City Hall and Court House  
15 West Kellogg Boulevard  
Council Chambers - 3rd  
City of Saint Paul  
Meeting Minutes - Action Only  
Housing & Redevelopment Authority  
Chair Rebecca Noecker  
Councilmember Anika Bowie  
Councilmember Mitra Jalali  
Councilmember Cheniqua Johnson  
Councilmember Saura Jost  
Councilmember HwaJeong Kim  
Councilmember Nelsie Yang  
Wednesday, February 21, 2024  
2:00 PM  
Council Chambers, City Hall  
Commissioner Kim is Absent  
6 - Commissioner Rebecca Noecker, Commissioner Mitra Jalali,  
Commissioner Nelsie Yang, Commissioner Anika Bowie, Commissioner  
Cheniqua Johnson, and Commissioner Saura Jost  
1 - Commissioner HwaJeong Kim  
HRA Board Discussion of Goals for 2024  
Received and Filed  
Housing and Redevelopment Authority Board of Commissioners (HRA) meetings are  
open for in person attendance, but the public may also comment on public hearing  
items in writing or via voicemail.  
Any comments and materials submitted by 12:00 p.m. of the day before the meeting  
will be attached to the public record and available for review by the Board.  
Comments may be submitted as follows:  
Written public comment on public hearing items can be submitted to or by voicemail at 651-266-6806.  
Live testimony will be taken in person in the Council Chambers, Third Floor City Hall.  
Members of the public may view HRA meetings online at  
City of Saint Paul - Calendar ( or on local cable Channel 18.  
HRA Meeting Information  
The HRA is paperless which saves the environment and reduces expenses. The  
agendas and HRA files are all available on the Web (see below). Commissioners use  
mobile devices to review the files during the meeting. Using a mobile device greatly  
reduces costs since agendas, including the documents attached to files, can be over  
100 pages when printed.  
Meetings are available on the City Council website. Email notification and web feeds  
(RSS) of newly released minutes, agendas, and meetings are available by subscription.  
Visit City of Saint Paul - Calendar ( for meeting videos and updated copies  
of the agendas, minutes, and supporting documents.  
Meetings are live on St Paul Channel 18 and replayed at various times. Check your  
local listings.