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File #: Ord 22-1    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 1/19/2022
Title: Amending the zoning code as recommended in Phase 1 of the 1-4 Unit Housing Study.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Ward: Zoning
Code sections: 65.161 - Sober house., 65.913 - Dwelling unit, accessory, 66.231 - Residential District Dimensional Standards, Sec. 63.501. - Accessory buildings., Sec. 65.121. - Dwelling, carriage house., Sec. 66.233. - Sidewall articulation., Sec. 66.241. - Number of main (principal) buildings., Sec. 66.331. - Density and dimensional standards table., Sec. 67.708 - Revocation of status as registered and established student dwellings
Attachments: 1. Phase 1 Public hearing memo, 2. Appendix A - PC Resolution with text amendment, 3. Appendix B - All public comment, 4. Appendix C - Phase 1 full study, 5. 2009 Duplex Conversion Guidelines, 6. 2009 Triplex Conversion Guidelines, 7. Ord 22-1 - Daniel Tikk, 8. Ord 22-1 - Ronda Isakson, 9. Ord 22-1 - David Lauer Ackos, 10. Ord 22-1 - Sarah Hunt, 11. Ord 22-1 - Rick Varco, 12. Ord 22-1 Britta Dornfeld, 13. Ord 22-1 - Britta Dornfeld
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Amending the zoning code as recommended in Phase 1 of the 1-4 Unit Housing Study.


WHEREAS, the Saint Paul Zoning Code, found in chapters 60 through 69 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code, is established to promote and to protect the public health, safety, morals, aesthetics, economic viability and general welfare of the community; and

WHEREAS, Section 61.801(a) of the Zoning Code calls for periodic review of said code to reflect current city policies, to address current technology and market conditions, and to bring the zoning code up-to-date; and

WHEREAS, in order to support the creation and preservation of housing that is affordable to all income levels, address racial, social, and economic disparities, and create infrastructure to stabilize housing for all in Saint Paul, City Council Resolution 18-1204 calls for a study of the Zoning Code to explore the potential for allowing three- and four-unit dwellings in currently single-family zoning districts located in Neighborhood Nodes and/or along transit corridors; and

WHEREAS, on April 2, 2021, the Planning Commission passed Resolution 21-20 that initiated a zoning study to consider amendments to the Zoning Code pertaining one-family, two-family, and townhouse residential zoning districts and accessory dwelling units, and other related regulations contained in the Zoning Code; and

WHEREAS, Metropolitan Council forecasts the city’s population growing by 12,700 households by 2040, 22.5% of renter households are cost-burdened by paying more than 30% of monthly income for housing, and an additional 25% of renter households are considered severely cost-burdened by paying more than 50% of monthly income to housing; and

WHEREAS, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, in Housing policies H-48 and H-49, directs City staff to “expand permitted housing types in Urban Neighborhoods to include duplexes, triplexes, town homes, small- scale multi-family…to allow for neig...

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