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File #: RES 21-704    Version: 1
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 5/5/2021
Title: Requesting the State of Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, in response to community concerns, to evaluate Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher’s livestream video production to determine if it violates Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Policy and the MN police code of conduct.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen, Mitra Jalali, Rebecca Noecker
Attachments: 1. RES 21-704 - Brian Adams, 2. RES 21-704 - Tom Basgen, 3. RES 21-704 - Julie C., 4. RES 21-704 - Lauren D, 5. RES 21-704 - Garett Greeman, 6. RES 21-704 - Douglas Heckman, 7. RES 21-704 - G. Hedstrom, 8. RES 21-704 - Tim Mel, 9. RES 21-704 - Kevin Mellingen, 10. RES 21-704 - Mary Prudhomme, 11. RES 21-704 - Haäkin Lee-Ruther, 12. RES 21-704 - Gregory Schones, 13. RES 21-704 - Kathy Seals, 14. RES 21-704 - Leanne Selander, 15. RES 21-704 - Rodney Spencer, 16. RES 21-704 - Michael Sprague, 17. RES 21-704 - Wilber Van, 18. RES 21-704 - Geoff Watson, 19. RES 21-704 - Scott Wege, 20. RES 21-704 - Lisa Whalen, 21. RES 21-704 - The World We Live In, 22. RES 21-704 - William Y, 23. Catherine Malave Letter_W3, 24. Thomas Nicosia W3, 25. Larry and Marge Jones_Ward 3, 26. Cinda Kornblum Ward 3, 27. Peter Hendricks_Ward 3, 28. W6_Mark Wegne, 29. W6_Dave Doffing, 30. Dan Moen Ward 3, 31. Grace Kelly Comments on RES 21-704, 32. RASE 21-324 Ward 4 Public Comment, 33. RASE 21-324 Ward 4 Public Comment, 34. POST Board Letter
Requesting the State of Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, in response to community concerns, to evaluate Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher’s livestream video production to determine if it violates Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Policy and the MN police code of conduct.


WHEREAS the current Ramsey County Sheriff (Sheriff) has been, without invitation, personally patrolling the streets of Saint Paul, and

WHEREAS since mid-year 2020, the Sheriff has been using a social media platform to broadcast dash-camera style videos of his “tours” to curate a crudely-produced reality show called “LIVE On-Patrol” (livestream show), and
WHEREAS numerous community members have reached out to Saint Paul and Ramsey County staff and elected officials with concerns about the legal parameters and implications of the Sheriff’s livestream show, and

WHEREAS the Sheriff’s livestream show has recorded his patrol decisions and actions which have been characterized as both reckless and in specific violation of both the Saint Paul Police and Ramsey County Sheriff Departments’ official policy and protocol, and as such have raised the ire of community members and elected officials, and

WHEREAS seen in the livestream video and also reported in the Pioneer Press, the Sheriff has violated pursuit protocols, has driven dangerously and erratically, and has dismissed requests to call off pursuit, and

WHEREAS seen in the livestream video and also reported in the Pioneer Press on November 20, 2020, one of the Sheriff’s broadcasts recorded him instructing his assistant to withhold damning information while he was driving the wrong way up a one-way street, saying, “Keep that off, OK? The wrong way part,” and

WHEREAS seen in the livestream video and also reported in the Pioneer Press, the Sheriff is often patrolling in uniform but not wearing the body camera that both the police and sheriff’s department require as part of patrol uniform, and

WHEREAS seen in the livest...

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Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
5/9/2021 11:38 PMJeffery Thole Against I support the current Ramsey County Sheriff"s Office. It may not be perfect, but it is the best it has ever been. I have never before seen the Saint Paul PD and the Sheriff"s Office work as well together as they do today. And I have never seen the community support the sheriff"s office as much as they do today. Sheriff Fketcher has made the Sheriff's Dept more transparent than it ever has been. +2 -2 2
5/5/2021 9:48 PMLaura Against I am also in support Sheriff Fletcher 100%. Live On Patrol is one of the only sources were we, the citizens, can get information about crime incidents in the city. What is happening on a daily basis...and what the news does not show us. Sheriff Fletcher in my opinion is looking for ways to prevent and control serious crime by interacting with the community. Being available to people. Being transparent. I think the city council members want to hide and conceal what is really happening in the city. We need a capacity to intercept crimes and to be in the right place at the right time so that the crime can possibly be prevented. I feel that is what Sheriff Fletcher is doing. I think Live on Patrol is a huge ***et to the city, as is Sheriff Fletcher. I fully support Live On Patrol. I think it is a service to the community, and a great way that we can all do our part and help try to be proactive, instead of reactive. Thank you Sheriff Fletcher and Live On Patrol! +5 -2 2
5/5/2021 7:59 PMTeri Keller Against Why is the time stamp wrong on these comments? It is 2:59 PM on 5/5/2021. It seems to me that the Live on Patrol offering from Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher is doing what you and the Mayor should be doing. Why go through the trouble of doing a resolution on something like this when you could of called him up and had a conversation or a meeting with him. Unlike the City Council and the Mayor in St. Paul, the Ramsey County Sheriff is very transparent in everything he does. It's on video. Check it out for yourself. Quit wasting our time and money. +4 -2 2
5/5/2021 7:53 PMVicki Denissen Against Please don't start an investigation into Bob Fletcher. We elected him. It should be our right to ***ess his behavior. I find it very informative. The Council is overstepping their authority with this resolution. If you would just do your job, to keep the residents safe, his broadcast would not be a problem for you. Just because you have let the crime get out of control with your non-inforcement and non-confinement of violators policies, does not give you the right to suppress the person is calling attention to the problem +7 -2 1
5/5/2021 7:25 PMCarol  Against I am in favor of Live on Patrol, in my opinion Sheriff Fletcher should be training other Patrol to be able to help him with this community Service. Every community with Problems like we have had in the Twin City area, should have a Bob and Pat. It allows us an our children to see that Police are there to help not hurt people, like everything you hear on TV these days show. People only see what they would see, if they went out driving the streets of St. Paul or following Police sirens. Which when I was younger used to be a common thing, for the neighbors around to come out and watch. They are doing extreme community Service. Please do not call an end to this!! Anyone worried about the benefit of it, should also concsider how closed minded it will seem, if they put limitations on it. Bob and Pat are freindly to all and do not prejude people by the color of their skin. +4 -1 1
5/5/2021 5:01 PMChad K. Against Live on Patrol is transparency that citizens and politicians have been asking for. It is not the City Council's place to interfere with law enforcement doing its job or to overstep residents' right to elect and oversee the Sheriff. This resolution is just one more attempt to delegitimize and defund law enforcement for doing the jobs they are hired and paid to do. We St. Paul residents are sick of the increases in crime and the attacks on law enforcement. We oppose this resolution. +10 -2 2
5/4/2021 9:15 PM  Against You can't get more transparent than a Facebook livestream. Keep Live on Patrol with Sheriff Fletcher! The St. Paul community needs it now more than ever. +15 -2 2
5/4/2021 5:55 PMHeather B Against ...audience in and outside the community. The community wants the transparency that you keep promising them. The public enjoys learning about the experience and life on the other side of the badge from a someone they fell like they relate to on a personal level. +12 -2 2
5/4/2021 5:53 PMHeather B Against Live On Patrol has been one of your most valuable resources in providing the community with raw live transparency. Something you claim to want, but are willing to squander. This stream is popular because it shows real life. The positive connections that police build with the public and the unvarnished look at the ugly side of life and crime. Maybe the city didn't like it so much when Bob was streaming during the recent riots and we all got to see the chaos in the community as it truly happened. Also Bob reaching out to provide safety to the community. We got to see it all before you could craft your public press releases as you saw fit on what and what not to say. Or maybe you don't like seeing Bob stop to talk people in the community and call them by name, wish them Happy Birthday, or ask how thier kids are doing, because that makes it harder to gain the public's sympathy for the Defund The Police agenda. There is a reason Live on Patrol is so popular and has continued to grow its... +14 -2 2
5/3/2021 10:31 PMJudy Against We need Mr. Fletcher and his partner Pay 54on patrol because they’re building community.WeNeed to work together as a community to build relationships with other people. Quit picking on Fletcher! +10 -1 1
5/3/2021 10:27 PMJudy Against We need Mr. Fletcher and his partner pad on patrol because they’re building community.WeNeed to work together as a community to build relationships with other people. +8 -2 2
5/3/2021 10:19 PMTerri Fontaine Against I am very much not in favor of any restriction of the Live On Patrol livestream. This stream is an example of openness and transparency in policing that is what we all need to see these days. Understanding what is going on and how it is being address really adds to my feeling safe living in St Paul and gives me hope for improvement. +10 -2 1
5/3/2021 10:12 PMTerri Fontaine Against +4 -2 5
5/3/2021 10:11 PMCindy  Against I see no reason that St Paul City Council is looking into RES21-704. Please clarify and be specific as to the community concerns. Mr. Fletcher is an employee of Ramsey County and providing a transparent service for all of the County. I think at this time, the St. Paul City Council has more important things (150 gun casings found in the city with 7 shot in one night) to take care of, I would like to see a resolution and action looking into this with speed, maybe looking at how other successful cities are handling shots fired and car abductions. How many people make up those who are concerned? +9 -1 1
5/3/2021 5:06 PMLisa W Against I’m writing to ask that you stop the attack on Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher’s Live on Patrol broadcasts as proposed by Amy Brendmoen, Mitra Jalali, and Rebecca Noecker. Politicians at every level of government nationwide, including you, have demanded more transparency in policing—a demand I support. Yet now that Bob Fletcher is providing transparency in ways that Ramsey County/St. Paul residents applaud, you are attempting to shut it down without making an announcement or offering a reasonable opportunity for public input. Live on Patrol does exactly what you claim to want: educate, build trust, and increase accountability, so hearing that you’re working behind the scenes to end the broadcasts makes me question your motives. The Council’s Live on Patrol proposal seems like an attempt to grab power that doesn’t and shouldn’t belong to it. The Sheriff is an elected official, and we voters, not politicians, hold him accountable by casting our ballots. When we have concerns about +12 -1 1
5/3/2021 1:52 PMTracy Newman Against Live on Patrol is good for all of Ramsey County. Sheriff Bob Fletcher, Pat, and Joe do a service to the people of the surrounding communities, and those that are wanting to shut down this service are the ones that are the same folks that want to defund the police. Please know he is as real and as transparent as he can be. The fact that so many followers are out there shows how much he puts into this and how much people actually value what he is doing for the communities he serves. Yes, he must choose what calls to go on; he cannot be on every single call at all ends of the cities he patrols, Ramsey County is extensive, and he does what he can. This should not even be a topic of discussion. For those of you wanting to shut this down, shame on you! When you need to call 911 for an emergency in the future I would think twice about who might be helping you, as it is you who are ruining it for those of us that respect and honor the badge they wear! Thank you to Bob, Pat and Joe!!! +9 -1 1
5/3/2021 5:08 AMJames Nicklas Against This is an absolutely abhorrent attempt to silence Sheriff Fletcher because he tells it how it is. It has become more about playing politics than it has been about actually improving the community. I think the council should be ashamed of themselves for even considering such a resolution. +11 -1 1
5/3/2021 4:16 AMBA Against Live On Patrol w/ Fletcher/Scott offers thousands in/outside the community an opportunity to see/learn about police work and what’s going on around St. Paul on a weekly basis + an outlet to interact/communicate w/ one another during live streams. LOP is actively building a positive relationship btwn police&comm, offering a direct channel for questions/education. Open communication/relations btwn police/community is what politicians like to talk about wanting while standing at podiums when something bad happens, but behind closed doors it seems some don’t genuinely want a positive relationship btwn the police/community due to it disrupting narratives/agendas. With the uptick in violent crime (shootings, armed carjackings/robberies) and the often seemingly lack of hard consequences for the perpetrators, a frequent live broadcast from two veterans in charge of protecting the community acts as some comfort to many citizens who maybe haven’t the option or desire to flee the city just yet. +7 -1 1
5/2/2021 5:25 PMPat V Against "Live on Patrol" is a good thing happening in the community. We know more of what's happening in our area that the news doesn't always provide. Sheriff Fletcher has reached out to the community and he's accepted with open arms. +10 -1 1
5/2/2021 5:06 PMSue G Against Sherifff Fletcher has brought hope back to the community. I thank him for his time and effort creating this live stream. I love his interaction with people and his caring words. The country could use more of this! It's the most POSITIVE thing happening! +10 -1 1
5/2/2021 5:05 PMDarlene Blossom Against Bob Fletcher is doing a great job. Live on Patrol performs a public service, letting us know how things are "out in the streets". Don't mess with what works. +9 -1 1
5/2/2021 3:56 PM  Against LOP is doing their job as law enforcement. Maybe you need to focus what your job should be. Police have body and dash cameras so what is the difference if Bob has a dash camera as well? Citizens are looking for safety in their neighborhoods. The city of St. Paul is being turned into a warzone. You selfish council members don't give two hoots about taxpayers or how others have to fear for their safety. As long as the criminals are not in you neighborhood you turn the cheek. Find some resolutions the problems and let LOP make people feel safe if only for a short amount of time. +12 -1 1
5/2/2021 2:34 AMKayla For I was a supporter of Live on Patrol until a few months ago when I began to suspect that there is more focus being given to the celebrity vs being a public servant. The fact that they were out on patrol when a vehicle suddenly stopped in front of them to aid a pedestrian in the road and they simply kept driving is concerning. They didn’t bother to investigate the situation. I also question the privacy for victims and their families. Broadcasting real life trauma without permission is pervasive. What if someone’s death is broadcasted live? +4 -29 6
5/2/2021 2:33 AMKayla Against I was a supporter of Live on Patrol until a few months ago when I began to suspect that there is more focus being given to the celebrity vs being a public servant. The fact that they were out on patrol when a vehicle suddenly stopped in front of them to aid a pedestrian in the road and they simply kept driving is concerning. They didn’t bother to investigate the situation. I also question the privacy for victims and their families. Broadcasting real life trauma without permission is pervasive. What if someone’s death is broadcasted live? +2 -10 2
5/2/2021 2:31 AMGlenn Walsh Against As I read the news article about the 3 City Council members that are pushing for this, I stand amazed. I asked myself why would this be a problem for them, as it only show good positive policing. Help they neighbor right. bridge the gap. Officer friendly and the only thing I come up with is the transparency aspect of what Sheriff Fletcher is doing. They, along with Mayor Carter have been pushing so hard to NOT allow any more budget for any policing, but to infact reduce it. What sheriff Fletcher is showing with his Live on Patrol is the true fact that our city needs more, not less when it comes to protecting our city. Sheriff Fletcher is showing that we are short on officers, it shows that calls get stacked because there is no available officer to go to this call or that. There are shootings every nigh, there are multiple calls for shots fired, stabbings, armed robberies, car jackings, fights and more. Crime is up and we see it Live. So why are they reducing budgets. Why +15 -1 1
5/2/2021 12:57 AMDee Walsh   I do not understand why some of the City Council have an issue with Sheriff Fletcher. What he is doing is showing transparency, He is showing what it is like to be an officer on the streets, He is showing respect for people in crisis, He is showing a kinder side that officers have. He is showing a real live stream of everyday policing. It shows at times how calls get stacked up because officers are busy. It shows he tries to pick up when those officers are busy and can not be pulled away. It show the human side of policeing and that is beidging a big gap between residence and police. So in all, everything Sheriff Fletche is doing is such a positve for our city and I would think that the council would rally around him, not try and tear hin or his actions down. Thank you +15 -1 1
5/1/2021 12:29 PMKen H Against Sheriff Fletcher is doing an outstand job of community relations. Who has a concern? Why are some people against the transparency this feed provides. Law enforcement across the Twin Cities is under attack, this being another example. I highly recommend you watch the broadcast before you attack. We need more of this, not less. +11 -1 1
5/1/2021 6:47 AMAlison Dowdal Against Live on Patrol broadcasts have done more for community relations and making the whole county a safer place than anything that has been done before. I question what the council members are trying to hide by attempting to end these livestreams. They're trying to change things for the better and obviously you don't seem to want the same thing. +11 -1 1
5/1/2021 6:23 AMEvelyn Against I just want to say that I back what are Ramsey County Sheriff is doing it's showing transparency in the department and in these times we need someone that truly wants to help the community to get back that trust that is needed so please reconsider +9 -1 1
5/1/2021 4:14 AMTJ Against If the sheriff is doing wrong by taking care of his county duties and ***isting with other neighboring cities police calls, the three council members plus those complaining have no clue how law and order works. +17 -3 5
5/1/2021 3:52 AMEveryone Against Am I missing something? I don't see those community concerns you mention as the reason for all this. You've got one guy who agrees with you and with the way you 3 women have been getting things "done", I'm sure you offered special favors to get it! Your lying and cheating will be coming to an end, just can't happen soon enough! +7 -1 1
5/1/2021 3:05 AMMicaela Smith  Against Sheriff Fletcher is educating people all over the world on how much good peace officer's can make. He shows the truth about crime that is occurring by showing all sides of the issues. Videos peak louder than words and his Videos are showing my children that they can trust officer's! Please do not take away this amazing resource! +9 -1 1
4/30/2021 11:54 PMPeggy Against I support Sheriff Fletcher 100%. He is out there engaging with the community and building respect for law enforcement and you are against that? Unbelievable! What are you council members doing about the shootings, car jackings , thefts. I have lived on the east side of St Paul for over 50 years and I plan on staying here as long as we have people like Bob and Pat helping take care of our city which is more than I can say about the council members. +10 -1 1
4/30/2021 10:11 PM  Against We back Sheriff Bob. Maybe if the council cared as much as Sheriff Bob does the city’s crime rate wouldn’t be through the roof. The council is a joke! After all these months of Live on Patrol you now think it’s bad. Hmm.. do your job and see the good in this and the community building Sheriff Bob is doing. This is not earning your paycheck, it’s setting St Paul up for failure. Worry more about the citizens and their wellbeing. Maybe ... come up with a plan to stop all the violence and carjacking. +13 -1 1
4/30/2021 1:43 PMEveryone Against Show me proof. Show me proof of peoples concerns about Live on Patrol. Without even seeing any proof, I know that more people have reached out to you about their concerns of safety and you haven't done a **** thing about that. Sheriff Fletcher's honesty and transparency is showing the city, the state and the world how much you all are failing at your jobs. You are lying pieces of **** and should be ashamed. +16
4/30/2021 11:43 AMShelly Against The Ramsey County Sheriff is building connections with the entire Ramsey county community. This is what community policing is about. This is an important outreach and should be encouraged!!!! I am so ashamed that city council has brought this review forward. Crime, ***aults, gun violence is through the roof! It is scary to live here. City council what are you doing about our safety? Why aren’t you speaking out about crime., where are the rally’s, where is the take back our city crime? The North End South Como Area is a war zone. Instead you are concerned about a positive look at policing and reaching out to the areas and the people that need it most. Your constituents are watching....... +16 1
4/30/2021 10:51 AMDylan Against I believe the city council is more worried about what is essentially a harmless act of transparency that would happen with or without the cameras. Than the crime rate inside of Saint Paul rising at an unprecedented pace. Maybe focus on the real issues Amy, Mitra and Rebecca. +51
4/30/2021 10:48 AM  Against +9
4/30/2021 2:00 AMCassandra  Against I am all for Bob Fletcher and his livestreams. This has built trust in our communities with local law take this away would be counter productive, and would no doubt tell the community that our local city council is ANTI safety and ANTI police...which I would consider asinine and completely delusional if that's the case. Keep the live stream! +21