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File #: RES 23-228    Version: 1
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 2/15/2023
Title: Approving the report “Public Works Recommendations for Garbage and Recycling Programs” dated 12/15/2022.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Attachments: 1. Public Works Report, 2. Peter Butler public comment


Approving the report “Public Works Recommendations for Garbage and Recycling Programs” dated 12/15/2022.


WHEREAS, the City Council received the Report of the Saint Paul Garbage Advisory Committee on September 14, 2022; and,


WHEREAS, the Public Works Department has provided for the Council’s review the report,  “Public Works Recommendations for Garbage and Recycling Programs” dated 12/15/2022; and,


WHEREAS, the City Council has reviewed and commented on the Report.


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Saint Paul City Council does hereby approve the Report “Public Works Recommendations for Garbage and Recycling Programs” dated 12/15/2022 and recommends that Public Works and the Office of Financial Services begin implementation of the recommendations in the report and that Public Works develop detailed policies and procedures to implement the recommendations in the report.



Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
2/15/2023 7:44 PMPaul Blaygo For I read Peter Butlers interesting and compelling letter supporting changes to allow opting-out and cart sharing to the existing Hauler's Consortium. I also reviewed some of the videos from the meetings of the garbage task force. In one of them, a panel representing all the haulers were asked if any opposed allowing cart sharing or opting-out in the next agreement. I was pleasantly surprised that NONE opposed those two provisions. Therefore, i hope the Council and mayor will adopt the recommendations of the Public Works Dept. to allow both cart sharing and opting-out for single family residences. I'd further support that the city charge only a nominal one-time fee to those who choose to opt-out. Furthermore, because 1-4 residential buildings had their own dumpster service prior to the new trash ordinance--which resulted in no carts clogging up alleys, better service, and cheaper fees to p*** the savings on to renters, that the Council adopt those provisions as well. Thank you.
2/13/2023 8:02 AM    Re: OPTING OUT. In its do***ent dated 12/15/2022 (Sec VIII.B. pg 9 & 10), Public Works has the following recommendation: "• Residents of single-unit properties may apply to the City to opt out of City garbage service; • Public Works does not recommend opt-out for other than single-unit properties." ---- Conceivably, in an area with no multi-unit buildings, every property on a city block could opt out. Meanwhile, 2 or 3 or 4 neighbors who live in one multi-unit property are denied an opportunity to opt out. In effect, households in multi-family buildings are to be "byp***ed" and/or quietly demoted to "second cl***" status while single-family customers are gifted with better options. This looks a lot like "Systemic DISCRIMINATION." +1
2/13/2023 7:19 AM    The City of Saint Paul requires all 1- to 4-unit trash customers to pay millions of dollars annually in hauler fees (including county & state taxes) for the "collection" of 2 or 3 bulky items per property unit per calendar year. Haulers are paid to collect 100% of the total possible number of bulky items. HOWEVER, for 4+ years fewer than 13% of the pre-paid bulky items were actually collected. More than 85% of what customers paid has been pocketed by haulers (and tax authorities) without having been earned. In addition to hauler fees, customers pay 37.75% in taxes for UNUSED and seemingly UNWANTED bulky collection. WHY, given the well-do***ented history of low usage, does the City propose to increase the bulky allowance from 2-3 to 6 per year? +1