammad Y. Ahmadi to a Summary Abatement Order at 791 YORK AVENUE.AdoptedPass Action details Not available
File #Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
Ord 19-18 5/8/2019 9:02 PMEric Lein   ORD 19-18 Withdrawn. DSI to work with City Attorney's office to revise proposed language for later consideration by the Charter Commission. Thank you, councilmembers, for listening. +4 -2 2
Ord 19-18 5/8/2019 3:44 PMAlisa Lein Against In short, please listen to the people of St. Paul. Vote No. Unintended consequences are a big deal. If DSI needs more tools in their toolbox, I understand that, but don't have it be a blank check for anything and everything under DSI. If Animal control is causing many issues, look at Animal Control, but don't put full authority over everything without properly engaging the community on the exact details. Organized Trash details were not disclosed to the public and look where we are today with that mess. +4 -2 2
Ord 19-18 5/8/2019 2:14 PMWard Nichols Against This ordinance came about after the opposition to the trash program, which isn't working. There is a pending court case on that program and a petition is also being circulated opposing Ordinance 19-18 as well. Perhaps the City Council should start listening to their constituents and s**** this new ordinance and allow a vote this fall on the trash program. If the trash program remains, there need to be changes including an opt-out and holding the haulers responsible for missed pickups through credits etc. Property owners that use their duplex as their personal single family dwelling do not need two garbage carts or two recycling carts and shouldn't be charged extra. +4 -2 2
Ord 19-18 5/6/2019 7:42 PMJohn Purdy Against Travis, Deputy Director used as an example for the need to institute Administrative Citations: "peeling paint", a "serious, cosmetic offense". Travis said that he has issued literally "hundreds" of these citations when he worked in another city. Where was this, Gotham City? +4 -2 2
Ord 19-18 4/23/2019 3:53 PMColleen Halpine Against This expansion of full power and authority to issue fines sets up new problems for citizens in dealing with the bureaucracy. The Mayor's office is supporting a study on fines so I can't understand why this new expanded penalty power is being pursued so quickly before the study results are public. I can only ***ume it is so the public won't have a chance to understand and discuss the pros and cons before the City Council votes. Charter changes should be voted on by the citizens on the ballot. My late husband, State Senator Don Moe, was not afraid of many things in his life but he was afraid of the extensive power of the DSI inspectors. He did everything he could to comply with all housing codes. Adding more types of fines for every little infraction, will further drive up housing costs. I am against this impulsive move by the City Council. +8 -1 1
RES 19-700 4/19/2019 5:53 PMAnne Thom Against What's your enforcement plan? I ended up enforcing the ordinance on these and I am not paid to do this. Also, who is liable when I am hit or my dog is hit by someone riding one of these? +2 -2 2
Ord 19-18 4/18/2019 7:45 PMHeather Rowe Against The city council members and Mr. Cervantes aren't being honest with us. They state they don't want to criminalize people who are in violation of ordinances, yet only 100 criminal citations are issued yearly. That doesn't seem to be enough to justify changing the city's charter. They state they want to protect citizens from criminal penalties as it would make it harder to obtain rentals, etc. What they don't say is that if a civil penalty isn't paid, the city would obtain a civil judgement and collection order against the person. This would affect the person's credit rating and renting ability much more than a petty misdemeanor would. They state the only option they have now for ordinance violators is criminal penalties or do nothing, which is a lie. The have the ability to issue summary abatement and special ***essments against ordinance violators. Don't listen to these liars. Each one who votes for this charter amendment needs to be voted out of office this November. +7 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/17/2019 10:14 PMMeredith Gillies Against Previously, I paid $33/quarter, taxes included, for trash. I now pay almost $90/quarter for service of a lesser quality. That's a difference of over $60 per quarter, and over $100 a year! If I had that much extra money in my budget, I wouldn't live in Frogtown. My home has already been invaded once, on the anniversary of my father's death, and they took everything I had of value and trashed the interior of my house. Years later, I haven't recovered emotionally or financially. I already work three jobs: one FT and two PT. The only reason I'm not at the meeting today is I'm at work and couldn't get my boss to approve the time off. I own my property and fix it up to the best of my ability on my limited budget. Imposing more penalties just encourages me to sell to HousingHub, let them bring in renters and not owners, and get out of town. +7 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/17/2019 6:54 PMMary Leonard Against To further penalize individuals beyond late fees is an abuse of power. The majority of the people that are not paying are senior citizens who cannot afford the new and more expensive service. This is very bad PR for the city. It is time that our city and society show more kindness to their fellow human beings. Someday everyone on the council will know the affects of additional fees when they are on a fixed income. It is time the council think of real solutions, not penalties. Admit the error. Take the example of the Community Action Programs that help with energy bills. +7 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/17/2019 6:03 PMBruce Becker Against I am strongly opposed to any and all such penalties for the trash program that continues to strong arm the residents of Saint Paul! +7 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/17/2019 4:58 PM  Against It's time to admit the trash program is failing miserably. Amy for once do what's right for the majority. This is another attempt to save face and milk the residents of St. Paul out of more money. +8 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/17/2019 8:17 AMTimothy Frankland Against This ordinance to expand the powers of the City Council leaves much to be desired. It states (Section 1, Subdivision 2) that the new proposed process for imposing civil penalties must provide for an opportunity to be heard by a neutral party, but the ordinance completely fails to elaborate beyond that. It fails to explain the proposed process for appeal or argument before a neutral party, it fails to explain how the neutral party should be selected, and it fails to state the time frame for such appeal. These are critical details that should be clearly spelled out in this ordinance, not just left for clarification at a later date. If the City Council wants to expand its powers in connection with the imposition of civil penalties, it should thoroughly explain the argument or appeal process to its residents now as part of this ordinance. As currently written, this ordinance should be voted down. +8 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/16/2019 10:27 PMKen Rowe Against The city building official has been caught by the State licensing authority trying to enforce fire codes. His licensing authority has warned him regarding his violation of the MN Statutes, now the city council wants to have the authority to allow their building official to issue fines. St. Paul DSI currently holds more power than the police department yet have limited training and act at the will of the council members. There is no way they should have the authority to issue fines. +8 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/16/2019 5:51 PMSoverign Sharon Against Legal Constitutional Notice via Blogs http://bloggin-***** +1 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/13/2019 7:56 PM  Against Hopefully there is at least one member of the city council who will have the grace to vote against this attempt to bully and abuse the citizens of St. Paul. +10 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/12/2019 4:17 PMCandidateSharonAnderson Against City cannot by Resolution/Ordinance Unconstitutional Issues +1 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/6/2019 10:51 AMCandidateSharonAnderson Against also Challenge Marcia Moermond is NOT QUALIFIED to hear all these Cases FURTHER its Illegal to submit millions of Propertys Dollars via Consent Agenda without Public Consent;. +1 -1 1
Ord 19-18 4/5/2019 5:20 PM    Yet again Amy Brendmoen moves forward with an ordinance making it harder and more expensive for St. Paul residents to stay in their homes. Instead of admitting that the entire trash program has been a failure, she and her council cronies instead push forward with forcing residents to pay more. This ordinance shows just how out of touch Amy Brendmoen is with the wants and needs of her constituents and the greater St. Paul residency. Shame on the council for not standing up for their constituents. +16 -2 2
Ord 19-18 4/1/2019 5:11 AMEric Lein Against A PETITION REQUESTING A REFERENDUM IS CIRCULATING ----- Ordinance 19-18 amends the City Charter so that “the Council shall have full power and authority to establish, enforce, alter, amend or repeal a procedure by ordinance to impose civil penalties for each violation of a city ordinance.” We, being registered voters residing in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota, request a referendum on Ordinance 19-18 per MN Statutes 410.12, Subd.7. +14 -1 1
Ord 19-16 3/29/2019 2:42 AMPeter Butler Against The proposed 8.03 text will effectively reject the signatures of St. Paul residents who move frequently, have not voted within the last four elections, refuse to give their birth year, or change names due to marriage or divorce but do not update their registration record. People who transpose their address on a petition, do not use their full legal name (included hyphenated last names) or provide the wrong birth year will have their signatures rejected. Such strict requirements disenfranchise low-income people and minorities. +9 -2 2