15 West Kellogg Blvd.  
Saint Paul, MN 55102  
City of Saint Paul  
Minutes - Final  
Legislative Hearings  
Marcia Moermond, Legislative Hearing Officer  
Mai Vang, Hearing Coordinator  
Joanna Zimny, Executive Assistant  
Tuesday, January 24, 2023  
9:00 AM  
Room 330 City Hall & Court House/Remote  
9:00 a.m. Hearings  
Remove/Repair Orders  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at  
523 BEAUMONT STREET within fifteen (15) days after the  
September 21, 2022, City Council Public Hearing. (Refer to  
Legislative Hearing September 12, 2023)  
Recommendation is to refer to Legislative Hearing September 12, 2023 to confirm  
plans and financing are still in place for Council to consider the matter and grant time.  
Ed Dropps, Greater Midwest Realty o/b/o GITSIT Solutions, appeared via phone  
Araiza Hargrove, GITSIT Solutions, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we’re following up on 523 Beaumont, are we calling in Mr. Hargrove?  
Dropps: yes.  
Moermond: we are touching base on this to make sure everyone is in sync. We  
noticed in reviewing the record that we talked about you having everything together  
we need to get 180 days from Council but that time expires before you’re even in  
possession of the title. Is that right? That’s August 23rd?  
Hargrove: yes, that’s our time frame for rehab, but yes we couldn’t start until we  
actually take possession. We were thinking that 180 days is sufficient, but that is the  
timeline after we actually have possession. When we’d pull permits.  
Moermond: I can’t have the Council give you six months if there is no prospect of you  
getting anywhere. I’m going to ask the Councilmember who represents this area,  
Council President Brendmoen, I’m going to have her refer it back to discuss this back  
to September 12th on the strength of the fact you have this together right now. We  
can check in during September to make sure the bids are still good and financing is  
still in place and then send to Council to grant the actual time to do the work. It makes  
a difference for us legally in how we approach that but that shouldn’t affect your  
process. Any questions?  
Hargrove: no, that is sufficient. It would allow us the time to gain possession and start  
that process in a way that actually gets everything done.  
Moermond: I’ll make that recommendation to Ms. Brendmoen. If anything comes up  
you need to be aware of to make you testify then we will do that.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 1/25/2023  
Ordering the razing and removal of the structures at 1011 BURNS  
AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the December 7, 2022, City  
Council Public Hearing.  
Remove within 15 days with no option to repair.  
No one appeared  
Voicemail left at 10:05 am: Ms. Cree this is Marcia Moermond from St. Paul City  
Council calling you about the order to remove or repair your property at 1011 Burns  
Avenue. We’ll try you back in a little bit.  
Voicemail left at 10:27 am: this is Marcia Moermond from St. Paul City Council calling  
you back to try and reach you about your property at 1011 Burns. Here’s the deal, I  
understand that although you applied for the Code Compliance you haven’t made the  
property available to the DSI team, you knew what you were to do which was clean  
out the property, put a lockbox on the door after you unscrewed it. We started this  
conversation in October. I know you broke your leg but this is an unreasonable  
amount of time to accomplish what you indicated was a straightforward thing. I’ll put  
this in front of Council, and if you don’t have it figured out by February 8 that the order  
the property removed. Get that Code Compliance Inspection worked out. I suggest  
you not do this on February 7th. You need to be on top of this. Otherwise, again, my  
recommendation will be that it be removed.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/8/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at  
46 FRONT AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the February 8,  
2023, City Council Public Hearing. (Referral to February 14, 2023  
Legislative Hearing pending)  
RLH RR 23-1  
$5,000 PD to be posted by COB Feb 3, 2023. Refer back to LH February 14, 2023.  
Lenna Gnatyk, daughter of owner, appeared  
Petr Gnatyk, owner, appeared  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: the last Legislative Hearing it was laid  
over to today to post $5,0000 Performance Deposit before it goes to hearing  
February 8.  
Moermond: and we talked about transfer of the property. I see you have a purchase  
agreement here. I just briefly reviewed it. I have a concern with it, point number 2 on  
the first page, and point 7 on the last page say kind of the same thing, which is you’re  
either going to transfer the property when it gets its Certificate of Occupancy but no  
later than June 23 whether or not you have your Certificate of Occupancy which is  
how it reads to me. That can’t happen. I don’t know what the magic is with that  
particular date. But I can tell you if they start doing the rehab and they get halfway  
done, or 70% done---six months from February 8 is August 8th. Then Council would  
look like giving additional time as long as its past the halfway mark. The August 8th  
would be our very first potential deadline. I’m thinking unless we have our things  
together I wouldn’t even ask for a vote February 8th. I need all the items in front of  
Lenna Gnatyk: we have been talking about it with him and he’s been sending  
contractors to him. He already has a plan put together. He said he has no issues  
showing financials. I’d just have to get him to send that information to you.  
Moermond: we’re happy to talk to him about that June 23rd date. I imagine he has the  
potential to finish by that date.  
Lenna Gnatyk: Josh is Eddie’s partner here.  
Petr Gnatyk: what happens if the buyer backing out? Is there any consequence for  
Moermond: I can’t give legal advice on that. That’s a private legal matter for you.  
What I would flag for you for our purposes is if whoever you are working with backs  
out to look at the period of time to do so. Do you want them to sign something saying  
they’ve backed out, because if you want to work with someone else they may be  
worried about that previous contract. Get that person well and completely out and  
move on to the next prospect. That’s the only thing I’ve seen slow people down. In  
terms of consequences, that would be what your purchase agreement says and what  
your own attorney says.  
Lenna Gnatyk: he did have a time period to look and once it is signed I don’t think he  
Moermond: yeah and I only have the part of the purchase agreement that we really  
care about. So Josh is developing here?  
Petr Gnatyk: yes. But the guy in Arizona is the guy financing it.  
Moermond: and you thought he may have had his things in today, but he doesn’t, but  
sounds like he can, based on your conversations. We need those work plans and  
bids, evidence of financing, and we also require an affidavit dedicating the funds to  
the project. This goes to Council February 8th. We can have them send it back to talk  
again on Feb 14th. If they have the remaining items in we can greenlight before  
Council even votes.  
Lenna Gnatyk: we need to remove the part of the June 23rd language?  
Moermond: yes. And the last page I don’t need “Best efforts” to do anything. That  
whole number 7 is unnecessary.  
Yannarelly: what is the difference, between saying Certificate of Occupancy issued?  
If they’re confident they can get it done, what does it matter.  
Moermond: I think you’re right. So just remove the language about ‘no later than’.  
Lenna Gnatyk: I will give this information to him and have him send it.  
Moermond: what was his name again?  
Lenna Gnatyk: Heriberto Parra.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/8/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at  
771 IOWA AVENUE WEST within fifteen (15) days after the October  
26, 2022, City Council Public Hearing. (To refer to November 22,  
2022 Legislative Hearing)  
Layover to LH February 28, 2023 at 9 am. PO/partner to provide bids, schedule,  
proof of financing and affidavit, and purchase agreement (if necessary).  
Joseph Yanta, owner, appeared  
Moermond: we are making some progress here, that is great.  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: we need to have evidence of financing to  
do rehab, estimates are exceeding $75,000, affidavit, and we do have a newly minted  
Code Compliance Inspection Report completed a few days ago.  
Moermond: you have a copy of that Code Compliance?  
Yannarelly: it looks reasonable.  
Moermond: you have your Code Compliance Inspection Report and it is cleaned out,  
that’s great.  
Yanta: there was a comment by Mr. Zane there was still some clutter, but he stopped  
before Mr. Yannarelly. I’m not sure what date specifically, but then I cleared out more  
Moermond: enough to get the Code Compliance Inspection Report which is the  
important thing. Have you talked to a contractor? What is your approach?  
Yanta: I have a number of people I am planning to contact this week to set up  
inspections and give them copies of the Code Compliance Inspection in the next few  
weeks. If possible I’d like to reach an agreement with one of them to rehabilitate the  
house. Otherwise, I’d start doing some of the work myself. I have some financial  
information here. The first thing to do would be installing the new furnace and rewire  
the house so the rest of the work could move forward.  
Moermond: sure, it being winter. This sounds reasonable. You just got that Code  
Compliance Inspection Report and it will take time to get some bids and work with  
them. If the contractors doing the work, are you going to paying them and you are  
Yanta: I’m not sure, it depends on what sort of agreement we would have with the  
Moermond: and we’d need to see the financial wherewithal to the project, whether  
that’s from you or the people paying for it. When you say if these other things fail, you  
indicated you may start work yourself. We would need to see a whole plan about  
doing that work and who you’d hire for your electrical and plumbing and so on. While  
I trust you have some skills to do building items, you couldn’t do the other items. It  
needs to be a licensed contractor. You would have to hire an electrician to rewire the  
house, and that would cost “X”. Installing a new furnace, “X”. That’s part of the money  
we would need to see set aside towards getting it done.  
Yanta: right, I wasn’t proposing I do the work myself. I have some financials here.  
Moermond: ultimately we only look for the amount of money available to match the  
bids you’re going with. If those bids total $100,000, we need to see that $100,000.  
That’s the target.  
Yanta: I can give you that now. I have a printout from the online report from the Ideal  
Credit Union, but I copied that and printed those out, the figures are the same. We  
should be able to get a secured loan from the Credit Union using those money  
market accounts as collateral.  
Moermond: we will hold off on putting anything the record until you figure out how you  
want to land the plane. There is a bit more than $250,000 in a money market  
account. That is what should be noted for the record. I’m good with giving time to talk  
to contractors.  
Yannarelly: and no problem at the property, it looks good.  
Yanta: you said you can’t recommend contractors but you provide a list of contractors  
who have done this in the past?  
Moermond: sure, we can put together people who have done this in the last six  
months. But you have a few people you’re already talking too?  
Yannarelly: I thought I was familiar with one of the names.  
Yanta: Joe Steinmouse.  
Moermond: let’s talk again February 28, give you a chance to talk to these folks. If  
you had one of them in the room or on the line so we could start wrapping up. My  
target for a Council vote is going to be March 15th. I’d like to see preliminary plans by  
February 28th so we have some time to lock it in before Council.  
Yanta: there were some items on the Code Compliance Inspection Report that were  
maybe boilerplate items that didn’t apply to these items  
Moermond: we can copy Clint Zane on the letter Ms. Zimny will send out, and you  
can reply to that with those questions so we have a record of that here in the event  
you aren’t able to get ahold of them.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 2/28/2023  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at  
678 SNELLING AVENUE NORTH within fifteen (15) days after the  
May 27, 2020 City Council public hearing. (To refer to October 25,  
2022 Legislative Hearings, pending roof permit is pulled and finaled)  
RLH RR 20-22  
Refer back to LH March 28, 2023 at 9 am for update on funding.  
Lisa Kugler, consultant, appeared via phone  
Gene Gelgelu, AEDS, appeared via phone  
Moermond: boy, this summary was just raining good news. Ms. Kugler, tell us where  
you are at and walk us through this.  
Kugler: we have secured every source of funding that is available to us right now.  
The gap we are asking the St. Paul HRA, partly as a loan and partly as a grant. That  
application gets submitted this week. I don’t know their timing. There’s a waiting  
period even after a decision. We really feel like we have covered the landscape. We  
have $750,000 from DEED through the St. Paul Foundation. $103,507 from the  
Ramsey County Critical Corridor program to pay for the additional cost of putting in a  
new water line. When we wrote that grant we thought we’d be allowed to run a line up  
the alley but it turns out that probably isn’t allowed so the cost of running it under  
Snelling is $175,000.  
Moermond: did they tell you why?  
Kugler: Saint Paul water utility said they don’t allow water lines on private property or  
in alleys and when we mentioned MNDot wouldn’t be happy about closing Snelling,  
they said you can’t talk to MNDot directly you send them a request and answer  
comes back yes or no. There is no way to speak with them about it. The other issue  
is the old water line has to be closed and that is also under Snelling. The engineers  
thought if that was required by the City, or water utility, then it has to be opened at  
least as far as that line goes anyway. My argument is that line is already closed  
because it is cracked. It was already shut, but no one can hear that. Apparently being  
shut and closed are different. The earmark from LISC, one came to LISC Twin Cities  
was $215,000, the other 500,000 is in the 2023 and 2024 budget. It is on the list of  
projects recommended for funding. WE haven’t heard how we access that but we will  
figure that out.  
Moermond: what is the gap you’re asking the St. Paul HRA to fill?  
Kugler: $2.9 million. 1.5 million in a loan and the rest in a grant. It is a lot of money,  
but we think it is available and have set up the project to borrow as much as the  
project can afford. We can’t have that discussion until the application goes in.  
Moermond: when will you have that application together?  
Kugler: hopefully this week. It is almost done.  
Moermond: did they give you a timeline on the review of it?  
Kugler: no, but I suspect less than a month. There’s a paragraph in there about it  
being on the Vacant Building list for a very long period and we won’t be able to keep  
getting extensions so there is a matter of urgency.  
Moermond: you nailed that. The last question I had is the building design component  
the solar panels, and the redesign has negative decisions.  
Kugler: we have to restructure the roof and change it to support solar panels. We  
don’t have the money for that, so it can’t be done.  
Moermond: so negative impact was you wanted to do it but it isn’t possible.  
Kugler: right. We can’t afford to do it.  
Moermond: the congressional discretionary spending was approved as part of the  
2023 - 2024 budget. It is locked in; it is just a matter of how they disperse those  
Kugler: yes, that is my understanding. The first earmark is in the 2022 budget. That  
goes through the SBA. Ours goes through HUD.  
Moermond: today is January 24. We’ll have more information in early March. Council  
hasn’t seen this since this in six months. We’ll send this to Council and have them  
send it back to hearing, which gives them a chance to ask questions. Let’s send to  
Council February 15 and have them refer to back to me March 28th. I don’t anticipate  
anything of note at that, but if we do hear something we will alert you.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/15/2023  
10:00 a.m. Hearings  
Making Finding on Substantial Nuisance Abatements  
Second Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement  
ordered for 575 PARK STREET in Council File RLH RR 21-71.  
Layover to February 14, 2023 at 10 am for update on CC certificate status.  
Frank Viggiano, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: I understand you have a building inspection on Thursday for 575 with  
Clint Zane.  
Viggiano: correct.  
Moermond: and I don’t know we can do anything until he gets out there. I’m going to  
lay this over to February 14 so you have time to do any corrections before we talk  
and hopefully close the book on this.  
Viggiano: the mechanicals did pass last week.  
Moermond: I’ve heard everything is finaled except the building permit, so that’s great  
news. Let’s get that last assessment done and hopefully we will be there.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 2/14/2023  
First Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered  
for 1807 SEVENTH STREET EAST in Council File RLH RR 22-29.  
The nuisance is abated and the matter resolved.  
Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: Code Compliance certificate has been issued  
Moermond: nuisance is abated and matter resolved.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/1/2023  
Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for  
1941 UNIVERSITY AVENUE WEST in Council File RLH RR 21-60.  
(To refer to February 14, 2023 Legislative Hearing)  
RLH RR 23-6  
Refer back to LH February 14, 2023 at 10 am for further discussion.  
Dawit Solomon, President Eritrean Community Center of MN, appeared via phone  
Ruth Ogbaselassie, treasurer Eritrean Community Center of MN, appeared via phone  
Essey Asbu, Secretary Eritrean Community Center of MN, appeared via phone  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: it doesn’t look like any work has been  
done on the building whatsoever.  
Moermond: and property maintenance?  
Yannarelly: no problems, and the gate has been shut since it was an issue earlier on.  
Moermond: sounds like Mr. Yannarelly has an assessment of no work happening. Is  
that correct?  
Solomon: no work has been done because we have everything set up to move  
forward, we even pulled a permit, and the contractor we were working with withdrew  
at the last minute. We have been scrambling to get another contractor. The situation  
with the cement work and wanting to start before it got cold. Unfortunately, with the  
approval process for the contractors we weren’t able to go through in time to do it  
before it got too cold to do cement work, and now we are waiting. Don Steele  
contracting, we are trying to get the paperwork through the City. Unfortunately  
starting in the middle of the winter isn’t possible, plus we need clearance from the  
City STAR program. We wanted to request for an extension to do this work. We have  
the funds, just unfortunately the last contractor backed out.  
Moermond: right, the City gave you the money.  
Asbu: we made sure no one went in the building, but unfortunately like Mr. Solomon  
said. He was hoping to do the work without paying prevailing wages and hiring  
minorities, so he put the price and it almost doubled. He wanted to back out of that  
contract, that’s what prevented us. For us to have a realistic chance of doing the  
cement work we had to start by end of the September. We approached a different  
contractor and are working with the City STAR program and their confines. I think the  
contractor, and I’m speculating, is it is hard to find people to do the cement work. We  
are ready to move forward but we’d really appreciate an extension. We did do a lot of  
work it just doesn’t show in the physical structure. We have put in a tremendous  
amount of work.  
Moermond: fencing the property and cleaning it out? That’s the work you are talking  
Asbu: yes. We made sure we got dumpsters and all the equipment out so it isn’t  
attractive for people to go in. We have do not enter signs and tape up. The snow  
makes it difficult to go in, we purposely didn’t shovel the open area. The contractor  
that came in said that for the most part what is remaining is structurally sound. For  
the most part.  
Moermond: fencing the building and removing items was a condition to even get to  
the point to get the grant of time to work on this so I don’t count this toward the work  
that should have been done. That had to be done whether it was demoed or not. If  
you were a for-profit entity or private party there is no question I would ask another  
$5,000 Performance Deposit was posted to ensure it is complete. Having 0% done I’d  
also ask for the forfeit of the original $5,000. Since you are a nonprofit I am less  
inclined to do so. I’d like to get a report from the STAR program to find out where  
things are at. You had contracted with someone, if I remember with, the City worked  
hard to use the contractor you already selected. You wanted to use them and the City  
worked with you, so some of that is on you. I also noticed the building permit wasn’t  
pulled until mid-October, and the grant of time was in July. I’m thinking you all could  
have done better, but let’s get information from the STAR program. Are you still  
working with Claudia Klinkhammer?  
Solomon: yes.  
Moermond: are you getting new bids? I know cement work is temperature sensitive.  
Solomon: yes. Don Steele, he is familiar with the program. I believe he had submitted  
the City’s requirements to Claudia.  
Ogbaselassie: the first contractor didn’t drop out until September, and everything was  
in his hand. By saying we did everything, I had to work with Claudia and go to the St.  
Paul License office to inform them. We wanted to start before winter, we were  
planning on that.  
Moermond: the Council is scheduled to look at this February 1, I’m going to ask them  
to send it back to Legislative Hearing February 14 so we can talk more about what  
makes sense looking at STAR money and that contract.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/1/2023  
Third Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered  
for 521 YORK AVENUE in Council File RLH RR 22-35.  
The nuisance is abated and the matter resolved.  
Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: Code Compliance was issued December 19, 2022.  
Moermond: nuisance is abated and matter is resolved  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/1/2023  
11:00 a.m. Hearings  
Making Finding on Nuisance Abatements  
RLH SAO 23-10 Making finding on the appealed nuisance abatement ordered for 643  
EARL STREET in Council File RLH SAO 23-3.  
The nuisance is abated and matter resolved related to the items next to garage.  
Sonya Humes, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: today we were reviewing whether or not there was compliance with the  
first deadline you had to remove the items next to the garage. Ms. Martin will update  
the findings.  
Supervisor Lisa Martin: the photographs taken this morning the items next to the  
garage by the white fence appear to have been moved, however there is now a trailer  
full of stuff behind the garage.  
Humes: are you talking in the back yard?  
Moermond: it looks like you had the buckets and PVC on one side of the garage, and  
now on the other side is a trailer with items covered in snow, so we aren’t sure what  
is there. That is a new thing and also not in compliance. It may also be on both your  
and your neighbor’s property. Ms. Martin?  
Martin: that is correct.  
Moermond: so we’re looking at what is going on with that trailer situation. Ms. Humes,  
can you talk about that?  
Humes: your question is kind of vague.  
Moermond: there’s a trailer beside the garage—  
Humes: that’s not new, it has been there the whole time.  
Moermond: this has been there the whole time?  
Humes: yes.  
Moermond: I’m wondering if we need to write new orders on that to clarify that.  
Legally the order does cover it.  
Martin: the first order issued December 19 said to remove of scrap wood, PVC, and  
buckets from the rear yard and didn’t say anything about a trailer. I can send new  
orders. The items from the original Summary Abatement Order have been moved,  
but I don’t know whether it is gone from the property or just the location.  
Moermond: so for today’s purposes the expectation set for today has been met.  
Another order will be sent for the trailer. What kind of a deadline do you usually give  
on that?  
Martin: 7 days.  
Humes: that trailer has always been there. I just have to move the items off the  
Moermond: the items on there, but whether it’s a legal parking surface and far  
enough from the property line. That is hard with the snow cover. Ms. Martin?  
Martin: I will have the inspector take a look at it to see if it is an approved parking  
spot. It has to be in a driveway or on approved pavement, and a couple feet off the  
property line.  
Moermond: so that is handled separately and appealed separately. I’ll let the front  
desk know if you do appeal that order we’ll accept that without a fee. Today’s item  
was gone on deadline, so that matter is closed. You did what you were supposed to  
Referred to the City Council due back on 1/25/2023  
1:00 p.m. Hearings  
Vacant Building Registrations  
Appeal of David Busch, DRB #24 LLC, to a Vacant Building  
Registration Fee at 45 LAWSON AVENUE WEST.  
Grant the appeal and release the property from the VB program.  
David Busch, owner, appeared via phone  
Pat Ware appeared via phone  
Denise O’Leary appeared via phone  
John Gardener, contractor, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: this is a one-unit residential program in  
the Fire Certificate of Occupancy program. It was scheduled for its regular renewal  
inspection. Original appointment letter was sent March 2022. At that time the  
inspector had been notified it was undergoing renovation and had active permits and  
requested an extension on the inspection during the remodel. It may take up to a few  
months. The inspector checked in a few times with property management through  
2022 to see what the status was. In September and October 2022, he was told  
renovation was ongoing. December 6, 2022 there was discussion to refer it to the  
Vacant Building program for monitoring as our determination was it would meet the  
definition of a registered Vacant Building and it had been holding off on inspection for  
over 8 months. Looks like some of the permits have recently been closed. There is  
still an open building permit. To be recertified they would need that permit closed out  
and a final inspection from the building dept and to arrange a Certificate of  
Occupancy inspection to go through the property. We haven’t done that inspection so  
we have no list of any required repairs, we are just looking to get access to complete  
a standard inspection to send out that report.  
Staff report by Supervisor Matt Dornfeld: we opened a Vacant Building file December  
8, 2022, a Category 1 per that Fire referral. At this time Inspector Hoffman has noted  
no nuisance conditions reported. My guess is we are here to discuss the Vacant  
Building fee coming due.  
Busch: I’ve been distant from the project other than paying for it. I don’t understand,  
we had a property that was vandalized. Someone stole all the wiring so we did a total  
renovation. I’m astounded it would be sent to the Vacant Building program when  
we’re obviously working and perilously close to completion. I’m astounded, I don’t  
know there is much more to add to those reports. That aligns with our understanding  
in terms of what happened and when. If you want reasons why it has taken twice as  
long as I expected it too, we can talk about it. But we are close to final permit. Hot air  
was closed last Friday.  
Moermond: yes, two finals on January 20. Everything is done except for the building  
Gardener: we had a follow up inspection today with Virgil. He was here today at  
10:30. I had a minor handrail adjustment. He wrote on the permit final pending a  
picture. I already sent the picture. I imagine he’s closing them when he gets back  
today. He did write final today on the permit.  
Moermond: that sounds great. I understand that Pat Ware is the property manager  
who handles the Fire Certificate of Occupancy scheduling and interactions, is that  
Ware: for the most part, yes I deal with inspections.  
Moermond: you are who would be calling for the Certificate of Occupancy inspection  
now the permits are finaled?  
Ware: I have never done that. I’ve typically done ones that are up for renewal. Not  
one that’s been renovated.  
Moermond: we just need that walk-through scheduled. Mr. Imbertson, do you want to  
send an appointment letter or have Ms. Ware reach out?  
Imbertson: if there’s no time crunch, we would prefer to send a letter. Travis Almsted  
is the inspector for this property.  
Moermond: do you have his contact information?  
Ware: yes, I have sent him a couple emails. He’s never requested access for  
inspection. I only ever told him it wasn’t finished.  
Moermond: Mr. Busch is showing up as the Fire Responsible Party it would go to  
him, but Ms. Ware’s name is showing in some of this.  
Busch: Pat should continue communication with Travis. We have no emergency  
getting it done.  
Moermond: based on the strength of those permits being finaled I’ll recommend you  
are released from the Vacant Building program and I’ll let you work through the  
Certificate of Occupancy process.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/8/2023  
1:30 p.m. Hearings  
Orders To Vacate - Fire Certificate of Occupancy  
Appeal of Mary Callander to a Revocation of Fire Certificate of  
Occupancy and Order to Vacate at 1378 LINCOLN AVENUE.  
RLH VO 23-10  
Grant to March 3, 2023 for compliance.  
Mary Callander, owner, appeared via phone  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: this is a one-unit residential property in  
the Fire Certificate of Occupancy program. We started the c of O renewal process on  
July 21, 2022. That included a number of items, one of which were to secure loose  
ceiling beams in the first-floor living room. That is the one order remaining. This has  
been previously in appeals and was given an extension on the reinspection deadline  
to January 1, 2023. Our inspector was out on January 3 and at that time the work  
was not done and since there had been no further approved extension of the  
Council’s deadline we moved forward with the pending revocation of the Fire  
Certificate of Occupancy which means it needs to be vacated or in compliance by the  
next deadline. January 4, 2023 letter has a January 31, 2023 10 am deadline. The  
only remaining issue to approve is to secure loose ceiling beams in the living room.  
We understand this to be a relatively simple repair requiring any extensive amount of  
time for a qualified contractor.  
Moermond: Ms. Callander, why are you appealing?  
Callander: it is somewhat complicated; you can’t just get anyone to do it. I sent an  
email October 22 the contractor was six months out. He is scheduled to come  
February 14th. I can’t do it. A painter can’t do it. This guy started because he had a  
cancellation and the next time he could come--which he still planning--is February 14.  
I need an extension until then.  
Moermond: I do see you sent an email October 2 but you didn’t testify at Council  
saying you wanted that extension so they passed the resolution with the January 1  
deadline. Feb 14 is when your contractor will be out?  
Callander: yes. He is planning on coming, I just checked with him.  
Moermond: I am thinking we could give you a new deadline, with a little cushion just  
in case, and say until March 3. You’ll get an appointment letter for some time the  
week of March 6. We’ll push any potential vacate date to April.  
Council Public Hearing 2/15  
Referred to the City Council due back on 2/15/2023