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Type: Charter Commission
Meeting location: Room 220, City Hall

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September 2021

Sep, 2021

Home Rule Charter Saint Paul's most basic rules for governance are found in the Home Rule Charter. The Charter defines the roles of the City Council and Mayor along with defining the City's general authority to finance and tax for public services. Voters approved this Charter in 1972. The Legislative and Administrative Codes set out in specific detail how the City will provide services and the responsibilities of citizens. The City Council adopts these Codes by ordinance. Mission The Charter Commission is responsible for: Improving the government of Saint Paul by studying and analyzing issues and concerns of the City Educating citizens about the Charter and encouraging involvement in the Commission's work Serving as a resource and providing oversight in solving problems that are deemed unsolvable by the City Council or inappropriate for the Council to address Hearing petitions regarding the Charter from the public and the City Council Keeping the Charter current by reviewing the provisions and language to keep it up-to-date and coordinated with State laws