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File #: RES 20-63    Version: 1
Type: Resolution Status: Passed Unsigned by Mayor
In control: City Council
Final action: 1/8/2020
Title: Opposing the indiscriminate killing of wildlife in the form of wildlife killing contests.
Sponsors: Rebecca Noecker
Attachments: 1. 2019-12-13 Project Coyote Letter, 2. 2019-05-23 Project Coyote Statement of Opposition, 3. 2019-02-05 Project Coyote Fact Sheet, 4. HSUS letter of support_St Paul resolution, 5. MN Killing Contest Factsheet, 6. Minnesota Killing Contests (for meetings), 7. Letter Opposing Killing Contests from Center for Biological Diversity 12 10 2019


Opposing the indiscriminate killing of wildlife in the form of wildlife killing contests. 


WHEREAS, hunting and fishing are valued as methods of food gathering, recreation, and wildlife management in St. Paul, Ramsey County, and the State of Minnesota; and


WHEREAS, contests, including the “1st Annual Coyote Hunt” in Oak Grove, the “West Metro Coyote Tournament” in Watertown, the “Annual Dogs Days of Winter Coyote Hunt” in Sacred Heart, the “Predator Hunt” in Madison, and the “Ortonville VFW Predator Hunt,” have offered prizes for the mass killing of foxes and coyotes for cash and prizes, and allow the calling and harassing of those species in order to shoot and kill them indiscriminately; and


WHEREAS, the purposes and goals of many wildlife killing contests are profit or prizes, and not personal consumption, protection of property, or the ethics of conservation; and


WHEREAS, wild carnivore species, including coyotes and foxes, are an integral part of Minnesota’s ecosystem and play a critical role in maintaining a healthy balance of plants and animals in the ecosystem by preying on species such as rabbits, mice and other rodents; and


WHEREAS, the indiscriminate killing of wild carnivore species, even when done legally, does not serve any legitimate wildlife management purpose and instead upsets the natural balance of Minnesota’s ecosystem, and violates the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and the Public Trust Doctrine; and


WHEREAS, wildlife killing contests encourage a wanton taking of life that is contrary to Minnesota’s hunting ethic of fair chase and respect for the hunted; and


WHEREAS, young children are at times encouraged to participate in wildlife killing contests, sending the dangerous message that the only objective of hunting is to randomly kill animals for cash, prizes, and bragging rights; and


WHEREAS, wildlife killing contests that encourage the indiscriminate killing of wildlife for cash or prizes are unacceptable because they glorify killing for its own sake and do not reflect Minnesota’s humane values; and


WHEREAS, killing contests that encourage the unlimited and indiscriminate killing of furbearer species for prizes differ from “trophy deer” or “big buck” competitions, because Minnesota deer are hunted only under strict regulations that dictate seasons, methods of take, and bag limits, and are then submitted for judging; and


WHEREAS, St. Paul residents and visitors use its public lands for hiking, dog walking, wildlife watching, seasonal game hunting (e.g., deer bowhunting at Crosby Farm Park and Battle Creek Regional Park), and other outdoor activities compatible with maintenance of a healthy ecosystem, and the activities of wildlife killing contests may pose a threat to their safety and well-being;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that St. Paul hereby opposes wildlife killing contests conducted in Minnesota and supports changes to Minnesota statute or regulations to ban any and all future killing contests that target furbearer and unprotected mammal species.





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