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File #: Ord 18-30    Version:
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 8/22/2018
Title: Amending Chapter 64 of the Legislative Code pertaining to signs.
Sponsors: Dai Thao, Rebecca Noecker
Attachments: 1. Planning Commission Resolution Recommendding Approval of Amendments to Zoning Code Chapter 64 Signs 6-29-18, 2. Planning Commission Action Minutes 6.29.18, 3. Planning Commission Minutes 6.29.18, 4. Planning Commission Study Memo 6.29.18, 5. Treasure Island Center Proposed Sign Locations, 6. Soccer stadium proposed sponsorship sign locations, 7. Mischke Email, 8. Gerald Mischke Letter, 9. Mischke Email 2, 10. Comment rec'd by Council re Ord 18-30, 11. Mischke Email 3, 12. SPPA Lee Krueger letter July 31 2018 REVISED (002), 13. Planning Commission Approved Minutes 6.1.18, 14. Mischke email 4
Amending Chapter 64 of the Legislative Code pertaining to signs.

WHEREAS, the Planning Commission duly conducted a public hearing on June 1, 2018 regarding the potential amendments to the Zoning Code pertaining to signs; and

WHEREAS, in a memo dated June 29, 2018 PED staff submitted a report to the Planning Commission in which final recommendations and a rationale for amending specific sections of the Zoning Code regulating signs were set forth; and

WHEREAS, on June 29, 2018, the Planning Commission, based upon the staff report and the Comprehensive and Neighborhood Planning Committee’s recommendation and all the testimony received from the June 1, 2018 public hearing, duly submitted its recommendation to amend certain sections of the Zoning Code regulating signs to the Mayor and City Council for its review and consideration, and;

WHEREAS, a public hearing before the City Council having been duly conducted at which all interested parties were given an opportunity to be heard, and having considered all the testimony and recommendations concerning the proposed zoning text amendments, including the Planning Commission’s minutes and the staff memorandum to the Planning Commission and its rationale for the recommended Zoning Code amendments which the Council finds persuasive and thus hereby incorporates by reference for enacting the recommended amendments as set forth below in Section 1, in addition to any other reasons the Council might articulate on the record in adopting these proposed zoning amendments the Council, having considered all the facts and recommendations concerning the proposed zoning amendments and pursuant to the authority granted by and in accordance with the procedures set forth in Minnesota Statutes Sec. 462.357 states as follows:


Chapter 64. Zoning Code - Signs

Sec. 64.103. of the Saint Paul Legislative Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

Sec. 64.103. A.


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