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File #: Ord 22-27    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 6/8/2022
Title: Approving an interim ordinance requesting a Planning Commission study to undertake a zoning study of non-conventional residential housing unit products.
Sponsors: Rebecca Noecker, Mitra Jalali, Amy Brendmoen, Nelsie Yang, Dai Thao, Chris Tolbert
Attachments: 1. Ord 22-27 - Thomas Fisher, 2. Ord 22-27 - Katy Holets, 3. Ord 22-27 - Jeff O'Rourke, 4. Ord 22-27 - Jessica O’Rourke, 5. Ord 22-27 - Jourdan Suos, 6. Ord 22-27 - Betty Utecht
Approving an interim ordinance requesting a Planning Commission study to undertake a zoning study of non-conventional residential housing unit products.

An interim ordinance pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 462.355, Subd. 4 requesting the Planning Commission to undertake a zoning study of non-conventional residential housing unit products as an alternative means to supplement traditional housing construction methods and, while maintaining the overall status-quo of the current residential housing standards and conditions, permitting, in conjunction with such a study, the temporary establishment, regulation, and operation of an alternative residential housing-unit product demonstration project during the pendency of this study for the purpose of informing the study of alternative residential housing-unit products.

Section 1.
Statement of City Council Findings Regarding Current Residential
and Future Housing Needs

WHEREAS, the Zoning Code defines various residential land uses by occupancy, specifies the zoning districts in which residential occupancies are permitted, and establishes zoning standards which regulate these permitted uses and occupancies; and

WHEREAS, residential land use categories and standards are enacted based upon reports and recommendations received from the Planning Commission so that land in the City is used in a planned, orderly manner in furtherance of the intent of the Zoning Code and the goals of the Comprehensive Plan; and

WHEREAS, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, at Housing Goal H-49, in pertinent part, invites the City to “consider amendments to the Zoning Code to permit smaller single-family houses ... to facilitate the creation of small-home development types, such as pocket neighborhoods and cottage communities”; and

WHEREAS, the Planning Commission is currently taking steps to examine residential housing use types to potentially increase housing unit opportunities which could meet the Metropolitan Council’s forecasted need f...

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Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
6/8/2022 2:12 AMHelene Levy Schultz   The Mosaic settlement is an innovation in addressing homelessness in St Paul. It is a dignified way of welcoming those without homes into a caring and respectful neighborhood. P***ing this ordinance will give this micro-home community the opportunity to thrive and change the lives of the individuals who chose to live here in their own homes. This is a game-changer for our city. Let's do this for our citizens, for the Mosaic new residents and for those of us who will have new neighbors. Thank you.
5/31/2022 4:34 PMJulia Voss For An individuals basic needs (food, clothing, housing) are essential to living a healthy life. The other component that's important is community. A support system that will alongside someone to help them move in the direction they'd like to go. I can think of no better way than partnering with Sacred Settlement and building Tiny Homes.
5/31/2022 4:20 PMKJ Bach For Giving society's homeless a safe, affordable and supportive community is a huge step towards helping our 'neighbor'. With a place to call home, they can have a job without worrying about their belongings.
5/31/2022 4:20 PMMark Weber For I support the ordinance, 22-27 and trust it will p***. I have supported Setttled’s Tiny Home both financially and through the volunteer work of building the tiny homes and getting the site at Mosaic ready. The home are ready, the site is ready and the people that will be occupying the home are more than ready. They want to move into them and now. Please p*** the ordinance so they can take that next step forward. Thanks
5/31/2022 3:47 PMSing Vang For Helping people stay alive is partial; walking alongside with people in living life is complete. This objective will bring wholeness to the lives once forgotten.
5/31/2022 2:53 PMRich and Liz Schiferl For Chronic homelessness is difficult to overcome. This ordinance will allow the development of clean and safe homes in an internally supported community that has a great chance of being successful.
5/31/2022 2:27 PMGrace McClure-Johnson For My husband and 3 small children and I live one block from Mosaic church. Our neighborhood is a mix of young families, first and second generation immigrants, elderly residents, and multiple different American-born races. You will hear Spanish, Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Somali spoken in a 3 block radius of Mosaic. What a perfect space to also welcome those who are looking for the same things we all are-a place to call home and people to call family. I have full confidence in the kind and committed staff and neighbors who are part of this project, and I look forward to seeing it become an example for other Twin Cities neighborhoods. My family and I are in full support and see it as a way for the neighborhood to come together and care for each other, instead of staying segregated. +1
5/31/2022 2:22 PMCaleb Mingus For The cost of housing and living is expensive. This model seems to bring a different perspective and strategy. It should be given a chance!
5/31/2022 1:53 PMShannon Jarvi For With shelters and day programs closing their doors, and Saint Paul businesses driving out options for homeless (, we need to find new approaches. I believe this is an option worth trying, and is backed by solid research. +1
5/31/2022 1:11 AMKristina Kithinji For I think this ordinance offers a new and innovative way to house people well in our community. As a neighbor, I’m happy to voice my support!
5/29/2022 3:09 AMMatthew Montgomery For Amidst a very difficult time for housing, it would be extremely encouraging to see the city really get behind new ideas. I believe programs like Sacred Settlement Mosaic can make a real difference in the city and I'm happy to voice my support for this program, and any like it in the St Paul community.
5/25/2022 9:30 PMPaul Ewing For Housing is hard to find and expensive in Saint Paul. I am encouraged that the city council is open to new ideas. I believe this is worth trying.