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File #: Ord 17-29    Version: Name: Chapter 236 Environmental Preservation: Plastic Packaging
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 3/6/2019
Title: Amending Chapter 236 of the Legislative Code regarding plastic packaging. (Public hearing held October 4, 2017; laid over from February 20, 2019 for public hearing on March 6)
Sponsors: Russ Stark
Attachments: 1. Macalester Groveland Community Council - Sustainable To Go Packaging Ordinance May2017, 2. Union Park District Council - To Go packaging resolution, 3. West Side Community Organization To-Go Packaging Ordinance, 4. District 1 Letter, 5. Toua Xiong 9-19-2017, 6. SHA Comment Sustainable To-Go Packaging 07.17.17, 7. 2017 FPI Comments to St Paul, 8. ACC PFPG comments on ST PAUL Sustainable to go Amendment 9 26 17, 9. Hmong Chamber of Commerce Letter, 10. DSI.Code_.10.10.16 Meeting Notes, 11. WestRock comments City of St. Paul Sustainable To Go Food Packaging Ordinance 17-29, 12. SharePoint Documents - Part 1.pdf, 13. SharePoint Documents - Part 2.pdf, 14. SharePoint Documents - Part 3.pdf, 15. SharePoint Documents - Part 4.pdf, 16. Mancini letter, 17. MnRA_Letter_To_St_Paul_City_Council_Plastics_Ban, 18. MGA - City of St. Paul Packaging Ordinance Comments, 19. AFPA Comments - STP City Council To Go Packaging Ordinance- Draft Final, 20. St. Paul_Dart Testimony_October 2017, 21. International Paper Letter, 22. Comments rec'd by Council 1, 23. SP FSP, 24. Unite Here letter, 25. Comments rec'd by Council 2, 26. Boca Chica letter, 27. Sierra Club support for Sustainable To Go proposal, 28. All Restaurants, 29. MPCA_PackagingOrdComments_Oct2017, 30. go-to-sustainable-to-go_letter petition, 31. Comments rec'd by Council 3, 32. Hmong Village Letter, 33. Letters Submitted, 34. 2018 Comments rec'd by Council, 35. Pearson Letter for Cossetta's, 36. Cossetta's letter re sustainable to-go, 37. HDC Resolution Sustainable To-Go Containers 02072019, 38. Hospitality Minnesota Letter 02-18-19, 39. SAPCC Sustainable To Go Ltr, 40. D10-Letter-To Go Packaging Ordinance, 41. 2019 WestRock comments City of St. Paul Sustainable To Go Food Packaging Ordinance 3-6-19, 42. 2019 Comment rec'd by Council, 43. Compostable To-Go Petition submitted at PH, 44. Compostable to-go comment submitted at PH
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Date Ver.Action ByActionResultAction DetailsMeeting DetailsVideo
3/11/20192 Mayor's Office Signed  Action details Meeting details Not available
3/6/20192 City Council AdoptedPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
2/20/20191 City Council Laid Over to Public HearingPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
11/7/20181 City Council Laid Over to Final AdoptionPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
10/3/20181 City Council    Not available Meeting details Video Video
10/11/20171 City Council Laid Over to Fourth ReadingPass Action details Meeting details Not available
10/11/20171 City Council FailedFail Action details Meeting details Video Video
10/4/20171 City Council Public Hearing Closed; Laid Over to Fourth Reading/Final AdoptionPass Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/27/20171 City Council Laid Over to Third Reading/Public Hearing  Action details Meeting details Video Video
9/20/20171 City Council Laid Over to Second Reading  Action details Meeting details Not available
Amending Chapter 236 of the Legislative Code regarding plastic packaging. (Public hearing held October 4, 2017; laid over from February 20, 2019 for public hearing on March 6)


Section 1

Section 236.01 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code is hereby amended to read as follows:
Sec. 236.01. - Legislative purpose.
(a1) The council finds that discarded packaging from foods and beverages constitutes a significant and growing portion of the waste in Saint Paul's waste stream. Regulation of food and beverage packaging, therefore, is a necessary part of any effort to encourage a recyclable and compostable waste stream, thereby reducing the disposal of solid waste and the economic and environmental costs of waste management for the citizens of Saint Paul and others working or doing business in Saint Paul.
(b2) The council further finds that plastic packaging is rapidly replacing other packaging material and that most plastic packaging used for foods and beverages is nondegradable non-compostable, nonreturnable and non-recyclable.
(c3) The council also finds that the two (2) main processes used to dispose of discarded nondegradable non-compostable, nonreturnable and non-recyclable plastic foods and beverage packaging are land filling and incineration, both of which should be minimized for environmental reasons.
(d4) Chemicals hazardous to human health and to the safety of the environment are present in the composition of plastic packaging and have been found to escape into the air when this packaging is burned in incinerators and contribute to environmental problems associated with ash residue resulting from the incineration process.
(e5) The council, therefore, finds that the minimization of nondegradable non-compostab...

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Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
3/6/2019 10:32 PMCaitlin Stollenwerk Against This ordinance appears to have little support of the very people who would be most impacted by it: locally-owned restaurants that function with hairline margins and cannot absorb cost differentials like the ones created by this proposed ordinance. Why is this responsibility being foisted upon those least able to absorb it and those with the smallest impact, while large corporations are being exempted? The City of St. Paul has sought out a problem and inserted itself into the lives of its citizens as the only solution. If plastic packaging is so detrimental to the environment that this ordinance must p*** immediately to stave off an environmental apocalypse, then the City should enforce it universally, and not just on the small businesses that make St. Paul extraordinary. If that is not the case, then once again, why the City is forcing its personal whims on its constituency, regardless of the economic impact it might have on the very businesses it is designed to protect?
3/6/2019 4:17 PMSt. Paul Against Listen to Mancini Next you people will get rid of Plastic Bags mandate in Trash Hauling, Affiant is forced to have Republic