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File #: RES PH 22-128    Version:
Type: Resolution-Public Hearing Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 6/1/2022
Title: Adopting the Hillcrest Master Plan.
Sponsors: Nelsie Yang
Ward: Master Plan
Attachments: 1. Parks & Rec Resolution 22-1, 2. Public comments received by PED, 3. HillcrestMasterPlan-2022-04-20c, 4. PC Resolution Hillcrest actions- adopted 04.15.22, 5. Hillcrest PC memo 2022-04, 6. JLPopecomment, 7. Planning Commission public hearing video link, 8. ParksRecCommission-HillcrestResolution, 9. RES PH 22-128 - Justin Berthiaume, 10. RES PH 22-128 - Chelsea DeArmond, 11. RES PH 22-128 - Anthony P. Deutz, 12. RES PH 22-128 - Paris Dunning-ESABA, 13. RES PH 22-128 - Catherine M. Early, PhD, 14. RES PH 22-128 - Kerr Aaron Eliz, 15. RES PH 22-128 - Dean Gale-Plumbers Local 34, 16. RES PH 22-128 - Elizabeth Giffin, 17. RES PH 22-128 - Amy Gilbert, 18. RES PH 22-128 - Patti Gmeiner, 19. RES PH 22-128 - Drew Harper, 20. RES PH 22-128 - Brenda Kyle-St. Paul Area Chamber, 21. RES PH 22-128 - Tom Lucy, 22. RES PH 22-128 - Christie Manning, 23. RES PH 22-128 - Rosemary Maranda Wallace-Northeast Seniors, 24. RES PH 22-128 - Maureen McGee, 25. RES PH 22-128 - Johnnie Mclaurin, 26. RES PH 22-128 - Donald Mullin-Saint Paul Building & Construction Trades Council, 27. RES PH 22-128 - Tom Parent-Saint Paul Public Schools, 28. RES PH 22-128 - Joan Pasiuk, 29. RES PH 22-128 - Kathleen Posus, 30. RES PH 22-128 - Sam Purtakiss, 31. RES PH 22-128 - Greg Rivet, 32. RES PH 22-128 - Gaye Sorenson, 33. RES PH 22-128 - Bobbie Scott, 34. RES PH 22-128 - John Slade, 35. RES PH 22-128 - Rachel Speck-East Side Employment Xchange, 36. RES PH 22-128 - Ben Werner, 37. RES PH 22-128 - Stephanie West, 38. RES PH 22-128 - SP350-Sustain Saint Paul-East Side Freedom Library-Metropolitan Interfaith Coalition, 39. RES PH 22-128 Joan Pasiuk, 40. GREATER MSP - Hillcrest Letter, 41. Sanneh City Council LOS 5-16-2022, 42. Leadholm email, 43. East SIde Elders - Letter of Support Hillcrest
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Adopting the Hillcrest Master Plan.


WHEREAS, the Land Use Chapter of the 2040 Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan (hereinafter, “2040 Plan”) identifies the former Hillcrest Golf Course site (hereinafter, “Hillcrest”) as an “opportunity site” which, under the 2040 Plan, are sites guided for redevelopment with “higher-density mixed-use development” or “employment centers with increased full-time living wage job intensity;” and

WHEREAS, in furtherance of the 2040 Plan, the City Council subsequently adopted Ordinance 19-39 which authorized the Saint Paul Port Authority to issue bonds to purchase Hillcrest and, further, set certain expectations for the redevelopment of Hillcrest as an opportunity site which would include the establishment of substantial industrial uses as employment centers; and

WHEREAS, the City, for the purpose of guiding redevelopment at Hillcrest, commenced a master planning process to identify future land uses and site layouts within Hillcrest in order to  create a draft Hillcrest Master Plan (hereinafter, “HMP”); and

WHEREAS, on March 4, 2022, the Commission duly conducted a public hearing on a draft HMP  and the following associated actions: an amendment to the 2040 Plan, certain zoning code amendments, and amendments to the City’s zoning map for rezoning purposes; and

WHEREAS, following the March 4, 2022, public hearing, the Commission reviewed the hearing comments and testimony and, following this review, the Commission recommended to the City Council and Mayor, approval of the draft HMP and the associated actions as set forth in Commission Resolution No. 22-21 dated April 15, 2022; and

WHEREAS, an updated draft HMP, dated April 20, 2022, incorporates certain changes recommended by the Commission to the earlier draft HMP dated January 13, 2022; and

WHEREAS, this updated HMP now includes certain relief from zoning regulations and certain additions to zoning regulations that, as a whole, result in improved implementation of the 2040 Plan and the intent of the zoning code as applied to Hillcrest; and

WHEREAS, the updated HMP also contains a site layout with block sizes that requires an amendment to the 2040 Plan which also requires review and approval by the Metropolitan Council before becoming final; and

WHEREAS, a duly noticed public hearing before the City Council having been conducted, at which all interested parties were given an opportunity to be heard, and having considered all the testimony and recommendations concerning the updated HMP and associated actions, including the Planning Commission resolution and the Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee’s memorandum and their rationale for the recommendations which the Council finds persuasive and thus hereby incorporates by reference into this action for the specific purpose of articulating the Council’s reasons and rationale for this action;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Saint Paul City Council hereby adopts the said updated HMP dated April 20, 2022, as the master plan for development of the former Hillcrest Golf Course, contingent on Metropolitan Council approval of the associated 2040 Plan amendment, and subject to the additional amendment of Sustainability chapter, Topic 1, Policies S-6, at page 37 as follows:


S-6: Pursue the integration of ground source energy systems such as geothermal energy at the site and/or district scale to reduce energy demand.   In the event such an energy system is proposed for any on-site use, the City will evaluate the feasibility of adopting, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 103I.111, subd. 1 (2021), a Delegation Agreement to safeguard the sustainability and protection of groundwater resources.




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