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File #: Ord 22-14    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 4/13/2022
Title: Creating Chapter 134A of the Legislative Code (Title XII) pertaining to small wireless facilities.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Attachments: 1. Jan 2022 Saint Paul Tech Spec for Small Cells, 2. FINAL SEH and Saint Paul Small Cell PP for Nov 2019 APWA Fall Conference 11 20 2019, 3. Ord 22-14 - Sharon Anderson, 4. Ch 134 Leg Code Small Cell January 2022
Creating Chapter 134A of the Legislative Code (Title XII) pertaining to small wireless facilities.


WHEREAS, the City of Saint Paul seeks to support new and changing technologies in order to maximize the benefits they bring to our residents and businesses; and

WHEREAS, these technologies often require the use of the public right-of-way (ROW), which the City holds as an asset in trust for its residents; and

WHEREAS, regulation of the ROW contributes to the safety of surrounding areas; minimizes the potential adverse aesthetic impacts in the vicinity; permits reasonable reception and transmission of signals; and regulates costs to telecommunications businesses; and

WHEREAS, regulation of the ROW also ensures public safety through lawful, reasonable restrictions on Small Cell Facility antenna/equipment size, height, location, installation practices, and maintenance; and

WHEREAS, regulation of the ROW also lessens the adverse aesthetic impact on surrounding properties and preserves the high-quality residential character of the City; and

WHEREAS, the City seeks to ensure equal access to telecommunications technology for all residents and businesses, including Small Cell Facility technology; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Council of the City of Saint Paul does Ordain:

Chapter 134A of the Saint Paul Legislative Code is hereby created to read as follows:
Chapter 134A. - Small Cell Permits.

Sec. 134A.01 Definitions.
"Application" means a formal request, including all required and requested documentation and information, submitted by an Applicant to the City for a Small Cell Permit or Standard Small Cell Collocation License.
"Applicant" means a Person filing an Application for placement or modification of a Wireless Facility in the public right-of-way.
“City-owned Wireless Support Structure” means a City-owned new or existing structure in a public right-of-way that is designed to support or capable of supporting Collocated...

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3/15/2022 10:39 AMSt.Paul Ward 7   5G wireless to Street Lights similar to Annete Meeks at Issue re Sports betting Cell phones are Mini Casinos, City via ROW Public Works has not disclosed to the Pulic Health Risks re Re potential Cyber waves,vaccinations may disrupt DNA,causing serious Brain Functions Sheriff Fletcher must get involves Jurisdiction Federal