15 West Kellogg Blvd.  
Saint Paul, MN 55102  
City of Saint Paul  
Minutes - Final  
Legislative Hearings  
Marcia Moermond, Legislative Hearing Officer  
Mai Vang, Hearing Coordinator  
Joanna Zimny, Executive Assistant  
Tuesday, July 25, 2023  
9:00 AM  
Room 330 City Hall & Court House/Remote  
9:00 a.m. Hearings  
Remove/Repair Orders  
RLH RR 23-8  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 1082  
LOEB STREET within fifteen (15) days after the March 22, 2023, City  
Council Public Hearing. (Refer to June 13, 2023 Legislative Hearing)  
Layover to LH August 8, 2023 at 9 am. PO to submit affidavit, schedule and final bids.  
Edwardo Rikprashad, purchaser, appeared  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: by close of business July 19 a signed  
purchase agreement was to be submitted as well as evidence of financing, affidavit  
dedicating the funds, work plan including schedule and bids, and must continue to be  
Moermond: I have a purchase agreement at the top of the pile. Has it been  
Yannarelly: yes.  
Rikprashad: I have bids here. Not the exact number since I’m going to renegotiate, but  
same contractor I use as part of my business.  
Moermond: this is a hair south of $100,000. All I can really say skimming the  
documents is we appear to have bids that cover the trades areas. They certainly can’t  
be compared to the Code Compliance Inspection Report today. Was there an affidavit  
in there?  
Rikprashad: no.  
Moermond: we will get you a sample, bottom line the idea is that we would like you to  
agree, promise, that you will spend the funds you have shown towards this project until  
it is complete. It is a simple thing, otherwise it looks like bids. Mr. Zane is the building  
inspector for vacant buildings that manages all that work. I’m going to assume we have  
what we need in that pile and communicate back to you if there is something missing.  
Ideally it is small and can be addressed via email. I’m going to put this on the  
Council’s August 9th agenda. If staff agree before that all the materials are there, you  
can begin pulling permits, prior to the Council’s vote. Are you ready to go?  
Rikprashad: yes.  
Moermond: so better to have this approved sooner than later so you can start swinging  
Rikprashad: yes.  
Moermond: we’ll go through those and communicate back to you. As you update those  
bids, please share those. Was there a schedule  
Rikprashad: no schedule in there yet.  
Moermond: put that together, within a six-month timeline.  
Zane: reviewing this, I notice you have skim coating and flooring and cleaning under  
construction schedule but there aren’t other things that are included on the  
construction part of the Code Compliance Inspection. Work that into your cost of  
Rikprashad: some of the small stuff we just included in there, not listed specifically.  
Moermond: do you have any questions?  
Rikprashad: no.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
RLH RR 23-33  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 1356  
REANEY AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the August 16, 2023,  
City Council Public Hearing.  
Refer back to LH August 22, 2023 at 9 am. Purchaser to pay outstanding taxes, and  
submit proof of financing, purchase agreement, affidavit, work plans including bids and  
schedule by COB August 18, 2023.  
Jodisha Darrough, purchaser, appeared  
Alana Omaha, owner, appeared  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: the $5,000 Performance Deposit was to be  
posted, the title can’t transfer until rehab is complete, evidence of financing and  
outstanding taxes must be brought current.  
Moermond: the Performance Deposit was posted. We do have a Code Compliance  
complete July 17th. We’re moving into conversations about work plans and financing  
and all of that.  
Darrough: I’ve had a few people through. I have proof of funds, but I didn’t know the  
taxes were due this soon.  
Moermond: there was a note saying you have to post the Performance Deposit that is  
step one. The next things we’re looking for are these. We flag them because we’d look  
for them; I was just checking to see where it stands. This has a Council Public  
Hearing first on August 16th, so we are ahead of the game now having this  
conversation in July. One would be that work plan based on the Code Compliance  
Inspection Report. You haven’t had it long.  
Darrough: I’ve talked to two contractors so far. A lot wanted the Code Compliance first.  
Moermond: if I was them I’d say the same thing. You’ve had a couple out. You ladies  
have had a conversation about what the purchase agreement, we’ve touched on the  
title transfer piece and the tools people have used in the past to protect everyone’s  
Darrough: we do have a purchase agreement.  
Moermond: and is there an addendum about not closing in there?  
Darrough: no, not yet.  
Moermond: and that closing date will have to be pushed until after the rehab is done.  
Figure out how to legally protect yourself. You need bids to get some final numbers.  
What are you contractors telling you about getting more detailed bids?  
Darrough: one sent me a bid already. I have one scheduled for next week.  
Moermond: are you a General Contractor?  
Darrough: no, developer.  
Moermond: the expectation before I ask the Council to grant time would be that work  
plan, including bids and schedule. The money to do the rehab and an affidavit. The  
taxes have to be paid. I think August 16 may be a bit ambitious given the time of year  
for contractors. August 16 I can ask the Council to send it back to Legislative Hearing  
the following week, August 22. Hopefully we’ll be reviewing those documents. If we can  
agree at that point and you have everything together then we can greenlight permits. My  
inclination would be to send it back to Council September 13th.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/16/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 792  
ROSE AVENUE EAST within fifteen (15) days after the August 2, 2023,  
City Council Public Hearing.  
Recommendation forthcoming based on considerations including: completion of  
property cleanout, engineering analysis and posting of PD no later than Friday, July 28,  
Kristina Kaluza, attorney o/b/o PHH Mortgage and HSBC Bank, appeared  
Darius Husain, Executive Director of Face 2 Face Academy, appeared  
Tom Gibson, Director of Programs Face 2 Face Academy, appeared  
John Terr, neighbor, appeared  
Staff report by Supervisor by Joe Yannarelly: by no later than close of business July  
21 a Code Compliance Inspection application must be done and $5,000 Performance  
Deposit posted by July 28th. The application for the Code Compliance just came in.  
Moermond: I need to congratulate you on your foresight, at the June 27th Legislative  
Hearing you spoke to Mr. Stevens about what a nuisance the garage had been  
presenting and the large problem. We received an email from you the following day that  
the garage burned down?  
Yannarelly: yes. And they’ve cleaned it all up, which is good. Last I checked the house  
was secured.  
Moermond: it was said in the hearing and 24 hours later it went down. Where are you at  
with this house? The garage is gone. It has had numerous break ins and squatters. I  
have the Code Compliance application which will give you basic expectations. Where is  
your client at?  
Kaluza: the Code Compliance Inspection application was submitted; estimate is about  
two weeks out?  
Zane: we say four to six weeks.  
Moermond: can it be expedited to be around two weeks?  
Zane: that’s doable.  
Moermond: this goes to Council Public Hearing August 2, and we want you informed.  
Has someone gone through?  
Kaluza: we’ve been trying to schedule an engineer to go out along with the Code  
Compliance Inspection. We do have demo bids, but the decision to demo or repair is  
still outstanding.  
Moermond: do you have the photos?  
Kaluza: I know we have photos from the garage incident. I don’t know if we have any  
interior photos.  
Moermond: we do. We can make sure you have a link to the record with the photos.  
They do show significant cracks in the foundation from both inside and outside. That  
would no doubt be informative. Has the property been junked out?  
Kaluza: I don’t think so.  
Moermond: that needs to be done before inspectors can go in. your REO should be on  
that sooner than later. Those are some significant foundation failures. You can also  
see a lot of stuff in the house. Can you get this cleaned out within the week?  
Kaluza: I can put the order in today.  
Moermond: if we’re asking Mr. Zane’s crew to expedite this, we need to make sure it is  
done. August 8th is ambitious, but I also have a significant neighborhood problem. I  
can’t underscore that enough, how bad it is to have property with squatters, a garage  
that burns down. It is scary. We are getting neighbors emailing about the tree being  
burned and concerns about the nearby electrical wires. It all shows we aren’t on top of  
it as the City, and we need to hold the owner accountable. I see a house with physical  
problems, large ones. Can you get this cleaned out in a few days, so Mr. Zane’s crew  
can go out. I want you to have this information as soon as possible. In the event the  
Council says no, then you at least have the Code Compliance that you have talked to  
talked to a structural engineer about. That may be good enough. But I want to prepare  
you for that eventually because it is so bad.  
Yannarelly: did you see Mr. Mueller’s email about the trees after the fire? He said he  
was going to contact ownership and under chapter 175 and is considering them to be  
dangerous trees.  
Kaluza: I don’t think we got that yet, but I did notice that Ramsey County still lists Map  
Homebuyers as the owner, so we may have not got it. We need to do a proceedings  
subsequent to remedy that.  
Moermond: will your client act before that? Because if they aren’t then this is done.  
Darius Husain: I am the Executive Director of Face 2 Face Academy and we abut next  
to 792 Rose. We’d like to let Council to know part of the urgency is that there is a  
school right next door. Our garage that houses our outdoor program was damaged due  
to this fire. We have outdoor space and we work with an at-risk population and this has  
been a big problem. But we’re also here to help with solutions. We were able to grow  
since we received some land between the school and 792 Rose to use for excellent  
purposes. We’ve been in the neighborhood for 40 years, a school for 20 years. If there  
is a way to mutually solve a problem, we are here as a player. At a bare minimum  
we’ve been dealing with this for 3 years. Large police presence. We’ve had to bring  
students inside because of activity out there. It is unacceptable to put kids in a  
learning environment in this situation. We’ve been watching to see what was happening  
with this. We’re not here just to complain, we’re here to say perhaps there is a way to  
work something out that is mutually beneficial for everyone.  
Moermond: I am not going to land on a recommendation this week. I’d like you to get  
that Code Compliance Inspection report. Let Mr. Zane know when it is cleaned out so  
that report can get to you. Get that structural engineer in there. That may finish that.  
Kaluza: I’ll do everything I can to expedite.  
Moermond: and we do appreciate you showing up to solve this. I would plan on you  
attending that hearing.  
John Terr: I own the property across the alley that had fire damage. I’m concerned  
about this property. We’ve seen just about everything through the years. I would like to  
be kept abreast of developments. Maybe even with contact information. You call the  
police too much and you get to be bother probably. I’d just like to be on the record  
that I would like to be kept up to date on this.  
Moermond: the City Council’s public hearing, if you can’t be there, it also streams and  
is on channel 18. Your information is included in the minutes so they will see your  
concerns. Regarding the police, keep calling so it establishes a record of what is going  
on. I worry that in areas where we have a higher volume of nuisance crimes, that  
people start to opt out of making those calls. Please pick up the phone when you can.  
Terr: I’ve made plenty of calls.  
Moermond: and it is appreciated. And I also know how overwhelming it is. This kind of  
record at this kind of juncture makes all the difference, especially for the  
decisionmakers. These actions have been taken and it has or hasn’t resolved.  
Terr: and it isn’t finger pointing, it is frustration.  
Moermond: we appreciate you coming down. We have an order on those trees.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/2/2023  
RLH RR 23-21  
Ordering the razing and removal of the structures at 871 STICKNEY  
STREET within fifteen (15) days after the June 14, 2023, City Council  
Public Hearing.  
Grant 180 days to rehabilitate or remove.  
Tried calling 10:44 am- no voicemail left.  
Moermond: we’ll send an email letting Mr. Naiman indicating we have reviewed their  
submissions and find them acceptable. His folks can begin applying for permits  
beginning Thursday morning. Council Public Hearing August 9.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 621  
BIDWELL STREET within fifteen (15) days after the September 6, 2023,  
City Council Public Hearing.  
Layover to LH August 8, 2023 at 9 am for further discussion. $5,000 PD posted no  
later than Friday, August 4, 2023.  
Janet Smith, Freedom Mortgage Director of FHA conveyance, appeared  
James Burnham, neighbor of property, appeared  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process and requirements of rehabbing a  
Category 3 Vacant Building]  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: the building is a one-story, wood frame,  
single-family dwelling with an attached, tuck under, two-stall garage and an accessory  
shed on a lot of 3,036 square feet. The property has been a vacant building since  
October 6, 2022 due to a fire. The current property owner is Freedom Mortgage  
Corporation, per Amanda and Ramsey County Property records.  
On May 17, 2023, an inspection of the building was conducted, a list of deficiencies  
which constitute a nuisance condition was developed and photographs were taken. An  
Order to Abate a Nuisance Building was posted on May 22, 2023, with a compliance  
date of June 21, 2023. As of this date, the property remains in a condition which  
comprises a nuisance as defined by the legislative code. Taxation has placed an  
estimated market value of $13,500 on the land and $161,600 on the building. Real  
estate taxes are current. The vacant building registration fees were paid by  
assessment on December 1, 2022. A Code Compliance Inspection was done on June  
5, 2023. As of July 24, the $5,000 performance deposit has not been posted.  
There have been three Summary Abatement Notices since 2022. There have been ten  
work orders issued for: garbage/rubbish, and boarding/securing. Code Enforcement  
Officers estimate the cost to repair this structure exceeds $100,000. The estimated  
cost to demolish exceeds $30,000.  
Moermond: we have a fire that appeared to be arson, but not enough information to  
arrest someone. We also have email from a neighbor attached to the record. We have  
some title things happening, you are a different owner than the owner at the time of the  
Smith: we foreclosed May 24, 2022 and we were working through the eviction process  
because it remained occupied. In the proceeding of that process, we were notified of  
the fire. November 17, 2022 was the first time it was vacant. We didn’t receive a copy  
of the fire report. We did file insurance claim on it and there was time for freedom  
mortgage to obtain those funds. We do have those funds in a suspense account now.  
I do understand there is the $5,000 Performance Deposit due, and we are prepared to  
complete the repairs and remediate issues. We are ready to start the work and believe  
it will be two months to complete.  
Burnam: not a lot of my neighbors have the luxury to take time off to come to this. Our  
neighborhood is very tight knit. I have lived at 628 Bidwell for years. 621 has been the  
glaring dark spot in an otherwise bright neighborhood. I have keys to four different  
neighbor’s houses, including Reverend O'Brien’s, that’s how tight we are. We’ve  
documented over 42 instances of negative activity. Not everything was documented or  
called in because we were tired of nothing happening. We’ve seen armed invasions  
with long guns and AR rifles. Fights at all hours. Stolen cars, abandoned vehicles.  
Multiple times we’ve had people passed out in vehicles and unconscious under the  
influence of drugs. It has been a glaring safety concern both before and after the fire.  
We just called the police last month about squatters. There are 16 children within one  
block east of that property under the age of 12. Occupied or vacant it has been a  
threat to the neighborhood. While it was owner occupied we were told it was  
challenging to deal with owner occupied properties. Understood. It has been vacant a  
year and it is still a challenge to deal with.  
Moermond: we have a 5-year call log attached to the record. 21 calls since the fire  
October 6th. This year January and February we saw a lot of proactive police visits. I  
know that the officer who works with Code and Vacant Buildings was probably the one  
doing that.  
Burnam: we had a neighborhood Google spreadsheet. We were so thorough, we even  
caught plain closed cops when we sent over that spreadsheet. 127 calls and it  
continues. The fire hasn’t stopped the problems. It is quieter, but it is still attracting  
Moermond: what needs to happen now so the neighbors feel safer?  
Burnam: I don’t have a neighborhood poll that I’d feel comfortable speaking on their  
Moermond: understood. For example, locking it down like fort Knox.  
Yannarelly: it has been boarded up. Neighborhood vigilance is the best thing you can  
do. I’ve talked to the neighbor on the corner. She calls me directly if things are going  
on, but this is progress. You have people out there, you have the bank now with an  
interest in, hopefully things will move on the right track.  
Smith: we are ready to go. We have bids and the approval to move forward. I do  
understand the deposit, but we need permits to do the work and we can get it done.  
Moermond: and to get through here to get the permits. The plan, bids, evidence of  
Smith: I’m not sure what has been submitted. I thought the plans to do the roof  
trusses. I know I have seen Clint’s name on emails.  
Zane: we sent the Code Compliance Inspection Report but no other activity as of yet.  
Moermond: $5,000, the plans, schedule, money, given you are financial institution it is  
almost more important to have the affidavit from the official in charge of those funds  
saying they would be made available until the job is done. One of the first thing that  
happens is that electric is restored to the site. I’m thinking once that happens it may  
make good sense to undertake some security measures at the property. A security  
system, motion detector lights, cameras, something that will enhance safety. I won’t  
make it a requirement yet; I’m going to reflect on that. That would go a long way to  
building trust with the neighbors. A property with such significant police issues and  
Code violations together complicated problems that exacerbate one another. That  
stays in the memory of the neighborhood beyond when the property is rehabbed and  
someone new is in there. We need to break that cycle of understanding of what this  
property is, those nuisance measures. For so many years it has been pulling the  
neighborhood down. From a City Council prospective, that’s where they’re going to be.  
We’ll send that follow up letter to you. I’ll lay this over 2 weeks to talk again.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 8/8/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 401  
ROSE AVENUE EAST within fifteen (15) days after the September 6,  
2023, City Council Public Hearing.  
Layover to LH August 22, 2023 at 9 am to discuss bids, schedule, financing and  
affidavit. $5,000 PD must be posted no later than August 18, 2023.  
Jay Mitchell, o/b/o Quality Residences, appeared  
Moermond: you overheard me go through the list of requirements for the previous case.  
The building is a two-story, wood frame, single-family dwelling with a detached two-stall  
garage on a lot of 4,635 square feet. Referred by code inspector on April 18, 2018 and  
a preliminary folder was opened. House had a number of exterior violations: roof  
defects, missing screens, peeling paint, rotted siding on house and garage. Category 2  
vacant building folders were opened on August 22, 2018 when the inspector found the  
property listed for sale. The property had previously been owned by Fannie Mae and  
the entity who purchased the property did not go through a sale review process. The  
current property owner is Quality Residences LLC, per AMANDA and Ramsey County  
Property records. On April 12, 2023, an inspection of the building was conducted, a list  
of deficiencies which constitute a nuisance condition was developed and photographs  
were taken. An Order to Abate a Nuisance Building was posted on May 24, 2023, with  
a compliance date of June 23, 2023. As of this date, the property remains in a  
condition which comprises a nuisance as defined by the legislative code.  
Taxation has placed an estimated market value of $20,000 on the land and $125,000  
on the building. Real estate taxes are current. The vacant building registration fees  
were paid by assessment on October 3, 2022. The current vacant building fee is due  
August 23, 2023. A Code Compliance Inspection was done on May 9, 2022 and has  
since expired. A new code compliance inspection application was submitted on July 3,  
As of July 24, 2023, the $5,000 performance deposit has not been posted. There have  
been twenty-two Summary Abatement Notices since 2018. There have been three  
work orders issued for boarding/securing. Code Enforcement Officers estimate the  
cost to repair this structure exceeds $75,000. The estimated cost to demolish  
exceeds $25,000. The Code Compliance inspection was being done and two  
inspectors went in with no issue to do their inspections. The third inspector who went in  
was met with a woman and a dog, that was just last week.  
Mitchell: we do go there every other day. It was secure, I was just there.  
Yannarelly: and two went in fine, I just wanted you to know.  
Moermond: Mr. Zane, do your people call the cops?  
Zane: no, not as a practice unless it’s a real threat. Usually, we contact the owner.  
Moermond: and 22 Summary Abatement Orders tell me you take care of things when  
someone tells you, but the City is playing the role of property managers. When did  
Quality Residences acquire this?  
Mitchell: I can’t speak to that. I can say I did order the Code Compliance Inspection  
and speak to Mr. Zane so we were working forward and review that.  
Moermond: Ramsey County has the sale 2018. Tt is likely Quality Residences is  
responsible for all those Summary Abatement Orders. How are we going to work  
through this, Mr. Gelb sent you?  
Mitchell: I’d like to submit all those items once we see that Code Compliance  
Inspection Report. I just don’t have it to see what is on it, I don’t want to make  
Moermond: the City Council looks at this September 6, so you have a cushion. If  
things aren’t buttoned up and ready to go, I would expect the Performance Deposit  
posted in order for me to ask the Council to give more time to do the other things.  
Mitchell: my hope would be I would get the Code Compliance and turn things into Mr.  
Zane and Mr. Humphrey—  
Moermond: you have yourself a Category 3, I deal with those documents. We’ll send  
you a letter, you give them to Ms. Zimny, and she pushes them to the right people. The  
Performance Deposit goes to Department of Safety & Inspections for them to hold. I  
know you know this is under the microscope, will you have people go by every single  
Mitchell: I will go by every day.  
Moermond: an inspector not being able to access the property tells me its likely she’s  
been there before.  
Mitchell: I can assure you I will go by every day. I want this to move forward.  
Moermond: do you think an officer should go with?  
Zane: after Paul encountered that lady, two inspectors went and didn’t encounter  
occupants. I think if he’s going once a day it is fine.  
Moermond: we’ll get that new Code Compliance. You’ll visit once a day.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 8/22/2023  
10:00 a.m. Hearings  
Making Finding on Nuisance Abatements  
Second Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement order for  
939 CHARLES AVENUE in Council File RLH RR 22-67. (Public hearing  
continued to August 9, 2023)  
Continue PH to August 9, 2023. Grant 180 days pending updated and approved bid  
and affidavit.  
Lorrie Miller, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: you have things on this list from January through April submitted.  
Miller: did I send you the old one? I apologize about that. I will send the new one. I can  
do that now.  
Moermond: why don’t you send it and we will call you back?  
Miller: sounds good.  
[called back at 11:10 am]  
Moermond: we got your updated plan, and have just been skimming through it. It looks  
like you’re thinking you’ll be done in August?  
Miller: yes, we’re almost done painting, the electrician is coming in shortly. Flooring will  
be next. The upper and main level have floors we’re refinishing. Putting carpet in the  
basement won’t take long. Exterior doors and deck need some work. They’ll go fast.  
After completing 975 Hudson I moved the building contractor here and the new guy has  
a larger crew so I feel more confident about what we can accomplish.  
Moermond: great. I’m going to accept this plan, if you can tell me, do we have paid  
bills for the cost of the contractors? You’ve shown me money in an account. What  
kind of money do you owe to contractors? I also need an affidavit for the account.  
Miller: HVAC has been paid in full, electric hasn’t been completed, holding back half.  
Once they’re done they will get the other half. It is right around $10,000. My new  
subcontractor we have a separate bid from the original one and I owe him $10,000  
more when the work is completed. So $20,000 total once work is completed.  
Moermond: I would say it would be great to update our records with the current building  
bid, and then an affidavit to go with the bank statement. What kind of timeline to get  
those in?  
Miller: I can have that in by the end of the week.  
Moermond: we’ll put this in front of Council August 9 and wait for those items.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 7/26/2023  
First Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for  
1501 CLARENCE STREET in Council File RLH RR 22-57. (Refer to  
August 8, 2023 Legislative Hearing)  
Refer back to LH August 8, 2023 at 10 am (unable to reach property rep). Need  
progress %.  
No one appeared  
Voicemail left at 11:05 am: this is Marcia Moermond from St. Paul City Council calling  
you about 1501 Clarence. You were to reach out to Inspector Clint Zane to conduct a  
progress inspection. This is outlined in your letter from Mai Vang on July 11th. We will  
reach back to you this morning, otherwise I’ll continue this for 2 weeks and you need  
to get that progress inspection done or it is assumed you haven’t made progress and  
you will lose your Performance Deposit.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/2/2023  
RLH RR 23-11  
Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for 733  
FAIRVIEW AVENUE NORTH in Council File RLH RR 22-28. (To refer to  
April 25, 2023 Legislative Hearing)  
Grant additional 180 days to rehab; continue $5,000 PD.  
Stamate Skliris, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: received your correspondence dated the 23rd. Have reviewed that. Any  
comments before I put mine on the record?  
Skliris: what is the title of this hearing today?  
Moermond: it is a making finding on the substantial nuisance abatement order. Any  
other comments?  
Skliris: nothing at this moment, thank you.  
Moermond: I have to say in 98% of cases where we have a difference or inconsistency  
on what needs to be done to get this finaled it can be facilitated during this Legislative  
Hearing process. What you are presenting is an unusual situation that I don’t think can  
be handled in this process. I hear your representations in the document you provided,  
I’m not sure I concur with your positions. Ultimately it isn’t my call. I am concerned we  
have an electrical permit that we talked about explicitly with an electrical contractor  
and there was no permit pulled by Mr. Schmidt to indicate he was the one doing the  
work as required under the MN electrical code. We heard follow-up with the mechanical  
contractor there was an unpaid bill and he wouldn’t be completing any more work until  
that was addressed. The concern is that these kinds of things coming together in this  
way often indicate there aren’t funds to complete the project. I’m not going to go down  
that path because I think arriving at that amount is dependent upon the tasks  
necessary to get those permits finaled. A difference in opinion about what needs to be  
completed under the building code.  
I am prohibited under the Legislative code on making a call on that. That is a  
separate appeal process to the Building Official. I’m responsible for focusing on the  
nuisance abatement process under chapters 33 and 45 under the Legislative code.  
The finish line for assuring that has been abated is the issuance of the Code  
Compliance certificate. I have your previous work plan you submitted, the information  
you shared, the 2015 and 2021 Code Compliance Inspection Reports. I have a  
significant difference of opinion on what needs to be done which we are directing to the  
building official. With respecting the Council to grant additional time on what needs to  
be done, and I can waive the requirement of seeing the financing available to complete  
the work, though the statement of your mechanical contractor to the inspector does  
give me pause. I don’t know given that, and the document you submitted before to us,  
your work plan attached submitted September 12, 2022. You showed financing then.  
One assumes that financing would have covered the HVAC work. I’m not clear on what  
happened and that disconnect. I’ll ask the Council to give a grant of time and waive the  
requirement to see the money to complete the work and that the work plan be  
approved by the Building Official. You’ll be on a separate track for that. That isn’t  
something I’ve ever really had to do. I don’t see I can mediate or facilitate a resolution  
now. I am going to ask you do not again engage in attempts to have ex parte  
communication. I will put this in front of the City Council in two weeks. We’ll send the  
whole package of materials to the building official and will send you the one-page  
appeal document. Inspectors are clearly of the opinion work was done and covered up.  
You’re saying no, there were inspections. I get it, I can’t resolve that. You’ll get 180  
days from Council. The Council cannot, by law, grant the Certificate by the building  
official. That is outside their purview. We’ll send a letter confirming this  
Skliris: there is a lot of comments there to unpack. When you use the term “building  
official” what do you mean?  
Moermond: Steve Ubl, the official responsible for all building code matters with the  
City. That is a legal title.  
Skliris: that’s all I have at this time. We won’t have any other communications for the  
next six months?  
Moermond: I will send this to Council and ask them to grant that 180 days, and we will  
follow up on 180 days on whether that Code Compliance certificate is issued. I assume  
it will be a parallel track with resolution sooner than later.  
Skliris: so working via an appeal to the Building Official, yes?  
Moermond: yes.  
Skliris: and do I have to proactively do something to initiate that?  
Moermond: there is an appeal form. We’ll forward our documents to him.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
Fourth Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for  
595 PARK STREET in Council File RLH RR 23-12. (Refer back to  
August 8, 2023 Legislative Hearing)  
Refer back to LH August 8, 2023 at 10 am.  
Hector Flores, contractor, appeared  
Tried calling Viggiano at 10:47 am: voicemail box full  
Flores: he told me he was not going to be able to come because he had another  
appointment he had to go to.  
Moermond: this goes to Council tomorrow. We’ll proceed without Mr. Viggiano, get the  
staff update, and likely have to continue this conversation. Mr. Zane you were out there  
about six months ago and said they were 60% done, what were your findings most  
Zane: 80%.  
Flores: construction is done other than the kitchen cabinets. The hold up are the  
subs, the plumber is coming August 15 for his final. The electrician just has to install  
the lights in the building. HVAC they are working on, they come almost every day to  
Moermond: what kind of timeline are you on?  
Flores: when the plumber comes out, I want to have everything else done. Hopefully we  
can get the final the next day. We have enough time before then to find what we need  
to and get it done.  
Moermond: let’s get that in writing. Have the contractors been paid?  
Flores: the plumber is only owed $2,200. HVAC maybe $4,000. The electrical, $1,000.  
The money isn’t the problem.  
Moermond: tomorrow I’ll ask them to continue this. I don’t want to set this up for  
failure, I want this to be the last time. Let’s get you and Frank getting that plan  
together, and any money left to be paid, show it is on hand.  
Yannarelly: and there have been no nuisances at the property.  
Moermond: I’ll ask them to refer it back to August 8. Let’s please get it done. I’m  
inclined to ask for 90 days. It will go before the Council Public Hearing August 23, and  
hopefully that certificate will be issued and if not, we’ll know what needs to be done.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 7/26/2023  
Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for 346  
SHERBURNE AVENUE in Council File RLH RR 22-65.  
Grant additional 180 days, continue PD.  
Russ Waletski, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we got your email yesterday morning. Following up on that. The windows,  
Mr. Yannarelly?  
Yannarelly: that was addressed, it is now secured from entry. You wanted a work plan,  
schedule, and updated financing.  
Moermond: are you thinking the email you sent constitutes a work plan?  
Waletski: yes.  
Moermond: I’m going to say no. You sent one when it was originally considered that  
broke things down nicely into weeks. I’m looking at this with 10% complete from Mr.  
Zane. You saying you’ll be done in a month that you said originally would take 10  
weeks. You were saying 7 weeks on electric and plumbing. How does it change from  
that to this. it doesn’t seem reasonable. I want a real work plan with concrete  
expectations. I also didn’t see updated financing, that was explicitly asked for.  
Waletski: it was not—  
Moermond: it was in the letter sir.  
Waletski: it should have been an attachment. I will send that.  
Moermond: are you using the same contractors you indicated earlier? This goes to  
Council tomorrow. I’m not sure where you are at in submitting that. Especially the work  
plan. Can you give it more thought?  
Waletski: you’ll have it in your email this evening.  
Moermond: that sounds great.  
Waletski: and the financial statement this afternoon.  
Moermond: and are you working with the same contractors?  
Waletski: yes. You’ll have that this evening and will be far more detailed.  
Moermond: and Joanna will send it off to the team in Department of Safety &  
Inspections to review as well.  
Waletski: I’m getting a new retaining wall bid, that isn’t in the Code Compliance report.  
Russ Waletski, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we got your email yesterday morning. Following up on that. The windows,  
Mr. Yannarelly?  
Yannarelly: that was addressed, it is now secured from entry. You wanted a work plan,  
schedule, and updated financing.  
Moermond: are you thinking the email you sent constitutes a work plan?  
Waletski: yes.  
Moermond: I’m going to say no. You sent one when it was originally considered that  
broke things down nicely into weeks. I’m looking at this with 10% complete from Mr.  
Zane. You saying you’ll be done in a month that you said originally would take 10  
weeks. You were saying 7 weeks on electric and plumbing. How does it change from  
that to this. it doesn’t seem reasonable. I want a real work plan with concrete  
expectations. I also didn’t see updated financing, that was explicitly asked for.  
Waletski: it was not—  
Moermond: it was in the letter sir.  
Waletski: it should have been an attachment. I will send that.  
Moermond: are you using the same contractors you indicated earlier? This goes to  
Council tomorrow. I’m not sure where you are at in submitting that. Especially the work  
plan. Can you give it more thought?  
Waletski: you’ll have it in your email this evening.  
Moermond: that sounds great.  
Waletski: and the financial statement this afternoon.  
Moermond: and are you working with the same contractors?  
Waletski: yes. You’ll have that this evening and will be far more detailed.  
Moermond: and Joanna will send it off to the team in Department of Safety &  
Inspections to review as well.  
Waletski: I’m getting a new retaining wall bid, that isn’t in the Code Compliance report.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 7/26/2023  
First Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for  
694 SHERBURNE AVENUE in Council File RLH RR 22-19. (Amend:  
nuisance is abated)  
The nuisance is abated and the matter resolved.  
Moermond: Code Compliance certificate was issued this morning?  
Zane: yes.  
Moermond: and Mr. Lee was here and got that. The nuisance is abated and the matter  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/2/2023  
11:00 a.m. Hearings  
Summary & Vehicle Abatement Orders  
Making finding on the appealed nuisance abatement ordered for 1009  
FULLER AVENUE in Council File RLH SAO 23-28. (July 25, 2023  
Legislative Hearing)  
The nuisance is abated and the matter resolved.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 7/26/2023  
11:30 a.m. Hearings  
Orders To Vacate - Code Enforcement  
Appeal of Sarah Vaile, SMRLS, o/b/o tenant Elizabeth Mekonine to a  
Notice of Condemnation and Order to Vacate at 1133 ARUNDEL  
Deny the appeal. Property cannot be reoccupied until condemnation is lifted and both  
water and electric are restored.  
Thomas Mueller, SMRLS o/b/o Elizabeth Mekonine, appeared  
Elizabeth Mekonine, tenant, appeared  
Biniam Ansara, owner, appeared  
Rikki Taylor, tenant, appeared  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Lisa Martin: July 18, 2023 a notice of condemnation was  
issued o owner and occupants to restore electrical service or vacate by July 20th. The  
appeal was filed and that’s what we are here to discuss.  
Moermond: I notice the inspector took a photo of the outside of the house, electric  
meter with the face gone.  
Martin: someone pulled the meter, but in St. Paul you must provide basic services to  
remain in the home.  
Moermond: is that typical of Xcel to do when they turn off the electric?  
Martin: not unless it was required by the owner.  
Moermond: just a single meter at the property?  
Martin: yes, one meter.  
Moermond: a correction in your staff letter from July 19th, she said January, she  
obviously meant July. 24-hour turnaround. I also want to revisit in the appeal there was  
discussion of water shut off. We reached out to SPRWS that there was no shut off but  
there has been no use of water since July 7th. That is notable.  
Mueller: the electric shut off is the primary reason to vacate, Ms. Mekonine had  
reached out to us even before the vacate to assist with the loss of electric and water. I  
did get confirmation on the water issues indicating it is active but no use. Al Harris  
went out to the property and he confirmed there is no use, there was previously. I don’t  
Moermond: was it running?  
Mueller: he turned on faucets, used the toilet. Nothing was moving.  
Moermond: was it shut off at the meter in the basement?  
Mueller: he wasn’t able to determine what happened. That’s an open question. The  
electricity was shut off when he went.  
Moermond: when was this?  
Mekonine: the 7th  
Mueller: what did you do in response?  
Mekonine: I came home and everything was off. The upstairs was on. He screwed  
everything so I couldn’t get to it. So, my kids and I were in the dark.  
Moermond: the electrical service panel in the house? What got screwed shut?  
Mueller: [shows photo of panel]  
Mekonine: yes. The corners, all around. I couldn’t get to it.  
Moermond: the door to the utility room that the electrical box was in?  
Mekonine: yes.  
Mueller: there have been allegations Ms. Mekonine damaged the breaker box and that  
was the reason things were turned off. Did you do anything to damage it or were you  
just trying to turn the breakers back on?  
Mekonine: I unscrewed everything.  
Mueller: the door.  
Mekonine: yes. I turned everything on. 2:00 that same night he called Xcel and told  
them to come get the box. It is in his girlfriend’s name, they said we had to pay out of  
our own pockets to see what the problem was. They took the box off, and they let him  
keep the box. He drove off with it.  
Mueller: the girlfriend is the person here today with us?  
Mekonine: yes. It is in her name.  
Mueller: do you know how the water got turned off?  
Mekonine: it is out of spite. That is all it is.  
Mueller: in response to that narrative, we did file an ETRA with Ramsey County and got  
an order from them ordering the utilities be turned back on and made habitable. To my  
knowledge nothing has been done since that order went into place.  
Moermond: when was that?  
Mueller: we also have a hearing August 1 at 2:15 on the ETRA request.  
Moermond: where are you staying now?  
Mekonine: at night I am there. During the day I’m at the rec center with my kid. I am  
everywhere to wash up, you know.  
Mueller: there was an eviction hearing this morning and it was expunged. Plaintiff didn’t  
show, so they dismissed the case. It was a verbal order; I can forward to you when I  
have it.  
Moermond: you both live here up until this point. Tell me about your perspective.  
Ansara: we thought this was for the eviction. Not at 9 am. I don’t know what this is.  
Moermond: this is a hearing on the City’s order the property is condemned as unfit for  
human habitation.  
Ansara: he said I didn’t show up. I thought I was showing up.  
Moermond: sounds like there was a separate hearing.  
Ansara: what do I do now?  
Moermond: I can’t speak to that. That is District Court. I can’t give you legal advice.  
Ansara: alright, we can talk about what is going on. The electricity being cut off, I  
didn’t cut it off, it isn’t under my name. It is under Ms. Taylor’s name. she cut it off.  
Taylor: I called Xcel because it was sparking. She broke into it and damaged it. I  
didn’t want a fire. I called Xcel and they said it had to be shut off. They took the meter  
or whatever.  
Moermond: you are saying she damaged it. What about the idea you turned off the  
breakers for her space?  
Ansara: we shut everything down because something was going on, when we turned on  
the lights it was like something happened until we could get someone to look at it. I  
screwed everything down. we came back home and we hear someone banging on the  
electrical box with a drill. We watched her beating on the breakers, wondering what  
she’s doing. She called the police. She told them she had the drill. The cover was  
ripped off. It is all in the police report. She is the one who damaged it. We weren’t  
going to let the house go up in fire.  
Moermond: this happened when? July 7th?  
Ansara: everything happened the same day. Xcel came around 2 am. We don’t want to  
deal with her period.  
Taylor: she hasn’t paid rent in four months. She’s living there for free.  
Ansara: we don’t care, we just want her to move. We don’t care about the rent.  
Moermond: you live here, you have someplace else you are staying?  
Ansara: yeah.  
Moermond: what is up with the water?  
Ansara: we don’t know. We came home and the water wasn’t working. The basement  
was flooded. We were wondering the same thing. Everything is on. I pay the water  
service. The basement was flooded and no water was running suddenly.  
Moermond: when was that?  
Ansara: around the same time. We have to call a plumber, an electrician. I just paid  
$600 just to file an eviction, and that’s what I thought this was. I don’t have money like  
that to pay for that again. I have her 90 days’ notice to leave. I don’t even want the  
money; I just want her out. She’s damaging my property, damaging my house. Enough  
is enough. Her kids go to a rec center my daughter works at. Enough is enough, I’m  
not trying to be malicious.  
Moermond: what’s the situation with the water?  
Ansara: I have to call a plumber, but I don’t have any money. I pay my mortgage, I just  
had to file the eviction with the little money I have. What is the point of her fixing  
something when she will break it again?  
Taylor: and she has other people living there. It is supposed to be just her and her son.  
Ansara: all types of people going in and out. My next check goes to the mortgage.  
Another check in 2 weeks to pay either water or electric. That’s the situation I am at.  
Tylor: we still want her out.  
Moermond: anything else you want to talk about?  
Ansara: honestly, no. we didn’t damage our own house. Why would I break my own  
electrical box? I know how much that costs to fix. Why would I do that to my own  
property. Why would I shut off the water? I went down there to try and turn it down  
because someone took a dump and its just sitting there. It reeks.  
Taylor: he took out 20 some bags of trash, there were maggots.  
Ansara: I had just redone the floor. It is getting flooded. Enough is enough.  
Moermond: is there water in the basement now?  
Ansara: I haven’t even been down there. Last time I went down there was water all over.  
It has to be something in the pipes. Leaking or something. That’s why it doesn’t make  
sense the water doesn’t work. I don’t know what they did or who did what. We gave her  
to June 1 and then she said she thought it was the end of June. I said fine, stay until  
the end of June. Now I have to take her to court to evict her. It wasn’t that hard for me  
to let you move in, why is it so hard for her to vacate my property. You aren’t paying  
rent; you’re destroying and disrespecting my house. Why can’t you just leave in peace.  
I don’t want money, just get out of my property man.  
Moermond: Ms. Martin, any comments?  
Martin: an owner who is renting out a place, you do need to provide water, electric, gas,  
the minimum. You need to hire someone to make sure it is in working order for the  
tenant whether they are paying rent or not.  
Ansara: she is saying I’m responsible for making sure electric and water is one  
whether they’re paying rent? I don’t have a problem with that. If I had the money to fix it  
I would have. If I had four months of rent I probably could have paid it. I’m not made  
out of money. I work 7 days a week.  
Taylor: I haven’t tried to have Xcel turn it back on, it is in my name, because if she is  
damaging things I don’t want to be part of that.  
Ansara: that isn’t even under my name, I have nothing to do with that.  
Moermond: you are still responsible as the property owner. You can delegate it to  
someone else, but at the end of the day it is on you when you have a tenant.  
Ansara: I didn’t know. If I rent out a house they put the electric in their name that’s  
their thing.  
Moermond: and if they walk away from the bill you are left with it. There is a police  
report out there?  
Ansara: a couple of them. The police officer said she was the one drilling into the  
electrical box. The captain called me herself. They said I could contact them. I have  
some file numbers.  
Moermond: anything else about conditions? Your unit?  
Ansara: I don’t have a problem with nay of this. I just want her out. as soon as I can fix  
it, I will. I’m not trying to not have running water or power. I want those things. And I  
want it as soon as possible. But I don’t want her living there either. I’ll have to go down  
there and see what was missed on the eviction. I thought you scheduled the 9:30  
appointment was rescheduled to 11:30 because it was the same day. I didn’t even  
know what this was really about. This is messy. I don’t understand how someone can  
even do this. How can they not pay for four months, and then I have to pay $500 to  
serve her eviction, plus the damage to my house? It doesn’t even make sense.  
Moermond: and today I am about the housing condition. I am not involved in the  
eviction process or the ETRA. Those are distinct processes in Housing and District  
court. It does touch on those services being conditions for continued occupancy. The  
City makes on the call on whether or not it can be occupied. That’s the City’s police  
powers. That’s through Appellate court. A judge order in District court turning on  
utilities, that’s another thing.  
Ansara: I don’t have letter or anything for these things.  
Moermond: that isn’t our office. Anything else?  
Ansara: no.  
Moermond: water is the most important thing here. This is a significant health problem.  
The cases I have seen with water shut offs, with no other explanation, it isn’t a  
plumbing problem in that we don’t have a red flag from SPRWS that there is a major  
leak. A Bounce in water usage. They will alert the owner about a broken pipe, those  
types of things. I didn’t hear that. In the absence of any communication, I’m faced with  
a water shut off that happens at the main meter, within the house or at the stub in the  
right-of-way. There’s a tool required for accessing that. Those are the things resulting  
in the water not flowing. I don’t know if there has been an attempt to turn it on, I just  
don’t know. I hear no water. With the lack of water, Ms. Martin, what is your take on  
the water situation?  
Martin: I agree 100 percent. This is a sticky situation when it comes to ETRAs. Often I  
have seen where they would make a ruling that if things aren’t fixed then this or this  
happens. However, with children in the home without running water or electric, which  
means we see more fires, it isn’t safe for them to stay in. we have utilized Ramsey  
County House calls to find alternatives. We can certainly give that information. I don’t  
think it is safe, ultimately.  
Mueller: I’m happy to refer Ms. Mekonine to House Calls, it is possible we could find  
temporary shelter. Our office doesn’t do that type of work.  
Mekonine: they put me on the list for the shelter. I’ve been contacting them. 211.  
Trying to figure things out.  
Mueller: in the ETRA we requested the landlord be required to put her into shelter until  
it is fixed. I don’t anticipate that changing between now and next Tuesday, but I wasn’t  
included in today’s order. We would ask at least until next Tuesday for a stay on the  
order to vacate. In the meantime, if we can find something else, shelter or the owner  
putting her up elsewhere. No interest in a place in staying without utilities.  
Martin: if it is true she hasn’t paid rent in 4 months, perhaps she has money.  
Mueller: that is in dispute. We have evidence rent has been paid every month.  
Ansara: that is a lie.  
Moermond: have you looked into rental assistance to help facilitate an exit strategy?  
Mueller: yes and no. We are hoping to have a conversation in court this am about  
resolving this. We will certainly continue to explore all of our options. Both temporary  
and long-term solutions.  
Mekonine; the whole time I have been there I have been trying to respect him. They  
argue all the time. He was throwing bottles of liquor at her; I was trying to help her.  
They are doing this out of spite. All he has to do is turn the lights on and let me pack  
so I can go. He’s doing this out of spite. I didn’t even have a stove. Too much.  
Mueller: it does seem, based on my hearing, this is about trying to get her out as  
quickly as possible and avoiding an eviction filing fee. That being the case, there are  
requirements of landlords in general and a legal way to do those things. There are also  
the legal requirements providing those things. We can certainly try and look into it and  
try and work with the owner. We want that fixed immediately. As far as electricity. We  
heard that Xcel was called to stop it, but nothing has been done since then. 18 days  
when no electrician was called. The breaker isn’t actually damaged. Nothing has been  
done and that’s a requirement of the landlord.  
Moermond: what kids do we have?  
Mekonine: a 13-year-old, he is barely home. My 9-year-old daughter who is always with  
me. And a goddaughter who is always with me. She is on and off between me and her  
dad. He knew that when we moved in.  
Moermond: how old is this goddaughter?  
Mekonine: she’s about to be 3. She’s 2. I’m helping because her mom is out here  
messed up. They haven’t been there since it has been off. The owners have been  
there. I have photos of them bringing things home. I have evidence. Ever since the  
shut off.  
Moermond: do you have access to the water meter in the basement?  
Mekonine: I don’t know what it looks like.  
Moermond: do you have access to the basement?  
Mekonine: yes.  
Moermond: if we don’t have water running, no, you can’t live there anymore. Until that is  
up again, we have issues with fire and candles. I am willing to give more latitude with  
electric than I am with water. That is a hard no. It is going to be over 90 degrees 4  
days in a row. Can you go to the court system, use your own money to hire a plumber?  
Those are legal tools Mr. Mueller would be well versed in. I can’t say it is ok. The  
fastest I can get this on the agenda is August 2. You will have had your ETRA hearing.  
My best recommendation is to not allow occupation pending restoration of these  
utilities. I have to put a temporary decision on the record until the Council can vote on  
it. The next 8 days, I cannot say this place can be occupied. You can be there  
between 8 am and 8 pm to pack, those types of things. Not for living purposes. Ms.  
Martin, when was this referred to the Vacant Building program?  
Martin: the 19th.  
Moermond: and since an appeal was filed, that was jumping the gun. We need to  
reverse that referral until the Council makes its decision on the order to vacate.  
Mueller: your temporary decision is a vacate order? Would that change if the water can  
be turned back on? Or would that not change at that point?  
Moermond: I am really looking at both utilities to be addressed at this point because it  
isn’t clear what is going on with the water. The fact that standing water existed in the  
basement and how that impacts the electrical system. I just simply don’t know, but  
those pieces together are enough concern to me to say—I look at them happening in  
tandem now. Ms. Martin, what is your take on that situation?  
Martin: it is all very sticky. The tenant can be there from 8 to 8. If Mr. Harris would like  
to meet me there, I’d be happy to look at those items. We can look and see if there is  
an easy fix to get the water going, but someone has to contact Xcel about the electric.  
We don’t know if it was removed because of damage or if it was simply because no  
one was living there.  
Moermond: can you check with the Code Enforcement officer for the area to pull the  
police reports?  
Martin: yes, I can get that.  
Moermond: we’ll push that out to everyone. I’m willing to revisit it if some facts  
substantially change after Ms. Martin visits.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/2/2023  
1:00 p.m. Hearings  
Vacant Building Registrations  
Appeal of Chris Boylan to a Vacant Building Registration Renewal  
Notice at 1508 COMO AVENUE.  
Layover to LH August 22, 2023 at 1 pm to check status of CC certificate.  
Chris Boylan, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Matt Dornfeld: this was one of our longest standing Vacant  
Buildings. 2003. Council granted 180 days to do the rehab. All permits are on file and  
rehab is ongoing. I assume we’re here to discuss the 4,918 Vacant Building fee due  
July 29, 2023.  
Boylan: they’ve made rapid progress on the project and are expecting a Certificate of  
Occupancy in short order. I’m really looking for a deferral to get the Certificate of  
Occupancy from the buyer.  
Moermond: I pulled up the work plan attached to the file and the work plan has an end  
date of August 20th. Your comments make me think they’re on track?  
Boylan: their talking about closing before that, which I think is exceptional, but they’ve  
been consistent. I checked permits online and there’s only one finaled. I’ve got paper  
from the mortgage company and they seem confident.  
Moermond: 2 of 3 plumbing permits have been finaled. Their work plan says August  
20th. I’ll lay the matter over to August 22 and if they have their certificate I will grant  
the appeal and there will be no bill. If it isn’t I’ll let it float to assessment and we can  
prorate it as necessary.  
Boylan: that sounds fair.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 8/22/2023  
Appeal of David Vo to a Vacant Building Registration Renewal Notice at  
Waive VB fee for 60 days (to October 5, 2023).  
David Vo, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Matt Dornfeld: this was made a Category 2 Vacant Building  
August 5, 2021. The appellant went through the sale review process and was approved  
April 28, 2023. We have a Code Compliance and all permits on file. we did have to  
issue a Summary Abatement Order for some scrap building materials and tall grass  
and weeds in May, but that was in compliance a few days later. I’d guess we’re here to  
appeal the Vacant Building fee of 4,918 due August 5.  
Vo: right now, we are finishing and expecting completion of the end of august. My  
heating contractor is in the process of getting an inspection, I think this week. I expect  
it will be fixed soon.  
Moermond: you mentioned you thought you would be done by the end of August?  
Vo: possibly. That’s my expectation.  
Moermond: I’m going to recommend a 60-day waiver, to October 5. If it takes longer we  
can deal with as a tax assessment, which is appealable.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
1:30 p.m. Hearings  
Orders To Vacate - Fire Certificate of Occupancy  
RLH VO 23-20  
Appeal of John S. Jagiela to a Re-Inspection Fire Certificate of  
Occupancy With Deficiencies (which includes vacating 2 areas) at 134  
Grant to October 16, 2023 for compliance with temporary fix of roof with submitted  
statement by contractor, mold and mildew abatement throughout, and repair of ceiling  
of laundry room. Grant to July 1, 2024 for compliance with painting orders and  
permanent repair of roof.  
John Jagiela, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: reviewing the inspection results from yesterday’s inspection  
Staff update by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: I went to the building yesterday to  
reinspect some particular items per a previous appeal. Note a complete inspection.  
The first-floor unit was occupied, basement and second floor were empty. The storage  
on stairway and hardwired smoke alarms were completed. 5 items remaining. The  
basement is uncertified and needs to be reinspected prior to re-occupancy. Same with  
second floor. Peeling paint on exterior. Patch the exterior roof as necessary. It appears  
to be leaking which leading to water damage inside. It sounds like a temporary patch  
was done of tarping the inside. I didn’t have access to observe this and don’t know the  
extent or location of the damage. You couldn’t see enough from the ground, just  
evidence of damage inside the building. I have concerns about water being collected  
with the tarps being a long-term solution. We’re still encouraging water to enter and  
have concerns about it holding up to snow. Repair laundry room ceiling, which was on  
the initial report. I’m not sure if that is use for all tenants including the first-floor tenant  
or if that is one associated with basement and is currently unused.  
Moermond: so, you are recommended at this time, reading between the lines, in terms  
of the roof repair. This isn’t a traditional repair you have seen in use, it would be great  
to have a roofing contract put a statement in writing that this is an acceptable way to  
temporarily fix a tile roof, as opposed to cement patch or another sealant. Did a  
contractor do this Mr. Jagiela?  
Jagiela: I had this person who was working on the roof next door, he said you could  
tarp the whole roof but it would cost $4,000. So, he said if you put tarp inside that can  
be a temporary fix. It does stop the water from entering the portions of the house below  
the attic as long as you don’t have heavy rain. There are holes because of the hail. It  
also damaged the dormers. That has to be replaced, but it isn’t like someone turns on  
a hose, some goes into the holes and it hits the tarp.  
Moermond: I’d like a roof contractor to verify this is an acceptable temporary fix. I’m  
happy to look at that if you have one. When I see tarps used like this int eh past it is  
typically the beginning of the end of the situation. I am not confident in this solution.  
When I hear of the mold and mildew being a problem in the basement and second  
floor, I can only assume standing water in a tarp allows mold and mildew as well. That  
is a problem for the humans living there. I don’t care about other things in the other  
units, as long as they don’t impact the people living there. A Fixture not working or no  
toilet, it doesn’t matter to me if no one lives there, but something that impacts the  
people, I do care. Mr. Imbertson, talking about shared air, what is your take?  
Imbertson: my suggestion, which I did speak to him about yesterday, would be to take  
a realistic look at what areas are going to need to be opened up anyway eventually and  
even if he isn’t ready to do the final repairs, removing the water damaged materials  
would go a long way to letting it dry and keeping mold and mildew from spreading and  
continuing to contaminate air in the building. The basement has a lot of surface growth  
on the walls and without opening the walls it is hard to tell if there is ongoing water  
damage behind it. I would be concerned about it affecting studs and other building  
materials if kept encased.  
Moermond: a cleaning endeavor. Making sure it is dry. Cleaning what exists there.  
Imbertson: removing the material that is badly water damaged to the extent that the  
drywall wouldn’t’ be reused anyway. Remove it from the building so it doesn’t continue  
to cause problems while it sits here.  
Moermond: let’s get verification that the roof fix is one a contractor would say this is  
temporary fix that we would use in practice.  
Imbertson: yes, same criteria as someone who is authorized to pull a permit for the  
replacement roof.  
Moermond: whatever the fix, someone put their name on it. I’m supportive of a  
temporary fix if we can verify it is an actual fix. The mold and mildew mitigation, long  
term repair of roof and exterior painting, those we can push out. they don’t have to be  
certified at all as long as no one is using them, right?  
Imbertson: as long as their condition doesn’t harm the occupied unit.  
Moermond: windows can still be opened for a while yet. Mold and mildew abatement.  
Thoughts on that Mr. Jagiela?  
Jagiela: I do intend to do the whole roof. I do have to order two custom windows from  
Marvin Windows. Once those come then a roofing contractor could install them, fix the  
dormers, and fix the hail damage. The other issue is the insurance company wants me  
to send them a satisfaction of mortgage or they won’t send me a check. I’m in the  
process of doing that. I think it can be done on your timeline. I have to get my  
daughter off to college in the next 3 weeks but then I can be talking to the painters  
and roofing contractors.  
Moermond: but you haven’t ordered the windows yet?  
Jagiela: I was waiting for the money from the insurance company  
Moermond: this has been going on a while.  
Jagiela: they came out a month ago maybe. Then they talked about that satisfaction  
of mortgage.  
Moermond: this is not a new issue, the hail damage isn’t a new issue, getting a  
satisfaction of mortgage shouldn’t be a big deal. We’ve talked about your daughter  
being off to college. I’m in a space where done is done pretty quick. I’m going to say  
temporary or permanent fix by October 16 on the roof and the mold and mildew  
abatement on the same schedule. That’s throughout so the first-floor tenants don’t  
have that concern moving into the winter. Making sure its dry, that may mean  
dehumidifiers on top of what exists.  
Jagiela: the fire inspector suggested removing all of the affected drywall to the studs,  
which I am fine with. It has to be replaced anyway.  
Moermond: let’s say July 1 for the painting and permanent repair of the roof. Is the  
laundry room usable by the tenant?  
Jagiela: yes.  
Moermond: so that repaired by the October deadline as well.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
RLH VO 23-30  
Appeal of Megan Jacobson and Kevin Motarjemi to a Notice of  
Condemnation-Unfit for Human Habitation-Order to Vacate at 1657  
Grant to August 16, 2023 for building permit to be finaled.  
Megan Jacobson o/b/o Kevin Motarjemi, appeared  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitchell Imbertson: this is a four-unit residential building in  
our Certificate of Occupancy program. These correction orders started as a referral  
from a Form 4, which is an order we receive from the Fire Department. That came in  
June 13, 2022. There was a vehicle that hit the corner of the building and caused  
structural damage. At that time there was one unit condemn, which was later updated  
to two units being condemned due to that damage. There were a number of reissued  
and updated correction orders between June of last year and we got to July 5, 2023  
letter which is a condemnation of the entire building due to noncompliance with the  
repair of the structural damage. Some damage appeared to be completed but the  
building permit wasn’t completed and the work that was done wasn’t inspected and they  
didn’t have the correct documents to support the work that was allegedly done. At this  
time, we would be looking for that building permit to be closed with final approval and  
any corrections from the building inspector done. Then we would lift the condemnation  
upon approval of that building permit.  
Moermond: you wrote Correction Orders to start out. Those original orders were issued  
Imbertson: June 13, 2022. A number of updated orders, 10 additional reports between  
that date and March of 2023.  
Moermond: a car hit the building in 2022? Have the conditions changed from them to  
the present that it merited condemnation? I get the revocation for long-term  
noncompliance. Why is it unfit now, not 12 months ago? Are there structural issues  
now there weren’t then?  
Imbertson: we did have 2 of the 4 units condemned shortly after the vehicle hit. One  
immediately, one soon after. The inspector who issued a condemnation report had the  
discussion with Supervisor Shaff prior to issuing the condemnation letter. I can’t speak  
to every aspect of that conversation but part of the criteria is what we would consider  
illegal occupancy, signs the previously condemned units were reoccupied without  
Moermond: units 2 and 3 originally condemned and ordered vacated. Permits haven’t  
been finaled to deal with the work. Because of the long-term noncompliance and  
issues with those units and people occupying them, revocation of the certificate?  
Imbertson: that’s my understanding.  
Moermond: a lot going on here. Ms. Jacobson, what is your relationship to the  
Jacobson: I am an employee of Distinguished Properties and help with property  
management sometimes. We are appealing and requesting a two-week extension to do  
the final inspection, scheduled for tomorrow. It should be closed tomorrow if all goes  
Moermond: to be clear, you did occupy those units?  
Jacobson: when they requested the tenants to be removed, he was ok to remove  
them, but Der said they didn’t want to displace them and it was ok. That was the  
understanding I know of. I only know of number 3 being occupied. I’m not aware of  
number 2.  
Imbertson: what she may have been referring to is the notice to comply or vacate, July  
17 2023 and lists conditions for the condemnation. If the work is done by then, we  
hope the person wouldn’t have to vacate.  
Jacobson: that’s why she had us appeal this.  
Imbertson: so that didn’t mean she was ok to disregard the previous condemnation  
notice. More that if you can comply by getting the building permit done the tenant  
doesn’t have to be displaced.  
Jacobson: I do have communication with our contractor trying to get in touch with the  
Moermond: what has been holding things up?  
Jacobson: I am not aware; I wasn’t working here then. A drunk driver to hit the  
building. I was trying to get contractors out when it started but no one wanted to work  
in that area, and then winter came.  
Moermond: I’ll send this to Council August 9 and ask them to give to August 16th for  
the building permit to be finaled. Once that is done that addresses the last of the  
Imbertson: yes, we’d approve based on that finaled permit. That would lift the  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
2:00 p.m. Hearings  
Fire Certificates of Occupancy  
Appeal of Ronald Staeheli to a Fire Inspection Correction Order at 358  
Deny the appeal. Property requires a Fire C of O.  
Ronald Staeheli, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staeheli: this is owner-occupied.  
Moermond: that is indeed what you are saying.  
Staeheli: the rest of this is moot if that is the case, that is all I’m saying.  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitchell Imbertson: there was an inspection set for May 18,  
1 pm. Went to the property for that inspection and the lower- and upper-unit tenants  
were both home, both stated they weren’t aware of the appointment but when I  
explained why I needed access they allowed it. I showed them the appointment letter.  
There were a number of corrections noted when I went through. Correction notice  
issued with 33 deficiencies between the two units, exterior and garage. No working  
smoking or CO alarm in the lower unit. Found batteries for them and getting those  
working. The upper unit had no working smoke or carbon at the time of inspection, the  
tenant found a batter and smoke alarm to get one working by the end of the  
inspection. Both tenants claim to have leased the property by themselves, not sure  
what portion of the unit would be owner-occupied or what that would be about. It was a  
2-unit property and we have it listed as two units. Both claim to be renters. We did also  
request access to the garage for inspection, we would need that access as well. A  
resident was leaving the garage when I was there, but stated he leases just the garage,  
but wouldn’t let me in.  
Moermond: you were saying this is owner occupied. And we just got some additional  
information in from you?  
Staeheli: you have my estranged wife’s license and recent mail from the City. Water  
bill goes to her there. She gets a lot of mail there, that’s just what I have. Two Xcel  
bills. Water bill. To my knowledge she lives upstairs. I don’t even know what I’m on  
here. I thought it was quit-claimed to Diane. I’m not even sure why I get this. I may be  
on the tax records.  
Moermond: that would be why. You are both listed as owners in the tax records.  
Staeheli: oh ok. I should probably talk to them about that. The statute is clear, owner  
occupied is exempt from the Certificate of Occupancy program. The letter that Mitchell  
sent said it was a renewal of a certificate, there has never been one there.  
Moermond: I have a 2019 appeal of you trying to say to the Council ineffectively for the  
same arguments you are making today, and that was denied. Are there any factual  
differences between 2019 and the present?  
Staeheli: no. I know she votes in that neighborhood. She occupied the unit, she lives  
Moermond: the voting, there was information when the appeal was heard in 2019, per  
Ramsey County investigation she was registered to vote in Eagan since 2002. In 2014  
she attempted to change her voting address to 358 Arbor. This was declined. US Mail  
to confirm her residence at the location was returned to the election office. She  
re-registered to vote in Eagan in 2018. This is inconsistent with Mr. Staeheli’s  
testimony in the 2018 Legislative Hearing. We don’t actually have her at that point  
being a registered voter. In fact, we have a registration being rejected. If you have  
different facts in place now, I’m happy to look at it. But that was examined at that point  
in time and was rejected  
Staeheli: I will check with the County and forward it to you.  
Moermond: we had an extensive hearing about this.  
Staeheli: the last time she voted it was in Ramsey County. That’s what I got for that.  
None of this looks like it is life changing. Cover plates and a chain lock is what I see.  
Again, I object because it isn’t a Certificate of Occupancy building. There was one  
thing I did have an issue with. Something about venting. I know the upstairs unit—they  
want a cap on the metal liner in the chimney. That’s been like that for 40 years. That  
hasn’t been required for the last 20 years. And unchanged in the last 43. I have a  
problem with that in particular. The guard rail to the basement has passed Section 8 a  
number of times. On the chance I end up doing anything---oh, electric cable staples?  
Why is that a problem. It is a heavy-duty lattice. Is the lattice not thick enough?  
Imbertson: I don’t view either of those as meeting a building code standard for guard  
rail. It would need to meet code for whenever it was installed. Appears to have been  
recent with the cable staples.  
Staeheli: is it the cable staples or the hardiness of the lattice?  
Imbertson: I had concerns with both.  
Staeheli: why would the cable staples be a problem?  
Imbertson: it is a very short staple, by the time you go through the lattice it leaves very  
little into the wood.  
Staeheli: as far as the dryer venting, the downstairs tenant doesn’t use it at all, does  
capping the electrical and gas suffice?  
Imbertson: capping the gas and vent off if there is no dryer in use.  
Staeheli: cap the vent as it leaves the house. None of the rest is all that interesting. It  
isn’t a Certificate of Occupancy building. That is how I will proceed.  
Moermond: if you have any facts than presented in 2020. Right now, I have the Council  
decision that it should be a Certificate of Occupancy building so I am operating with  
that unless we have different information to consider.  
Staeheli: lovely to hear from you. We’ll talk later. I’ll call the County and ship it through  
Referred to the City Council due back on 8/9/2023  
Appeal of Susan Dunlop to a Fire Inspection Correction Notice at 631  
Layover to LH August 1, 2023 at 2 pm (rescheduled by owner request).  
Susan Dunlap, o/b/o Joan’s in the Park, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Dunlap: I thought this was a phone call to set up the date. I’m not prepared. Last time  
we came downtown.  
Moermond: we do these by phone now.  
Dunlap: a very nice gentleman told me I’d get a call between 2 and 4. I didn’t realize  
this was the actual hearing.  
Moermond: understood. Are you good next Tuesday? Same timeframe.  
Dunlap: sure. I apologize.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 8/1/2023