15 West Kellogg Blvd.  
Saint Paul, MN 55102  
City of Saint Paul  
Minutes - Final  
Legislative Hearings  
Marcia Moermond, Legislative Hearing Officer  
Mai Vang, Hearing Coordinator  
Joanna Zimny, Executive Assistant  
Tuesday, April 19, 2022  
9:00 AM  
Room 330 City Hall & Court House/Remote  
9:00 a.m. Hearings  
Special Tax Assessments  
RLH TA 22-127  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1069  
BEECH STREET. (File No. VB2208, Assessment No. 228807) (Public  
hearing continued to June 22, 2022)  
Continue PH to June 22, 2022. If Fire C of O is reinstated reduce assessment from  
$2,284 to $1,142.  
Nancy Cleveland, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we’re following up on the Vacant Building fee for 1069 Beech. We talked  
about a couple of things we needed follow up on. I heard an appeal way back at which  
time I gave a 90 day waiver if the Fire Certificate of Occupancy was reinstated. That  
went to November 18, 2021. The emails your forwarded from you to the Department all  
followed that date. November 21 and December 6. That was after the extension  
expired. I did however find a couple technicalities. One is the person he was trying to  
reach was out on leave and nothing was set up to direct you to talk to someone else.  
That doesn’t mean the deadline wasn’t blown, it was, but there wasn’t forwarding  
information. The other thing that happened is that the Vacant Building waiver was  
incorrectly put into the system. The official documents state the waiver was through  
November 18, but the clerical person entered it as December 6.  
Cleveland: that’s what I have.  
Moermond: and that isn’t a correct date and never was.  
Cleveland: so I had 2 dates, which makes sense.  
Moermond: not sure how you got that second date. In any event, it was a miss.  
Because we have these two things happening I’d like to give you a chance to get that  
Certificate of Occupancy reinstated but I want you to do so quickly. We’re already 8  
months in. If you can get your Certificate of Occupancy reinstated by June 21 I’ll cut it  
in half. That’s basically crediting the 4 month time period.  
Cleveland: we can do that. Ms. Moermond, do I call DSI’s general number or do I keep  
going to Inspector Thomas?  
Moermond: I believe he is still your inspector, but we can include his supervisor’s  
information as well, as well as the general DSI number. Ok so you have until June 21  
to get that Certificate of Occupancy in place, otherwise it will be the full fee.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/18/2022  
RLH TA 22-94  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1015  
CHURCHILL STREET. (File No. J2206B1, Assessment No. 228113)  
Approve the assessment and make payable over 5 years.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: this is a $772 assessment for boarding. We have no phone number to  
reach out to. We had this scheduled 2 weeks ago. We sent an email after that hearing  
asking for a number or any additional follow up. I’m going to go with the  
recommendation from two weeks ago which is to approve and make it payable over 5  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/4/2022  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 59 KING  
STREET EAST. (File No. J2207B, Assessment No. 228106)  
Approve the assessment.  
Alisher Musinov, property representative, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: November 11, 2021 upon initial inspection  
by Mr. Dornfeld who was opening up a Vacant Building file. He sent a Summary  
Abatement Order to Alisher Deshad properties for securing. Reinspected November 16  
it was not done and Mr. Dornfeld sent an order to have the building secured. Total  
proposed assessment of $285.  
Moermond: so people were getting in at night.  
Yannarelly: it looks like it was just boarding an opening smaller than 4x8 and one door.  
Musinov: it was vacant by mistake. It was never vacant. There was a renter from the  
previous owner. I got them out. It was a mess. Trash everywhere. I tried my best to  
clean it up. Someone from the City called me right after I bought it about the garbage  
in the yard. I was doing everything right. I was painting and dry walling to get it ready. I  
think I spoke with Nathan who said they can’t remove the Vacant Building registration  
on the property, it was just vacant for no reason. I don’t know why I have this  
assessment. There were maybe people who tried to get in. I spoke with the neighbors;  
they had some issues with people in the neighborhood. I just bought the wrong  
property in the wrong location. It is a shame that I’m in a vacancy and I have to pay  
this fee and get a Code Compliance Inspection Report. It is just so much.  
Moermond: so we have this incident back in November with the orders issued to  
secure the garage.  
Musinov: I did secure the house and replaced and secured windows. It has been  
secured since November.  
Moermond: and this was November 16. Are you saying you did the work?  
Musinov: yes.  
Yannarelly: no permits pulled, evidence of demolition with no permit. We’ve had a stop  
work order by Mike Palm for possible illegal work. A Code Compliance Inspection was  
applied for April 4.  
Moermond: I’m hearing a detailed description of what they contractor did, and then  
subsequently you were taking care of it. Is that right?  
Musinov: back in November there was someone from the City who said he was  
securing the windows and door. He said someone tried to send me a letter but I never  
saw anything. He showed me the letter. I said it was ok, but the next door I put on new  
door and lock and new windows right after that.  
Moermond: its good you took care of it. The City did spend the money getting it  
secured November 16. The City did the work to do that. You are appealing that cost  
they want to assess why?  
Musinov: because I was trying to keep it up as much as I could so I could keep the  
people out. I was doing my best to keep it clean with no problems. That’s why I don’t  
think it is right I have to pay for it. I didn’t buy it and leave it alone. I was doing as  
much as I could.  
Moermond: it was open and the City did have to send a crew. It does look like there  
was a complaint the beginning of November about a broken window and people going  
in. You didn’t do anything about it at that time. It eventually got routed to the Vacant  
Building program. They sent you an order November 11 saying to secure it. Since that  
time there have been 2 other orders the City has issued. There was illegal occupation  
and litter throughout the yard. That’s not good. The City did go out and do the service,  
there was notice provided. It was a critical situation with people going inside. That’s the  
kind of situation that creates fires. I’m going to recommend the Council approve this  
assessment. You can submit additional information to the Council and they may look  
at it differently. Your original Council Public Hearing date was April 6. We’ll put this in  
front of Council again May 4. We’ll send a follow up email confirming that.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/4/2022  
RLH TA 22-138  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 871  
SNELLING AVENUE NORTH. (File No. J2208B, Assessment No.  
Approve the assessment.  
Frank Crowley, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: on December 13 at 5:20 am the St. Paul  
Police Department in responding to a situation at the property, ended up using the City  
contractor to secure the building for a cost of $547. The police report was submitted  
as well.  
Moermond: it looks like a disorderly complaint was called in pretty early in the morning  
at 4:27 am. Do you have that report Mr. Crowley?  
Crowley: I don’t have it.  
Mai Vang: we sent it via US mail  
Crowley: I guess I never got that then. I have checks that haven’t come. I called the  
post office last winter and the reply was “we just can’t get people to work”. It has  
slightly improved, but I still get other people’s mail, I’m sure other people get mine.  
Moermond: well, let me summarize, and we can mail another one to you. December 13  
at 4:27 St. Paul Police Department received a call and a former tenant had returned  
and was in apt 1. Officers found 4 adults and 2 juveniles. They found a dangerous  
situation, including juveniles locked in a room with no furniture. So a bunch of people  
in a no trespassing unit, with small children. They also found copper wire that was piled  
in there. A tenant who said he was doing work for the landlord. Tenant confirmed the  
no trespassing was from the Ramsey County sheriff’s office and was for Unit 1. This  
officer describes burn marks under the space heaters, ceiling partially removed,  
dismantled stove, filthy. Girlfriend and her 2 children were there, appeared to be under  
influence of meth. Because of the trespass order the police could vacate. Culkay  
called Frank, and officer spoke with you, who confirmed he was evicted for  
nonpayment of rent. They vacated and photographed the scene. It was noted there was  
no food except for a gallon of milk and old coleslaw. I don’t know if they involved social  
services. I’m getting out of this that there was disorderly conduct in a unit you said  
people couldn’t be in but you may have changed your mind?  
Crowley: he was going to do repairs he said. It is so bad inside. They wrote on the  
walls with crayons, the guy owed me about $20,000 in rent. He wouldn’t even hold rent.  
He was a criminal. I originally rented because I thought I was doing a good deed. He  
had just got out of a halfway house, had a baby out of the way. Everyone deserves a  
second chance. I didn’t check his criminal record, which was stupid. It is a mile long. I  
found a letter from Xcel Energy and he owes about $3,000. He put his girlfriend’s name  
and some $2,000 owed to Menards. They were actually criminals, no question about it.  
They destroyed the place. He was a professional liar. It took 2 clips to secure with the  
stars so you can’t get in. must have cost about $2 a piece for four screws into the  
hardwood in the doors. I thought how much can they charge for a boarding and that is  
all they did? I got beat up bad enough without getting any rent.  
Moermond: well there is a $250 emergency call out fee, and then $60 for each door,  
and then $50 for labor. A vast majority is someone coming out on an emergency  
Crowley: I thought the police put the clips on there. Anyone could do that.  
Moermond: they aren’t contractors.  
Crowley: I guess it sounds like a good way to make money.  
Moermond: it is an emergency call out fee. Like asking a plumber to come out in the  
middle of the night. Regular business hours are a different matter. Given the  
seriousness of the activity and that police needed to close it down, and fast, and you  
had not done that already. I can only imagine how scary it was for the neighbors. Why  
should the taxpayers at large be responsible for this instead of you as the property  
Crowley: I’m old and I’m stupid. I’m 84 years old.  
Moermond: may I suggest you find some help.  
Crowley: anyways.  
Moermond: I do wish you well and I hope you find a way to manage this moving forward.  
Is anyone living there now?  
Crowley: in one of the units. There is one lady who is gone in the military with her stuff  
there. I’m trying to fix up the lower unit. I’m so tired of renting. I should just sell it.  
Moermond: well, you need to figure out something.  
Crowley: I thought the police did that. The tenants hadn’t shoveled the sidewalk a few  
years ago, but they had taken a picture of it not shoveled. But overnight they got more  
snow. Then they went out to shovel the snow, probably 2 inches and charged me a  
huge sum for that. I had actually shoveled. I just figured the City tried to rip you off. I  
get beat up every which way. I know I’m old stupid. I’ll just get out of here I guess.  
Moermond: we’ll mail you that police report and the invoice we have from the boarding  
company. I can’t help an old snow issue, sounds like you did appeal at the time.  
Crowley: they didn’t believe me. Then I saw the little clips. I thought oh boy. I’m afraid  
of this guy. He’s threatened me.  
Moermond: sounds like you need legal help.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/18/2022  
RLH TA 22-148  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 398  
TOTEM ROAD. (File No. VB2208, Assessment No. 228807)  
Reduce assessment from $2,284 to $2,127.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: there is a request from the assessment office to remove the service  
charge. Payment was received before it should have been processed. $2,284 down to  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/18/2022  
Review Request of Rhoda Wellner to a Ratifying of the Appealed Special  
Tax Assessment for property at 1428 THOMAS AVENUE adopted by  
Council on March 23, 2022 under AR 22-19. (File No. J2214A,  
Assessment No. 228513)  
Reduce assessment from $360 to $100.  
Rhoda Wellner, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we are looking at an assessment that was already ratified but we are  
looking at it again. I did review the photos.  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: November 2, 2021 a Summary Abatement  
Order was issued to cut trim and remove overhanging vegetation obstructing the alley.  
Compliance date of November 9. Rechecked and found in noncompliance. Parks did  
an abatement November 10 for a total proposed assessment of $360.  
Moermond: Ms. Wellner, after the fact you asked this be looked at again. Tell me what  
your thinking was?  
Wellner: I was going through an extremely bad time with depression back then, so I  
hadn’t been checking my mail. I didn’t even pull it out of my mailbox until the 10th. I  
went out that weekend and didn’t see any evidence someone did the work, so I spent  
Sunday November 12th clearing out the area. Pulled the vine off the fence, removed  
everything from the ground. It is still clear now since it has been winter. I didn’t see any  
indication anyone had been out. I can understand from the video it looks like they just  
removed a few inches of leaves. I have pictures from before I started working on the  
12th and I cant see any difference from my picture and your before picture. On Monday  
I talked to Inspector McCullough and told him what I’d done. He told me he would take  
the assessment off and if I got more mail to call him. The record hadn’t been updated  
that the City had come out. He also stated if he was the initial inspector he wouldn’t  
have even written it up.  
Moermond: he was the initial inspector on the November 2 orders.  
Wellner: interesting.  
Moermond: the first photo I have is from November 9th. The photo does look like what  
was described in the orders. It is evident if you are looking down the alley the  
overgrowth does extend a few feet into the alley. I did look at the video Parks. Some  
work had been done by you.  
Wellner: I didn’t do any work until the 12th.  
Moermond: so you did work after the crew was out there?  
Wellner: I have Parkinson’s and two knees that need to be replaced. It took me many  
hours. I understand the point of the order. They went out on the 10th and I found no  
indication anything had been done. If I knew you’d been out and I was going to have to  
pay $350 I wouldn’t have busted my butt on the 12th clearing everything out. I just find  
it discouraging.  
Moermond: I agree the crew didn’t do a good job. They did a minimal amount. It is  
unfortunate they did that. Compliance is the ultimate goal. I have a couple concerns.  
You did blow the deadline for appealing the order, blew the deadline on appealing the  
assessment itself. That was six weeks.  
Wellner: when was the appeal notification?  
Moermond: the tax assessment that went out had information about appealing this  
pending tax assessment.  
Wellner: I’m not trying to get out of anything, but I talked to Inspector McCullough and  
he said he was going to remove it.  
Moermond: I’m going to recommend this gets reduced. The City sent a crew, the City  
did a bad job. That is absolutely true. You did your best after the deadline. Not great  
there either. I’ll recommend it is reduced to $100.  
Received and Filed  
10:00 a.m. Hearings  
Special Tax Assessments  
RLH TA 22-88  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 608  
CASE AVENUE. (File No. CRT2206A, Assessment No. 228208)  
Approve the assessment.  
Tried calling at 10:27 am: mailbox full.  
Moermond: recommend approval of this assessment.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/4/2022  
RLH TA 22-143  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 802  
CASE AVENUE. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Reduce assessment from $542 to $271.  
Kao Sheng Vang, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: January 12, 2022 a Summary Abatement Order  
was issued to occupant as well as owner at 802 Case Avenue to remove and properly  
dispose of the tires from the rear yard. Compliance of January 24, not in compliance,  
so a work order was sent. Total proposed assessment of $542. No mail returned.  
Video shows tires picked up from rear yard and back alley. Some history here for  
garbage and overflowing recycling, all abated by owner.  
Vang: looking at the pictures where the tires were. That area was really clean before  
they came out. The video doesn’t show tires in that area. They went into my personal  
property and took tires I store right behind my house. That is two or three car lengths  
away from the area that was to be abated. They have no reason to go into that area, it  
is my personal area behind that deck.  
Moermond: it does say the rear yard in the orders.  
Vang: I talked to Willie the day the tires went missing. I was worried someone stole  
them. He said he couldn’t do anything until the next day and said the City took multiple  
tires. I asked why they didn’t just leave because the area in the pictures were cleaned.  
There is no reason to dig anywhere else on my personal property. The tires are hidden.  
It isn’t the location where I was cited.  
Moermond: I’m reviewing the video again. I think it still meets that definition. I think the  
relocated tires still meet the description in the orders.  
Vang: the tires in the back are my personal tires, they aren’t the same one in the  
pictures. They got moved to where the van was so they could be picked up by the  
trash person the next day.  
Moermond: I think they still meet the definition of being in the rear yard based on the  
Vang: but what about the photos? That’s the area he wanted to be cleaned. That’s the  
rear yard. I can’t store personal items in the back yard?  
Moermond: some things are ok to store outside and some aren’t.  
Vang: I just got those tires for a few days because they are snow tires. I talked to  
Inspector Williams who confirmed all he was concerned about were the tires by the  
fence. I told him I also cleaned up the garbage and branches with the tires. We  
cleaned that already. He said just the tires needed to be removed from the fence.  
Moermond: Ms. Martin?  
Martin: the Summary Abatement Order is clear to remove and dispose of all the tires.  
There is just one photo on a Summary Abatement Order and it states it may not show  
all areas that need to be abated. You cannot store vehicle parts.  
Vang: those tires were just taken off a few days before because it was snowing. It was  
just temporary. It isn’t near the street where it is an issue. You can’t see it driving by. It  
is even behind the little deck in the video. It isn’t in public view.  
Moermond: are there any notes about communication with the owner?  
Vang: it is going to cost a lot to try and replace. Mr. Williams said he couldn’t do  
anything or order them to bring them back. He said the next thing to do is to contest.  
That’s what he was helping me through.  
Moermond: so if you disagree with the charge appeal it. Got it.  
Martin: there is a note January 25 upon reinspection the tires remained. There have  
been no replies from property owner or resident. Photos attached. Work was done.  
Tires removed and file was closed.  
Vang: 24th.  
Martin: January 25 was correct.  
Moermond: and a note about still no communication as of 7:19 am.  
Vang: I called him when I noticed in the early afternoon since I wasn’t sure who took  
them. In case I needed to make a police report.  
Moermond: you moved them to the rear yard.  
Vang: I moved them to the dumpsters, from the area he wanted cleaned. I talked to  
him about it. He said anything else is out of the picture. Those were his words.  
Martin: we can only fit one photo on the Summary Abatement Order and it may not  
show all areas. We don’t allow exterior storage of items like car parts.  
Vang: these are tires but were my personal tires with rims still on there. The ones on  
the wall were moved before pickup. You can see clearly from the video.  
Moermond: so they moved from one part of the yard to another part.  
Vang: right next to the dumpster and I had a person coming to pick it up. If I didn’t  
clean the area in the picture, I would understand. That was properly stored in the yard.  
Moermond: it isn’t properly stored. That isn’t’ acceptable exterior storage. You are  
looking at the photo showing tires by the fence not where they were moved to. You  
believe because it is your personal property it shouldn’t have been taken, but that isn’t  
how it works. It is still a violation. Some things can’t be stored outside. The letter  
informed you of this. You did take some action. The question is whether that was a  
good faith action and if it was should it have an effect on the amount of the  
assessment. I think you misunderstood what was expected. There isn’t a great history  
here. I will reduce this by half for a good faith effort. That brings you to $271 from the  
$542. You are welcome to appeal to the Council further.  
Vang: what about the tires the City took? That’s out of my pocket? For the City taking  
Moermond: you can file a claim but it isn’t something I can deal with here.  
Vang: Mr. Williams' exact words were just the exact area of the picture.  
Moermond: and you talked to him after the cleanup.  
Vang: I just got back from a funeral that weekend, I just saw it was that day. I cleaned  
up the evening of the 24 so it was done.  
Moermond: if you want to add anything to the record you are more than welcome to talk  
to the Council. If you think the City should reimburse you for the cost of the tires you  
need to file a claim against the City. Those forms are online.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-125  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1003  
EDMUND AVENUE. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Delete the assessment.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: delete this because no Summary Abatement Order was sent to the order.  
So recommended.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-128  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 179  
FAIRVIEW AVENUE SOUTH. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No.  
Approve the assessment.  
Colleen Wasescha, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: January 13, 2022 we issued orders to remove  
snow and ice from the public sidewalk. The photos are attached. It was definitely  
thick. We have had previous complaints for not shoveling at that property. January 18  
was the compliance date. Work was done by the City January 19. Total proposed  
assessment of $322. No mail returned.  
Wasescha: I did get your videos and paperwork. I’m a 61 year old widow. Lived here for  
28 years. The first snow of the winter my snowblower was broken. I took it to Miriam  
Park for repair. I used my neighbor’s snow thrower. I shoveled and so did my son. Clair  
also helps. We have shoveled through the year. The repairs took longer due to Covid,  
otherwise we would have had mine. It is better. The sidewalks are grossly uneven. It  
doesn’t make for clean shoveling since it buckles. Who do I contact about getting my  
sidewalk repaired? I’m on the alley and at the end, the alley plow comes through and  
just before it hits Fairview it puts two to three foot piles to breakthrough to get to the  
sidewalk. I did purchase hundreds of dollars of grit and salt from Ace. I disperse that  
regularly. I’m under treatment for cancer which does cause reduced arm strength. I  
also do shift work so I don’t get home until after 9:30 pm so I have to shovel  
in-between my shift work.  
Moermond: so you’re saying you borrowed the neighbor’s blower, you did it, your  
relatives did it, the plow leaves a pile. And I see a video with compacted ice that  
doesn’t look like it was touched. I struggle to find out any good faith effort was made. I  
can see the other sidewalks near you have been taken care of.  
Wasescha: you are correct. Fairview is a main thoroughfare so we try to get out before  
it compacts. Due to my shift work I simply can’t get out there immediately like most  
people can. I do work 40 to 60 hours a week. I get out when I can. When people pass  
through it does create the worst scenario. It gets trampled down.  
Moermond: I have a letter, a sidewalk that hadn’t been touched by the owner, and the  
City crew did the work. This is an assessment associated with that work.  
Wasescha: I got a notice it was $155. Then I got a second notice it was $320. You  
mentioned earlier $160. It is kind of all over the place.  
Moermond: the letter says it is $160 minimum, and indicates fees added for a special  
assessment, which this is. So you have $160 for that half-hour minimum, then fees  
bringing you up to $322.  
Wasescha: I didn’t know about those fees.  
Moermond: yes, they charge for every paper clip involved in bringing this as a special  
assessment. I’m left with the crew being dispatched and having done the work. I need  
to balance whether this is your responsibility or the responsibly of the taxpayers at  
large. Looking at when the snow fell and how long it was there before the crew showed  
up was quite a few days. I can’t come up with how the taxpayers should be paying for  
your front walk being shoveled. The Council may look at it differently. I’m going to  
recommend approval.  
Wasescha: who can I contact about the sidewalk?  
Moermond: that would be Public Works. [gives number] and the sidewalk website has  
a form online too.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-147  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1597  
HAZELWOOD STREET. (File No. J2208E, Assessment No. 228307)  
(Public hearing continued to October 12, 2022)  
Continue PH to October 12, 2022. If no same or similar violations, delete the  
Jeffrey Nowicki, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: October 22, 2021 a Summary Abatement Order  
was issued to occupant and owner at this address to remove and dispose of the  
furniture and cardboard from front yard. Compliance of October 29. Furniture was still  
by the door. Work order was sent for 11/10 and it came back done by owner. This is a  
PAEC. There is a history at the property. January 29, 2019 snow walk complaint,  
closed due to new snowfall. May 2, 2019 a vehicle complaint, unfounded. May 30 2019  
tall grass and weeds, no work order sent. May 29 , 2020 tall grass and weeds, resulted  
in a PAEC. February 3, 2021 snow walk complaint, no work order. This is a total  
assessment of $157.  
Moermond: and this is a charge for the work crew being deployed. Not done on  
deadline so it was dispatched and found done.  
Nowicki: early 2019 I lost my job due to [medical reasons].  
Moermond: we just have a couple instances in the past and they are ones we see  
commonly. Are you at the house commonly to see things?  
Nowicki: no, I have moved back into my parents. I could no longer go through my mail  
due to medical reasons.  
Moermond: You are taking steps so this doesn’t happen in the future and getting help  
to manage those notifications. Is your housing stable?  
Nowicki: yes. I am trying to get it rented so we will have the rental agreement to take  
care of those things and will have a property management company manage it.  
Moermond: I am going to ask the Council to continue this for six months and if you  
have no other problems this be deleted. I’ll look at this again October 12. If there is  
nothing it is gone.  
Nowicki: I should be able to get that rented in the next couple months. Is there  
anything special I need to do if I am not the homesteader?  
Moermond: the property management company should be able to guide you. You need  
a Fire Certificate of Occupancy for non-owner occupied properties. You can get that  
form online.  
Martin: we could email him the Certificate of Occupancy information to share.  
Moermond: we’ll do that so you have that background.  
Nowicki: thank you so much.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-108  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 792  
ROSE AVENUE EAST. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Delete the assessment.  
Ricardo Gonzales, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: one of these has to do with snow removal and one with cleaning up items in  
the yard. I’m going to tackle the snow removal one first.  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: this was issued to remove snow and ice from  
sidewalk, full width, including the sidewalk ramp. No returned mail. This is a Category  
2 Vacant Building opened February 19, 2020. Condemnation from January 31, 2020.  
16 Summary Abatement Order have been sent between June 1 2020 and February 11,  
2022 which resulted in 10 work orders for garbage, snow and ice, and tall grass and  
weeds, as well as securing.  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Moermond: we had orders mailed telling you January 5 to shovel. It was checked on  
the 13th and the 18th a crew went out to do it. I looked at the snowfall charts and the  
video. Tell me why you are appealing?  
Gonzalez: half the time all those things are because of squatters messing up my  
property. I called 54 times in a year. I’m disabled with Parkinson’s. I can barely walk. I  
have no mail; they took the mailbox. I have no way of finding out. I got so many  
assessments from appeals. I can’t even walk. I had restraining orders on the squatters  
and they never took them to jail. Then the City cleans it up and I didn’t even do it.  
Moermond: well, the squatters didn’t make it snow. Let’s be clear on that. You moved  
out? You had tenants move in? What happened?  
Gonzalez: I had so many police calls about squatters they told me they were going to  
board it up. I was trying to fix it but I had violations. I’m on disability with a fixed  
income. I couldn’t pay for the violations. I called the cops and they never took them to  
jail. I had a restraining over. Ever since the George Floyd thing they say they can’t do  
anything. I’m not even going to make any money when I sell because of the  
assessments on the house. They just boarded the garage again. It isn’t even my fault.  
It’s the squatters. They don’t even do anything about the squatters.  
Moermond: this first issue is snowfall and the walk not being shoveled. Why wasn’t the  
walk shoveled?  
Gonzalez: I don’t live there and it is boarded up.  
Moermond: people still need to walk the sidewalk. If you’re disabled, you had someone  
else doing it before?  
Gonzalez: the school next door did it.  
Moermond: so someone did you a favor before. You can appreciate people need to  
walk down sidewalks safely.  
Gonzalez: before I got sick I never had problems, but now I am homeless and  
disabled. All this stuff keeps happening. I had the house 14 years and never had  
problems until these squatters came around. I just can’t do it anymore. I’m not going to  
make anything when I sell it. I called him and told him what happened. I called the  
police. No one did anything. I got a restraining order. I did everything I could. If they  
would have taken him to jail I wouldn’t have had to do all this.  
Moermond: well let’s focus on shoveling. You weren’t doing it. There was snow the day  
of the orders and snow that fell the day the crew arrived . It is hard for me to tell how  
much snow was there when the crew went out. My guess is you never shoveled but I  
am going to give you credit and I’ll recommend this is deleted since there was new  
snowfall. So the potential you did it.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-109  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 792  
ROSE AVENUE EAST. (File No. J2218A, Assessment No. 228518)  
Approve the assessment.  
Ricardo Gonzales, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: the second assessment is about cleaning up the yard. A bunch of things.  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: this was issued December 28, 2021 to remove  
and store improperly stored or accumulated refuse which may include: garbage,  
rubbish, loose and scattered litter, discarded furniture, appliances, vehicle parts, scrap  
wood and metal, recycling materials, household items, building materials or rubble,  
tires, brush, etc., from entire property including yard, boulevard, alley, and driveway. No  
returned mail. We’ve already heard the history. Total proposed assessment of $506.  
Moermond: about this cleanup, anything you want on the record?  
Gonzalez: it is the same problem. they go in. Why would I mess up my own property?  
I’m not the police I can’t do anything. Then the police don’t do anything. They won’t  
arrest them. They told me to get a restraining order, and then nothing happened. The  
people trying to buy my property backed out because they destroyed the sheetrock. I  
can’t even defend myself. Then they charge me. Who would bring junk to their own  
yard? It isn’t me doing it  
Moermond: as a property owner you are responsible for it. if someone dump junk in my  
yard I’m responsible. How is your situation different?  
Gonzalez: they keep coming back. I can’t keep up. I called the police. People collect  
stuff and bring it to my yard. 50 some calls to the cops.  
Moermond: this is exterior maintenance. Not someone inside my house.  
Gonzalez: they were outside my house with tents. I’d kick them out of the house and  
they’d go in the garage. Then the City boarded the garage, it happened like 5 times.  
What can I do when I call the cops and they don’t do anything? That’s a crime. I’m a  
victim of a crime. Now with all the assessments I can’t even make any money on it.  
Moermond: this has been a horrible experience for the neighbors. I sure wouldn’t want  
to be this neighbor.  
Gonzalez: that’s why I’m trying to sell. I can’t keep up with the squatters.  
Moermond: it has been in the Vacant Building program 5 years.  
Gonzalez: I’ve ordered 5 dumpsters. I have cleaned it up so many times. I tried to fix it  
up and the City put a stop on it and then they tore it out again. I’m 60 years old. I’m  
trying to sell and I’m going to walk away with nothing. I feel sorry for whoever buys it.  
They will have the same problem.  
Moermond: and I have to bring it back to junk being through the yard. You are saying  
you can’t do the work. sometimes you did it. My sales price has been going down due  
to assessments. I am sympathetic. This is a private matter between you and the  
squatters. I don’t know that story. I do know the exterior was not occupied, it was just  
household items and junk in the yard and it wasn’t taken care of by you or someone for  
you. Do the general taxpayers have to pay for that? Or are you responsible as an  
Gonzalez: do you know how many times that I’ve been charged for this?  
Moermond: I can see it is a lot and that tells me that you aren’t in charge of the  
situation. You are responsible for the property. You own it. It has been a continual  
problem for the neighbors. It continues to violate local codes. I can’t say that’s the  
taxpayers at large are responsible. It wasn’t cleaned up by you or anyone else. It was  
cleaned up by the City. This is a charge for that. Going after the squatters is up to you.  
I’m going to recommend approval of this assessment. You can definitely talk to  
Council about it and receive a different outcome.  
Gonzalez: I’m screwed no matter what. My responsibility is to call the police and no  
one does anything.  
Moermond: I’m not fact checking what happens with you and the police. I’m just  
looking at this assessment today.  
Gonzalez: I’ll just eat it like I always do. I have no other choice. No one is going to  
help me. When I sell the properly it will be paid off.  
Moermond: I do wish you well.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-150  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1707  
ROSE AVENUE EAST. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Reduce assessment from $450 to $225 and continue PH to October 18, 2022. If no  
same or similar violations, delete entire assessment.  
Besha Gutama, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: it appears January 6, 2022 a Summary  
Abatement Order was issued to occupant and owner at this address to remove and  
dispose of a trash bag by the alley. Compliance date of January 17. We reinspected  
January 20. Work was done January 26, 2022 for a total proposed assessment of  
$450. Some graffiti history, and a garbage order with no work order.  
Moermond: why are you appealing?  
Gutama: the graffiti I work on cleaning it up. I hope that is not the reason.  
Moermond: this is about a bag of trash by your cans that didn’t get picked up.  
Gutama: the garbage was there and I was trying to figure out, I have a back problem,  
it snowed. I was trying to get it off the ground and couldn’t because the snow got there  
before I did. It took me longer to get the garbage bag out because of those back  
problems. I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to be there. I don’t know what to do at this point.  
Moermond: it was a simple item.  
Gutama: it was heavy and with the snow it was almost frozen. I tried to pick it up. I live  
by myself. I was trying to pick it up but it was stuck to the ground. I couldn’t figure it  
out on time.  
Moermond: I’m looking at last year in 2021, there were 3 issues. Two times with graffiti.  
Did you fill out a graffiti waiver form with the City?  
Gutama: I did clean the graffiti by myself. I thought this notice was for that. I did go to  
City Hall and submit the waiver. I’m in the process of changing the siding, it is taking  
longer for the contractor to do the job.  
Moermond: you had 3 issues, 2 were graffiti, you got that waiver form in which is good.  
The other issue with garbage didn’t result in a work order. I’d like to see no issues in  
2022. Graffiti you have a waiver, so no problem. Garbage, mowing the lawn, shoveling  
snow, will be counted as violations. This was a small cleanup, I’ll cut it in half to $225.  
If you have no other violations by October 18 I’ll recommend the rest is deleted. I’d like  
you to have no problems moving forward.  
Gutama: yes ma’am, thank you.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH TA 22-151  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1491  
UNIVERSITY AVENUE WEST. (File No. J2206P, Assessment No.  
Delete the assessment (waiver on file).  
No one appeared  
Moermond: delete, waiver is on file.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/18/2022  
RLH TA 22-140  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 427  
WHITALL STREET. (File No. J2207E1, Assessment No. 228315)  
Approve the assessment.  
Thomas Wybierala, owner, appeared via phone  
Cherie Ventrelli, o/b/o Wybierala, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: Summary Abatement Order was issued  
September 29, 2021 to owner and occupant at this address. Specifically to obtain a  
building permit or store the box trailer on the property. Compliance Date was October  
13. Reinspected October 13 and was still in noncompliance. An Excessive  
Consumption fee was sent for a total assessment of $157. This property has an  
extensive history.  
Moermond: the orders were from September 29, and the Excessive Consumption was  
dated October 13.  
Cherie Ventrelli: at this point basically all the fees come from the inspection. From  
your time. We have contacted an attorney about this so I have no further information at  
this time. Ok thank you. [hangs up]  
Moermond: I recommend approval of this assessment.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/18/2022  
Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 1492  
PORTLAND AVENUE. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Layover to LH Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 10 am. PW staff to follow up with hauler  
about communication with PO on bulky item pickup.  
Clyde Cutting, owner, appeared via phone  
Andrea Cutting, sister of owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: January 20, 2022 a Summary Abatement Order  
was issued to Rick Stevenson in Rochester, occupant, and Clyde and Andrea Cutting  
in unit 2. Specifically to remove the fridge from the boulevard. Date of orders January  
20, 2022, compliance date of January 25, rechecked January 27 and work was done  
by Parks January 27. There is a video showing the removal by the City. Total proposed  
assessment of $452.  
Moermond: why are you appealing?  
Clyde Cutting: I have notes of what happened. I put this on the boulevard on January  
14, notified Waste Management of one of our 2 annual large item pick up with trash  
the following week. We have no say in our trash service. We properly disposed of it  
because we informed our contracted service assigned by the City. We expected them  
to fulfill that contract and remove the item. They didn’t pick it up January 17. I got  
back in touch with them later that week. I’m not sure if that was before or after the  
letter arrived. I thought maybe it was like Minneapolis where they come back a  
different day, so I wasn’t immediately concerned. We got the Summary Abatement  
Order. We bought the property from Stevenson in July of last year; we did get the  
letters. It listed the name of Inspector McCullough. I left a message, which he  
returned. I explained Waste Management hadn’t picked it up and continued to inform  
them it needed to be picked up. That was Friday the 21. I was hopeful on the 24 it  
would be. So the morning on the 25 I called Waste Management again. At some point  
they also didn’t pick up recycling in a timely fashion. They were suffering multi-day  
delays is what they said.  
Moermond: and Waste Management doesn’t pick up recycling. That’s Eureka.  
Clyde Cutting: yes, I contacted Eureka after asking Waste Management about it. That  
confirmed those staffing shortages weren’t related to the fridge pickup. Tuesday,  
January 25 I talked to Waste Management who confirmed they’d have a truck out  
Wednesday January 26. I told that to inspector McCullough via text to his mobile  
phone. He replied and said he would put an OTE in for the fridge. Wednesday evening  
the 26 it was still there. Waste Management wasn’t responsive that late, so I called the  
morning of the 27th. They said they would send a truck out. Then they emailed saying  
they showed up to get the fridge and it was not there. So in between those times the  
fridge was picked up by the City. I did everything possible according to the hauling  
contract to get it picked up.  
Moermond: Andrea anything to add?  
Andrea cutting: I was aware of the action Clyde took and can confirm that is how it  
Moermond: we’re going to reach out to Waste Management on this one and get their  
internal records. We need some accountability on this. I’m going to lay this over for  
four weeks and we can discuss again Tuesday May 17. I do want to have Waste  
Management talked to and find out where things are at. They do have a contract and  
I’d like to hear from Public Works on this one.  
Clyde Cutting: that is appropriate. I want them held accountable.  
Moermond: we’ll talk again May 24 and continue this conversation.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 5/17/2022  
Special Tax Assessments-ROLLS  
RLH AR 22-39  
RLH AR 22-40  
RLH AR 22-41  
Ratifying the assessments for Property Clean Up services during January  
13 to 14, 2022. (File No. J2218A, Assessment No. 228518)  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
Ratifying the assessments for Property Clean Up services during January  
11 to 31, 2022. (File No. J2219A, Assessment No. 228519)  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
Ratifying the assessments for Equipment and Labor for Clean Up  
services during November to December 2021. (File No. J2220A,  
Assessment No. 228521)  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
RLH AR 22-42  
Ratifying the assessments for Sewer Repair in Right of Way during  
November 2021 at 647 Thomas Ave. (File No. J2221A, Assessment No.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 6/8/2022  
11:00 a.m. Hearings  
Summary & Vehicle Abatement Orders  
Making finding on the appealed nuisance abatement ordered for 1059  
BURGESS STREET in Council File RLH SAO 22-6. (Public Hearing  
continued to April 27, 2022)  
Continue PH to Wednesday April 27, 2022.  
Karla Holmlund, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we’re calling about the state of affairs at the back of the property. The  
Council Granted you an extension to April 15 to do the cleanup.  
Holmlund: we’ve been working steadily. Our initial people quick. We were trying to  
meet the deadline even though we haven’t had a deadline or email or anything. It was  
just assumed.  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: The original Summary Abatement Order was  
issued February 8, 2022 for the contents and debris and tarps in the backyard. We  
gave to April 1 and Council extended that to April 15. An inspector went out this  
morning and as of 10 am there is still a large amount of exterior storage. We have  
tarps, coolers, totes, wood. A structure over a vehicle. Those are not approved. It  
needs to be removed.  
Holmlund: yes, it will be.  
Moermond: you’re in a place now with a deadline, the City would finish cleaning it up if  
you aren’t done. There are charges associated with that.  
Holmlund: we’ve had some complications. We’ve removed so much. As of right now I  
have someone taking the donations in the bins. We’ve hauled so much. This is stuff in  
the driveway mostly. Do we have to get rid of the brush in the yard?  
Moermond: the brush?  
Holmlund: our original team had an injury and quit. We got a lot done with them.  
Cleaned and cleaned and then they quit. We had a hard time replacing them. I’m not  
making excuses; I’m just saying what happened. They can’t come until Thursday to  
take the donate stuff. I have chronic pain I’m just waking up. Curious about the brush.  
Moermond: I would say the brush would be included; it does mention brush as a  
general item. I need to make a finding on the nuisance condition. My finding has to be  
no you haven’t. I think we all agree on that. The next question is where you go from  
here. The Council has authorized DSI to act as soon as they vote. You need to ask  
the Council to give you more time. I personally know this has been going on since  
Holmlund: we have worked so hard. And we are so sick. We are too old to have this  
stuff, I got away from us. I need to have sales. I’ve hired everyone I can. I have made  
the hugest effort. It is ironic because our son works with the State. He has a new baby  
with heart surgery. I’m just telling you we don’t intend to keep it. We want it gone. I’ve  
spent a lot of money hiring people, it just went “kapooey”. The pandemic didn’t help.  
Stuff got wet and I have to rewash it. We have someone picking up the wood. I have  
people who want some of it. I just need to do the last organizational get. The thrift  
store can’t come until next Monday to get the rest of it. I’m trying so hard. I don’t want it  
to end up with a fiasco. I just wanted it done, my poor husband is just in pain.  
Moermond: so a few days will get the job done?  
Holmlund: yes, it will.  
Moermond: my concern is it won’t get done and we’ll be in the same place next week.  
I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. I’ll ask the Council to give you one more  
week. They will look at it next Wednesday. It needs to be done when the inspector  
shows up first thing next Tuesday morning.  
Martin: we’ll have an inspector out there.  
Moermond: so you have an extension to get the thrift store people out there Monday.  
Holmlund: if I have questions about the last of it can someone ask those to. Who can  
I call?  
Moermond: what kind of questions?  
Holmlund: we have garbage haulers involved but we ended up with a bunch of bins and  
I have no clue how to get rid of those. They don’t have lids. It isn’t easy to get rid of  
Moermond: you talked to your hauler?  
Holmlund: yes. They want bags.  
Moermond: Ms. Martin, any comments?  
Martin: no, sometimes the donation places may take them.  
Holmlund: they don’t have lids so they are kind of useless. What about old  
Moermond: there are resources but you have to figure that out.  
Mai Vang: Washington environmental takes them for free.  
Moermond: an email was sent Thursday March 10 with the information on the  
extension. Any other questions?  
Holmlund: that is it.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 4/20/2022  
1:00 p.m. Hearings  
Vacant Building Registrations  
Appeal of Norma Anderson to a Vacant Building Registration Notice and  
Summary Abatement Order at 1425 SEVENTH STREET EAST.  
Grant the appeal and release the property from the VB building, conditioned on the  
nuisance fence being abated by July 1, 2022.  
Norma Anderson, owner, appeared via phone  
Lisa Anderson, daughter, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Matt Dornfeld: DSI received a neighborhood complaint on  
March 16, 2022 stating there was an abandoned vehicle in the front yard with a trailer  
and some loose litter, and a couple of broken windows, one of which was boarded.  
That was inspected by Inspector Kedrowski and he confirmed the complaint. Orders  
were issued and we did get compliance on the vehicles and trailers, which are gone.  
Yard is in compliance. Mr. Kedrowski felt it was vacant both times he was there.  
Possibly abandoned so it was transferred to the Vacant Building department. House  
has not been condemned. Inspector writes it appears vacant with a couple broken  
windows and yard is now in compliance. I did speak to the property owner and advised  
her to file this appeal. She mentioned a length health history recently which caused  
some of this and are working towards moving back on a full-time basis.  
Moermond: why are you appealing?  
Norma Anderson: what happened is a year ago I ended up in the hospital, then moved  
in with my son. Then had back surgery July 2 and then because Covid I had to wait  
until February 22 for hip surgery. Now I’m recovering from that. I’ve been making all  
payments on the house, even the phone line still. Recovering it has been hard for me.  
Now I’m at my daughter's and I’m doing a lot better. I hope to take care of a lot of  
things he mentioned. I had another Summary Abatement Order on the cement cover in  
the front, we have hired someone to do that. I also will have the trash company do it if  
he doesn’t.  
Lisa Anderson: with Greiner Companies there is a lot of construction across the street.  
Assuming that was part of the construction there was a concrete blanket left from that.  
I spoke with the contractor and it sounded like Greiner was sending someone out  
today to get that off the boulevard.  
Moermond: I don’t need health details, when do anticipate moving back in?  
Norma Anderson: we’re working hard with the therapist, hopefully within the month.  
Lisa Anderson: three to six months. She needs to make sure she is safe and maybe a  
bathroom remodel needed. I want to say three months, she just got back therapy  
prescribed and doing the assessment this month. We want her safe in the home.  
Moermond: so I am hearing 3 to 6 months may be optimistic since you don’t know  
what remodeling may need to be done.  
Lisa Anderson: no, it is reasonable. We’re in that 3 to 6 months range. She’s been  
making great progress. Spring hasn’t been helpful on the outside getting those items  
Norma Anderson: the house payments are all up to date.  
Moermond: Mr. Dornfeld, what observations did the inspector make besides the  
exterior fence? And the broken window?  
Dornfeld: that’s right. I haven’t been there, but I believe there is an egress window  
Lisa Anderson: I do have the police report. I had them validate no one was in the home  
and my brother boarded the home immediately. Someone had smashed it in. Because  
she was staying with me we thought it better to leave it boarded until someone was in  
there full time. It’s a basement window and the largest window into the building. She  
has an alarm system. A person could get in that window a lot easier than any of the  
other windows. We thought that was safer until we could address it this spring.  
Moermond: and the fence does look to be in rough shape. Are you repairing or  
Lisa Anderson: we’d like to repair. We have 8 new panels and posts in the garage.  
Norma Anderson: we’ll have a dumpster for all the stuff there now.  
Moermond: we want to make sure your property is not attractive to someone inclined to  
break in. That it continues to look maintained, lights on timers, those sorts of things.  
Lisa Anderson: we do have the TV and a light that come on in the house.  
Moermond: I’m going to ask you get the fence repaired by July 1, 2022.  
Lisa Anderson: absolutely, we can do that.  
Moermond: we’ll get you out of the Vacant Building program for the moment. I’m  
satisfied this is temporary and she’ll be moving back in in the relatively near future.  
The only thing outstanding is that fence, a separate order could be written on that. As  
far as I’m concerned it is buttoned up and taken care of.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 5/4/2022  
1:30 p.m. Hearings  
Orders To Vacate - Fire Certificate of Occupancy  
Appeal of Linda Konicek, Tenant, to a Fire Certificate of Occupancy  
Revocation and Order to Vacate at 653 REANEY AVENUE.  
Layover to LH April 26, 2022 at 1:30 pm for plumbing permit to be finaled.  
Linda Konicek, tenant of Unit 1, appeared  
Richard Finch, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Leanna Shaff: this is a revocation of the Certificate of  
Occupancy which started last September under inspector Franquiz, now taken over by  
Inspector Thomas. We’ve had numerous attempts to inspect with no entry. There are a  
few things on the report that haven’t been repaired. The revocation is due to long-term  
noncompliance. The biggest item is a leak at the boiler. That has been on the orders  
for a long time. There is a red tag on it. Inspector Thomas assured me he has talked  
to Mr. Finch about getting it repaired, but it hasn’t happened. We do know the weather  
hasn’t been the greatest so the exterior painting, the roof is not leaking. There is a  
permit but Mr. Finch had a bad contractor. He told me Mr. Finch had an electrician in  
the last couple days, we don’t know the outcome of that. The reason for revocation is  
long-term noncompliance and biggest item is a leaky boiler.  
Moermond: this is a duplex?  
Shaff: yes.  
Moermond: a red tagged boiler and it is ongoing. Its implications are what?  
Shaff: seems to be heating ok, but it runs under pressure. It is leaking enough that it  
can be concerning if it starts leaking more or can’t build up the correct pressure. Even  
too much air in the system. There is a huge chance of mechanical failure. It could lead  
to something bigger.  
Finch: she is exactly right. There is a small pressure valve release on the hot water  
heater, with a small dribble. If you’re going black and white yes, it isn’t perfect. After  
April 15, we shut off the whole system, bleed it, and we didn’t want them to not have  
heat. We waited until it was warm enough. We put a new valve on and it has been  
Shaff: who did that work?  
Finch: the guy with the boiler license.  
Shaff: did he pull a permit?  
Finch: the plumber has to come out to turn the boiler back on. He has to pull the  
permit. The leak has been fixed but the boiler is not on right now. We’re trying to get it  
addressed but the plumber can’t get out soon. They are short staffed. I didn’t want  
them to be without heat  
Moermond: aren’t they without heat now?  
Finch: it is radiator system. Now I have to have a plumber hook it back up.  
Moermond: it sounds like there is no heat now.  
Finch: today was the day, yes. Capital City contracting shut it off and he has to have a  
plumber come back.  
Shaff: I am concerned he didn’t pull a permit. This isn’t an emergency repair. If he isn’t  
licensed in the City--  
Finch: I’m not sure if he pulled a permit or not.  
Moermond: I am, I’m looking at the system.  
Finch: the plumber has to come do it.  
Moermond: how is it heated right now?  
Finch: she agreed it was warm enough.  
Moermond: City code says it has to be 68 degrees.  
Shaff: doesn’t matter if it is July or January.  
Finch: I thought it was April 15. That’s what Xcel says.  
Moermond: that’s different because of bill payment.  
Finch: so Xcel has different rules than us?  
Moermond: you should probably talk to them about the rule. 68 degrees must be  
maintainable in the property. It doesn’t sound like if you have an inoperable boiler it  
can do that. That changes the complexion of the problem.  
Konicek: I know the weather hasn’t been that cooperative for exterior. A big hold up  
was progress, I witnessed this, the workman got stood up a number of times. That  
caused weeks of delay. They would sneak out at 5 am and not let anyone in. My goal  
would be, hopefully, huge investment in repairs. I’m hoping to continue to be a tenant. I  
am disabled and low income. I have a whole list of disabilities. I have severe chemical  
sensitivities. I’m very sick. If I go into other units I get ill. So for me it is important to  
be able to stay. They don’t recognize my medically prescribed water and diets. I only  
do water by hand in buckets. I have great expertise with buildings. I was in the  
deadliest moldy apartment in St. Paul for like a year. That was in 1994 so I had a  
researcher come in and was tested for the worst mold in the United States. I have  
touchy health. We don’t get support from the government and doctors. I know how to  
fix a house, which I did in the 1980’s. I’m sorry the City is seeing backed up progress.  
The whole roof went on. My goal is to keep my housing. I looked for a long time to find  
this unit. I was homeless 10 years. I can’t be in shelters because I get sick. I was a  
nurse at Mayo. I have professional letters. It is an uphill battle, and housing is so  
critical for me. The other tenants don’t want to move their junk off their property. IT  
concerns me the building be lost because they won’t clean their junk up. I’ve lived here  
15 years and Mr. Finch bought it the last couple years and it has been good. I had one  
inspection through my subsidy and he did the items right away.  
Shaff: I’m concerned. It isn’t the upstairs tenant’s requirement to allow entrance. That  
falls on Mr. Finch. This has gone on so long without movement.  
Finch: there were 70 things on the list and were down to 3 or 4.  
Shaff: he hasn’t been taking life safety issues into account until now.  
Finch: there was a list of 70 items. We addressed probably 65 of them and put a lot of  
money in. the top tenants didn’t pay rent. I own a business on the east side. I  
appreciate the patience. Not having keys to the upstairs, not letting us in, drew it out  
some. the Contractor turned it into a $20,000 job. I’ve done what ai can to protect the  
tenants. I’ve put my own paycheck in and their health and wellbeing mean a lot to us.  
I’m not a slumlord. I am all about the eastside. I made this affordable if possible and  
I’ve been losing money and I want it up to par. It weighs on me. I am a real estate  
broker. I know the oath I took to protect people. Contractors haven’t showed up. Linda  
can stay at my house too.  
Konicek: Inspector Thomas said we could plug in space heaters. It isn’t idea to have  
no heat long-term.  
Moermond: that is the emergency remedy for no heat.  
Konicek: Franquiz mentioned loans.  
Moermond: there is a rental rehabilitation program, on hold until June 15. So no dollars  
right now. Mr. Finch I have a list with the maximum number of items being 25 items,  
not 70. Where are you with wrapping up on those 5 items?  
Finch: roofer should be done today. We’ll have soffits and fascia done. Siding is done.  
The upstairs tenants don’t speak English well, they haven’t paid rent, I’m kind of new at  
this game. They locked me out. I feel bad about throwing people out. There’s just a  
GFCI outlet in the bathroom, the whole unit is signed off on.  
Moermond: that seems to be a contradictory statement. Item one, exterior storage.  
That belongs to the other tenants but needs to be dealt with. What is the plan on that?  
Finch: hopefully get rid of the tenants. Can I just haul it away?  
Moermond: I’m not your lawyer.  
Finch: if you had to give advice to your sister or brother in law?  
Shaff : we can refer it to Code Enforcement and they will charge an arm and leg to  
take care of it.  
Moermond: they will write a letter saying will you please and if you don’t, and the City  
will charge you for it. I imagine that may give you some muscle. The City will clean it  
up if you don’t handle it. It will keep you on the line from not being revoked.  
Shaff: and if the tenants don’t clean it up Mr. Finch will be responsible for the bill.  
Finch: maybe I’m a little soft. Today was a big error on my part to allow him in. We just  
wanted everything on the list done as much as possible. It was an easy fix but not as  
easy to turn it back on. I apologize about that. That was wrong.  
Moermond: so we have a Summary Abatement Order that will go out on the  
accumulated exterior storage. The walls have new siding? That is done?  
Shaff: how much new siding?  
Moermond: make sure they have a permit for the siding.  
Finch: that was $80 in siding, an 8x8 area.  
Moermond: that sounds reasonable.  
Finch: I can give you a receipt. It was a tiny little bump out on the entry way.  
Konicek: it is a stucco house.  
Moermond: it doesn’t rise to the permit level. I see a permit for the roof that it is noted  
it needs to be finaled.  
Finch: roofer is over today; I can call for a final by Friday on that.  
Moermond: the GFCI upstairs?  
Finch: I have to have them switch it out.  
Moermond: so an electrician to go in, yep. And we talked about the boiler.  
Finch: I’m calling the plumber as soon as we hang up.  
Moermond: that would be perfect. If you can provide a space heater or heaters that is  
appropriate. Make sure the units are safe so if they tip they turn off. That would suffice  
until the permit is finaled for the boiler. This can’t go on longer than a week for the  
boiler. Permit sign-off included. I’ll lay this over for 1 week for the plumbing permit to  
be finaled. Then we’ll know the boiler is taken care of and we can discuss the  
remaining items then. Enforcement is stayed and I’m looking to you for a handshake  
on the space heaters.  
Finch: yes ma’am.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 4/26/2022