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File #: Ord 18-42    Version: 1
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 8/8/2018
Title: Creating Chapter 48 of the Legislative Code requiring property owners to provide voter registration information to tenants.
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Attachments: 1. Misc. comments for July 18 meeting from website, 2. Online comment re Ord 18-42, 3. Comment rec'd by Council re Ord 18-42
Creating Chapter 48 of the Legislative Code requiring property owners to provide voter registration information to tenants.



Chapter 48 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code Is Hereby Created To Read As Follows:

Chapter 48 - Notification of Voter Registration Information

Section 48.01 Definitions

Dwelling unit. A single unit providing complete, independent living facilities for one (1) or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation within the unit.

Let for occupancy or let. To permit, provide or offer possession or occupancy of a dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming unit, building, premise or structure by a person who is or is not the legal owner of record thereof, pursuant to a written or unwritten lease, agreement or license whether or not for compensation.

Owner. The person, firm, corporation or other entity listed in the records on file in the recorder's office as holding fee title to the building.

Rooming unit. Any room or group of rooms forming a single habitable unit used or intended to be used for living and sleeping, but not for cooking or eating purposes.

Voter Registration Information. The information identified by the Saint Paul City Clerk explaining the process for a voter to register which shall include at a minimum a link to a website containing a printable annually-updated letter containing relevant dates and a voter registration form. The letter shall be written in English, Hmong, Spanish, and such other languages as the City Clerk shall deem appropriate.

Section 48.02 Owner Obligations

A. Obligation to Inform. An owner of a residential property that lets for occupancy any dwelling unit or rooming unit for a period of more than thirty (30) days, at the time of lease signing (or at the time of first occupancy if there is no formal lease), pr...

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Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
7/27/2018 2:42 PMAlisa Lein Against Please DO NOT p*** this ordinance. As a property manager of over 180 tenants in St. Paul, tenants should be treated equally and not ***umed to be less engaged in politics than a homeowner. I am 100% for the City and the channels which exist already today to encourage everyone to vote and have their voice heard in each and every election. As a property manager, when asked, I am very happy to provide voter registration information to my tenants. I am NOT OK with being told by the City I am REQUIRED provide voter registration information to all of my tenants. Please do not put this duty on landlords. I am not mom to my tenants, they are adults, and should be treated as such. Please vote no. +4 -1 1
7/12/2018 10:22 PMEric Lein Against This amounts to one more "unfunded mandate" that ***umes tenants (but not homeowners) are incompetent and unable to figure out how to register to vote. Good grief! If the City/County/State cannot get voter registration information into the hands of potential voters, it should not fall only on Landlords to save the m***es. To carry this proposed ordinance's thinking to a logical conclusion, EVERYBODY should be forced to distribute voter registration information --- realtors (at time of closing), employers (at time of hiring), attorneys (upon meeting a new client), city council members (at neighborhood meet-and-greets, and at all public hearings in council chambers), trash haulers (once a year to leave a hang-tag on every trash cart), restaurant owners (when customers pay for meals), etc., etc., etc. THERE IS FAR TOO MUCH "MICROMANAGEMENT" IN TODAY'S CITY GOVERNMENT. +6 -2 2