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File #: ALH 11-116    Version: 1
Type: Appeal-Legislative Hearing Status: Filed
In control: Legislative Hearings
Final action: 1/18/2011
Title: Appeal of Special Tax Assessment for 637 OHIO STREET for Project # CRT1102 Assessment # 118002 in Ward 2
Sponsors: Dave Thune
Attachments: 1. 637 Ohio 1st.pdf, 2. 637 Ohio Final.pdf
Appeal of Special Tax Assessment for 637 OHIO STREET for Project # CRT1102 Assessment # 118002 in Ward 2

Property Address
637 Ohio St

Tax Assessment Worksheet
Cost: $180.00

Service Charge: $135.00

Total Assessment: $315.00

Gold Card Returned by: Barb Brenny, Huber Brenny Corporation

Type of Order/Fee: Assembly, FCofO

Nuisance: N/A

Date of Orders: 7/23/2010

Billing Dates: 7/26/2010, 8/25/2010

Re-Check Date: N/A

Date Work Done: N/A

Work Order #: N/A

Returned Mail?: N/A

Comments: Billing and orders mailed to PO/RP Barb Brenny, Huber Brenny Corporation 637 Ohio St. St. Paul MN 55107

History of Orders on Property: N/A

Legislative Hearing Officer Recommendation

Reduce assessment from $315 to $247.50.

Fire Certificate of Occupancy inspection

Barb Brenny, Huber Brenny Corporation, appeared.

Inspector Westenhofer reported that the cost is $180 with a service charge of $135 for a total of $315. Orders were mailed on July 23, 2010. Bills were mailed out on July 26, 2010 and August 25, 2010 to the appellant.

Ms. Brenny is appealing because they are closed during the summer and she re-scheduled the original inspection. The bill just got away from her she said. When she got the second bill, she assumed that 5% interest would be charged but it was $135 extra and she feels that is excessive; that's a 75% penalty. Ms. Moermond responded that it's meant to encourage people to get payments in on time. Ms. Brenny thinks it's unfair; she wants some help. She usually pays every bill on time and it's not as though she had any violations; the inspector didn't even need to re-inspect.

Mr. Westenhofer explained that the $180 is for the initial inspection and a free re-inspection. Ms. Brenny said that it never was re-inspected; the letter said that it would be re-inspected "after Thursday, August 26, 2010. (Inspector Diane McCabe) The cost seems excessive; she's asking for leniency.
Ms. Moermond stated that she thinks it wo...

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