15 West Kellogg Blvd.  
Saint Paul, MN 55102  
City of Saint Paul  
Minutes - Final  
Legislative Hearings  
Marcia Moermond, Legislative Hearing Officer  
Mai Vang, Hearing Coordinator  
Joanna Zimny, Executive Assistant  
Tuesday, October 11, 2022  
9:00 AM  
Room 330 City Hall & Court House/Remote  
Hearing will start at 8:30 instead of 9:00 a.m.  
8:30 a.m. Hearings  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 342  
THOMAS AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the October 12, 2022,  
City Council Public Hearing. (Legislative Hearing October 11, 2022)  
Refer back to LH October 25, 2022 at 9 am. PO to pay past due taxes, submit  
evidence of financing, affidavit, construction statement/work plan, bids & schedule by  
COB October 21, 2022.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: this is going to be referred back to Legislative Hearing in 2 weeks  
tomorrow at Council. To October 25.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/12/2022  
9:00 a.m. Hearings  
Remove/Repair Orders  
RLH RR 22-48  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 523  
BEAUMONT STREET within fifteen (15) days after the September 21,  
2022, City Council Public Hearing. (To refer back to October 11, 2022  
Legislative Hearing)  
Layover to LH October 25, 2022 at 9 am. (CPH 10/26) PO to have property cleaned out  
by October 21 and a letter from financial institution indicating they will dedicate funds  
to rehab the project to be referred back to LH November 22, 2022 at 9 am. Property  
must be maintained.  
Ed Dropps, Greater Midwest Realty o/b/o GITSIT Solutions, appeared via phone  
Moermond: following up with you on 523 Beaumont, are you expecting my call?  
Dropps: I wasn’t.  
Moermond: the letter we sent said I would be calling.  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: at the conclusion of the last hearing, it was  
established a third party rehab would need an approved contract, past due taxes were  
supposed to have been paid, evidence of financing, affidavit dedicating the funds, work  
plan including schedule and bids. There has been a Code Compliance Inspection paid  
for and a Performance Deposit posted.  
Moermond: this property needed to be cleaned out Mr. Dropps?  
Dropps: I do not remember that. It may be the case. There are so many people  
involved in this with the bank out of California.  
Yannarelly: August 24 Nathan Bruhn made an entry that they needed to reschedule the  
Code Compliance Inspection because it needed to be cleaned out.  
Moermond: so that was after the letter we sent. What’s your ability to get it cleaned out  
Dropps: I wasn’t expecting this call. I must have not put it on my calendar. I’m looking  
for some emails to find the current state of the property. September 26 the bank  
reached out to the contractor, Wilde Construction, asking for the bid. He said it was  
challenging to get contractors out to give bids and should have it soon. No further  
communication from the contractor. No bids yet. We did receive bids on the trash out  
but I wasn’t aware those bids were approved. I did visit it last week to re-secure it after  
it was broken into. It was done with heavy-duty hasps on the doors. As far as where  
the bid is, I can’t tell you. I can tell you it is actively being worked on. I can’t tell you if  
or when the trash-out is scheduled but I can find it out quickly.  
Moermond: I do see the past due taxes were paid. I’m wondering if you are anticipating  
doing the work?  
Dropps: yes.  
Moermond: I’m going to push you on this cleanout. This needs to be done so the Code  
Compliance Inspection can be done. That is square one for us. Any bids are going to  
be based on the findings of that Code Compliance Inspection Report. I hate when  
someone applies for a Code Compliance Inspection and the building is still full and  
we’ve wasted the Inspector’s time to go out and note he can’t do an inspection. I really  
want that building available for inspectors to go in. I’m going to put this in front of  
Council October 26 and put two conditions on it to continue this conversation: 1) that  
junk out needs to happen and made available for inspectors no later than October 21  
Dropps: who am I supposed to call?  
Moermond: you indicated there were bids someone had to do a junk out. That was who  
I was referring to.  
Dropps: I’m included in some emails, but the bank is the first person in line facilitating  
the bids and approving them.  
Moermond: do we have an email address for them? We do have something for LOGS  
legal group and Wells Fargo. We have them copied currently.  
Dropps: it isn’t Wells Fargo and it isn’t LOGS. They were most likely the initial  
institution that had the mortgage. The owner is GITSIT solutions out of California.  
That’s who I am dealing with. LOGS is the foreclosure attorney.  
Moermond: understood. Do you have an email address for GITSIT?  
Dropps: I’m the local real estate agent. Joy Zimmerman is my main contact.  
Moermond: we can copy her on the letter and continue sending via USPS to GITSIT.  
So the financial institution wants to rehab?  
Dropps: yes.  
Moermond: I would look for an indication they will be setting aside funds for this. I  
assume they have the money but I need a statement they will use money towards this  
purpose. We have a cleanout by October 21. Council on October 26. I’m going to look  
at this October 25 so we can confirm we have the cleanout done and the financial  
statement so on the 26th I have current information for Council. We’ll refer it back to  
November 22 for time to develop bids.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/26/2022  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 1508  
COMO AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the June 8, 2022, City  
Council Public Hearing. (Refers to June 28, 2022 Legislative Hearing)  
Layover to LH December 13, 2022 at 9 am. At that time title should be cleared. No  
later than COB December 9, 2022 PO to submit bids on cost of rehab.  
Chris Boylan, owner, appeared  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: they have paid for a Code Compliance  
Inspection and Performance Deposit. The Code Compliance Inspection was just  
completed. No issues with property maintenance.  
Moermond: perfect. This is a much better email from Ms. Gherty. Much more  
promising on progress.  
Boylan: Friday they will have the quit-claim back from the heir. The did quiet title  
action. Another attorney is handling that as of money. Senior partners are saying it  
takes a minimum of sixty days because they expect a default action depending on how  
long court takes. There’s a letter from the state agent. He can’t represent me because  
of title, but he’s doing what prep work he can so he is ready to go as soon as Courts  
have moved. I’m having the new attorney work on the purchase agreement.  
Moermond: how long again?  
Boylan: 60-day minimum publication. He said 60 to 90 days, assuming the default  
action. That action is they don’t respond to the notice of the suit. I’m not sure how  
holidays impact that. The attorney who took this up apparently has done many of  
Moermond: you have the updated building portion of the Code Compliance Inspection  
Report, we decided the rest could stand. Are you wanting to do the rehab?  
Boylan: no, I want to sell. The realtor has asked me about putting it back as a  
Category 2 for purposes of sale?  
Moermond: nope.  
Boylan: what is the difference?  
Moermond: title can’t transfer for a Category 3 Vacant Building until the nuisance is  
abated. It is a property with major code violations and in order for it to be reoccupied it  
needs to be code complaint according to Code Compliance Inspection. There is some  
regulation of title transfer for Category Twos.  
Boylan: no bank will loan on them? I don’t know why he’s asking this.  
Moermond: I can’t speak to bank policy.  
Boylan: I wasn’t sure how that worked or why he was asking.  
Yannarelly: for Category 2 Vacant Building they have to show they have the financial  
wherewithal to rehab it. A contractor’s estimate. Show the money and then our  
department okays the sale.  
Moermond: as opposed to here where you have to have a contractual arrangement with  
a purchaser to do the rehab. You are in it with someone until it gets its Code  
Compliance certificate. Most people handle that through an addendum to the purchase  
agreement but some are done through Contract for Deed. Some have become the  
mortgage holder for the cost of the rehab so if there is a failure they can gain title  
through foreclosure. Right now, it is City policy, you have to have it taken care of  
before it moves on to the next person.  
Boylan: understood.  
Moermond: you said 60 to 90 days. I think it would be helpful to have a couple  
contractors in to get bids to get an idea of what it would actually cost. I know a  
purchaser would have their own people to review it. If someone is the business they  
may have their own people and better rates but it would give a clearer notion of what is  
going on.  
Boylan: the truth is I’m going to sell. The realtor is putting together a pro forma on the  
Code Compliance and what it will cost as part of a presentation to a potential investor.  
Moermond: he’s having people go through?  
Boylan: yes, he’s working on that. They know they aren’t getting the job so they aren’t  
hurrying. When I have title and can actually sell this will be part of the presentation.  
This is the Code Compliance Report and this is potentially what it would cost. Then at  
least they have a spitball to work with. I can’t get 3 generals to go in without lying  
because they won’t get the job.  
Moermond: but your realtor is having people through to get realistic numbers to do the  
Boylan: I will share those when I get them.  
Moermond: let’s talk again in 60 days. December 13th. If your realtor could submit  
specifics on the cost of the rehab it would be a good addition to the record.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 12/13/2022  
Denying a stay of enforcement of demolition for property at 587 COOK  
Refer back to LH on November 22, 2022 at 9 am if by COB October 17 PO/purchaser  
has submitted 1) updated financial documentation, 2) updated signed PA with  
addendum indicating title won't transfer until rehab is complete, 3) post new PD, 4)  
submit affidavit dedicating funds, and 5) property must continue to be maintained.  
Jesse Williams, realtor, contractor, and potential purchaser, appeared via phone  
Gerald Krippner, owner, appeared  
Moermond: we are at the end of the line at this one but I would love to hear about your  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: as of the September 27 hearing it was laid  
over to today to have a completed package of materials as outlined in previous  
hearings including rehab plans and purchase agreement. We have a purchase  
agreement that was just submitted for Jack & Betty properties, LLC.  
Moermond: tell me where you are at with the rehabilitation?  
Williams: I have 2 other properties in the area. I’m familiar with the area. I walked  
through a couple of months ago and made some notes and decided it was something I  
couldn’t take on. Then when I saw the property was still up for sale I reached out the  
Gerry a couple days ago and wrote up a purchase agreement. I am scheduling with my  
electrian to get in and get estimates, and then will do plumber and HVAC when I’m  
back in town Saturday. I’m expecting the rehab to be around $70,000. I submitted my  
proof of funds.  
Moermond: I’m looking at a document from Community Resource Bank as well as  
HELOC (home equity line of credit).  
Williams: they are both with Community Resource. One is cash and one is line of  
Moermond: can you get me something with the company’s name or your name  
associated with it. I have the last 4 digits of the account but no name on this paper. I  
need that affirmation these are your dollars not just paper showing dollars.  
Williams: that is fair.  
Moermond: I also need an affidavit. We can email you a sample. That document says  
you are dedicating the funds for the rehab and making them available for this sole  
purpose. Are you going to be the general doing the building work?  
Williams: yes.  
Moermond: how long will it take to get trades through to do bids?  
Williams: I just texted my electrician this morning. He’s coming Tuesday the 18th. My  
plumber does bids every other Friday, so 2 weeks at most. Then I need to find an  
HVAC contractor. 30 days on the long end to get all 3 through.  
Moermond: I see you signed the purchase agreement yesterday and I don’t see Mr.  
Krippner’s signature on that.  
Krippner: my name was spelled wrong, so that is being corrected.  
Moermond: so you will be sending an updated one with corrected spelling. Mr. Williams  
have you dealt with Category 3 Vacant Buildings in the past?  
Williams: I have not.  
Moermond: you have a closing date of November 14. The title cannot transfer until the  
work is done and the Code Compliance certificate is issued. Typically, that is done as  
an addendum to the purchase agreement. I don’t see that in this document.  
Williams: we have it as a contract for deed financing addendum. We would do a  
contract for deed on the 14 and a balloon until June for the transfer.  
Moermond: indeed, the Contract for Deed statement, item 36 says balance isn’t due in  
full until June 1. The header on this page says it doesn’t serve as the actual contract  
for deed.  
Williams: we don’t have the full contract for deed written up yet.  
Krippner: I’ve been in conversation with my title person and he encouraged me to have  
a lawyer. That was in the works with my previous buyer. I want to make sure there is  
language protecting myself. There is a lot of liability here. It would be written up to the  
specifics in the addendum and we’ll work so we’re both comfortable with it.  
Moermond: the Council Public Hearing is scheduled for October 19. I need that  
purchase agreement and contract for deed document executed and in front of me. On  
the strength of that and the updated financials I will ask the Council to refer it back to  
Legislative Hearing November 22. That will give you a chance to develop bids. You  
need to have lawyers who can work quickly or switch. I’m at the end of the line on this.  
Both: ok  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/19/2022  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 39  
HILLTOP LANE within fifteen (15) days after the October 12, 2022, City  
Council Public Hearing. (Grant 180 days)  
Grant 180 days to rehab.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: this is on the agenda tomorrow at Council. All the conditions have been  
met and they have been given the green light for permits. 180 days.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/12/2022  
RLH RR 22-43  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 1802  
ROSS AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the August 10, 2022, City  
Council Public Hearing. (To refer back to August 23, 2022 Legislative  
Refer back to LH on November 8, 2022 at 9 am conditioned upon Property Rep  
submitting proof of finances and affidavit by COB October 21, 2022.  
Peter Yahiayan, representative and financial partner, appeared via phone  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: the last hearing the property needed to be  
cleaned out. No Code Compliance Inspection done yet.  
Yahiayan: I spoke with Nathan Bruhn yesterday. I left him a voicemail with the lockbox  
code. I’m not sure if he’s been out.  
Moermond: so you did this yesterday. And I’m sure he won’t be able to get to it  
immediately. Additionally, three other trades need to do a walkthrough. We thought the  
cleanout would be done a lot sooner  
Yahiayan: the cleanout was done; I can send photos.  
Moermond: we started this August 10. Given we don’t have any work plan yet based on  
the Code Compliance Inspection Report I’m going to ask you about available  
financing. City’s estimate was over $100,000 based on their experience. I’m wondering  
if you are ready to demonstrate you have that kind of money.  
Yahiayan: I can submit this with Bank of America. The previous scope of work the  
Contractor gave me was based on the old Code Compliance Inspection. They will  
update it.  
Moermond: I have no bank information in my file. I have a Legvold Construction  
statement from August 4, 2022. If you could show financing it would be helpful in  
terms of taking another step forward. I will continue this case to November 8 and ask  
Mr. Bruhn to expedite the Code Compliance Inspection so you can get contractors in to  
do bids. Next time we can talk on more specific information then. I’m going to send  
this to Council October 26 and ask them to refer it back to Legislative Hearing  
November 8 to continue our discussion. I would try and schedule contractors to come  
the first week of November because you should have the Code Compliance Inspection  
by then. Have financing submitted by October 21 so I can review before Council.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/26/2022  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 694  
SHERBURNE AVENUE within fifteen (15) days after the May 25, 2022,  
City Council Public Hearing.  
Layover to LH October 25, 2022 at 9 am (pending completion of Zoning process for  
reestablishing nonconforming use as a duplex).  
No one appeared  
Moermond: this is a two week layover so Mr. Lee can continue working with Planning  
and Economic Development on reestablishing his legal nonconforming status as a  
duplex. We should be copying both Tony Peterson and Mai Chong Xiong on the  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 10/25/2022  
RLH RR 22-46  
Ordering the removal of the structures at 1600 SEVENTH STREET  
WEST within fifteen (15) days after the August 24, 2022, City Council  
Public Hearing.  
Refer back to LH December 13, 2022 at 9 am pending submission of a long-term  
nuisance abatement plan by noon on Monday October 24, 2022.  
Jacob Steen, attorney, appeared  
Moermond: I believe you just received the Code Compliance Inspection Report and  
shared with your client?  
Steen: correct. We received the report as of last Thursday. It is as expected.  
Substantial. We haven’t had a contractor in yet. We listed in the last month and we  
have active negotiations with a buyer. I can’t disclose that buyer. A medical-dental  
user. We are hoping to have the purchase agreement signed by December 1 based on  
the letter of intent. Due to condition of the site there will be 120 day due diligence  
inspection period. We are hoping to expedite that if possible due to condition. Dumping  
continues to be an issue. We’ve removed at least 4 couches and we would like to  
fence off the drive through. Sounds like that is acceptable to DSI but I wanted to put it  
before you. I’ve been in contact with the neighbor who keeps a close eye on it. She’s  
been calling me when we have dumping. She observes it frequently. Working to  
Moermond: she can also call Mr. Yannarelly and perhaps that should be the first call  
for service.  
Yannarelly: they have been responsive to when I’ve emailed or sent orders. Dumping is  
a continual problem. I am emailing him the orders now too. They are taking care of it  
now instead of us, so that is good.  
Moermond: do they have the Code Compliance Inspection Report?  
Steen: it is high level, every element of the building needs to be reviewed. We don’t  
intend to rehab as a restaurant. Maybe a shell gut, but we haven’t had someone in yet.  
Moermond: there is a team inspection report what is likely when someone pulls permits  
is there will be a code analysis done which is the work of an architect or accredited  
designer to convert the space to its new or reestablishing its existing use. That is the  
basis for puling permits. Understanding the Code Compliance Inspection Report is  
Steen: we can’t even have an architect in since we don’t know what the final use is yet.  
We’ll have to go down to the walls most likely.  
Moermond: a purchase agreement.  
Steen: we’ve been in advanced negotiations. December 1 is the anticipated signing of  
the purchase agreement based on the negotiated letter of intent. Then they have  
120-day due diligence period. We’ve been sensitive about the Code Compliance  
analysis. I know you want to get them committed before we have substantive  
Moermond: why 120 days?  
Steen: I wish I had a good answer. Ultimately it is based on its existing use and the  
Moermond: can it be shortened?  
Steen: we can ask.  
Moermond: this property has been a significant nuisance and continues to be. Fencing  
is great. We’d want some sort of statement from your client, a nuisance abatement  
plan. What steps can be taken to mitigate problems besides moving straight into  
construction. Fencing is a piece of that. Snow fence isn’t going to do the trick for you.  
Mr. Yannarelly can you put a note in the file that a building permit for fencing is  
allowed. Mr. Ubl can reach out to me with questions. Naming your periodically  
checking it. You have neighbors with contact information. Making an overt statement  
of what you are willing to do to address the nuisance conditions pending the closing. If  
this falls through I’m going to be living here 2 months from now with nothing in my  
pocket. I’m assuming that you are working on fallback plans? Because that is going to  
be a bad position for me at City Council that we are this many months in on what has  
been defined widely as a nuisance property and we have nothing. I’ll push for a fallback  
plan from you. December 1 potential purchase agreement. December 13 is the next  
Legislative Hearing available. I’m going to send this to Council on October 26. I’ll ask  
them to send it back to Legislative Hearing on December 13, contingent on an  
approved nuisance abatement plan put into place. In December I’d like you and the  
purchaser present so we can walk through the next period of time. Ideally we can look  
at the next 180 days. I’d want to be close to a package before the Council. Maybe they  
could have contractors go through in November and make some determinations of  
what needs to happen.  
Steen: if we wanted to propose demolition—  
Moermond: no problem to do that at any time.  
Steen: we boarded the building to secure it. Obviously long term that isn’t ideal. Do  
you have preference on un-boarding it in the short-term once we start demolition  
Moermond: that is a fallback to having a secured structure that isn’t being broken into.  
It fixes the problem of the building being open and it makes for a more secure  
opening. If you can maintain a more secure structure with no boards, all the better.  
Yannarelly: absolutely. I’m sure the neighbors would prefer a secured, unboarded,  
Steen: we’ll look at that. October 26 to Council?  
Moermond: have something to my office by October 24 so we can look at that.  
Steen: we can do that. I know the neighbor didn’t want us to fence off the whole site  
because the police camp out here most nights. High level of police presence.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/26/2022  
RLH RR 22-57  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 1501  
CLARENCE STREET within fifteen (15) days after the November 9,  
2022, City Council Public Hearing.  
Refer back to LH December 13, 2022 9 am if PD is posted by COB November 4,  
Doug Grimm, Northern Value Group, LLC  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process & items required to rehab a Category  
3 Vacant Building]  
Moermond: I show an owner of Marcine Mary McLellan who is deceased. Who are you?  
Grimm: I represent Northern Value Group, LLC, we hold the first mortgage.  
Moermond: Wells Fargo must be in second position?  
Grimm: yes, that is my understanding. The original amount was about $384. We are  
scheduled to take ours to sheriff’s sale tomorrow. I don’t know the answer yet whether  
it will be a six month or 5-week redemption.  
Moermond: have your attorney seek a shortened redemption period if you want to  
rehab. I know it will cost more, but Council needs to see you are in this. They won’t  
have the patience to wait six months. They will say move forward with demolition. If you  
come in saying here’s what we are doing to expedite this, that is what they’re looking  
Staff report by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: The building is a one-story, wood frame,  
single-family dwelling with an attached one-stall garage, and metal utility shed, on a lot  
of 6,098 square feet. According to our files, it has been a vacant building since May  
4, 2020. The current property owner is Marcine Mary McLellan (deceased), per  
AMANDA and Ramsey County Property records. On July 20, 2022, an inspection of the  
building was conducted, a list of deficiencies which constitute a nuisance condition  
was developed and photographs were taken. An order to abate a nuisance building was  
posted on August 3, 2022, with a compliance date of September 2, 2022. As of this  
date, the property remains in a condition which comprises a nuisance as defined by  
the legislative code. Taxation has placed an estimated market value of $25,000 on the  
land and $278,600 on the building. Real estate taxes for the first half of 2022 are due  
and owing in the amount of $4,119.35, which includes penalty and interest. Taxes for  
the second half of 2022 are due on October 17, 2022, in the amount of $3,678.00. The  
vacant building registration fees were paid by assessment on June 1, 2022. As of  
October 10, 2022, a Code Compliance Inspection has not been done. As of October  
10, 2022, the $5,000 performance deposit has not been posted. There was one  
Summary Abatement notice since 2020. There have been two work orders issued for  
boarding and securing. Code Enforcement Officers estimate the cost to repair this  
structure exceeds $100,000. The estimated cost to demolish exceeds $40,000.  
Moermond: the first thing I noticed is if the owner died in February 2018 there was a  
2-year gap between when she died and went into the Vacant Building program. I look  
down and I hear one Summary Abatement Order and two work orders. I’m hearing the  
property’s exterior is maintained but the interior is likely a bad situation.  
Grimm: when we took assignment of the mortgage we did enter the property to change  
the locks and secure. We found it not to be in horrible condition. The roof was old but  
hadn’t leaked inside. I can speak to the steps we’ve taken on the outside.  
Moermond: sooner rather than later we need a Code Compliance Inspection Report  
done to do that assessment. It needs to be broom clean and cleared of personal  
possessions. Is it cleaned out?  
Grimm: there is not much stuff in there.  
[recess 9:17 to 9:49 am]  
Moermond: we were talking about shortened redemption period and Code Compliance  
Inspection and Performance Deposit.  
Grimm: it is our intention to bring this property into compliance. We got title to the  
mortgage in late June. That only affords us certain rights, not the same as the owner.  
There are surviving heirs according to the obituary I read. We addressed the exterior  
according to the statute. We secured the front and back doors, replaced the roof,  
repaired the balcony rail, repaired and repainted soffit and fascia and secured the shed  
in the yard. Those were the items in the original nuisance letter. We addressed those  
under the jurisdiction of the statute. There is a chance that some heir could come pay  
off the property and redeem it. Our concern is if we post the Performance Deposit we’re  
out that if an heir shows  
Moermond: you aren’t, you can request it back.  
Grimm: we haven’t felt comfortable addressing the inside knowing there are heirs. We  
are just a lender and as much as we are willing able to bring it to code we can only  
take it so far until we have ownership  
Moermond: I need you to show Council you are working towards abating the nuisance  
condition, knowing there are heirs. The Performance Deposit can be returned to you in  
these circumstances. It is understood if someone else does the work, it is associated  
with you. It wouldn’t carry forward with someone else taking over the project, including  
an heir. To me that is an article of good faith that you are in the game. Getting it  
returned is just make a statement in writing to DSI and it takes about six weeks to  
process the check. The other thing is the Code Compliance Inspection Report. Do you  
feel comfortable having inspectors in?  
Grimm: I’d like to know what needs to be done, yes. But I’m in the shoes of the bank.  
I can’t do it until we end the redemption period. I hope that to be November 16. We’ve  
spent $9,000 on the outside of the property. We are definitely committed. I feel  
uncomfortable ordering a Code Compliance Inspection from the angle that if one of  
those children calls and asks why a City inspector is in the property. I have to explain  
that to them. The statute allows us to enter into the property only to minimize damage  
from elements, trespass, or illegal activity.  
Moermond: so you are saying no.  
Grimm: and that isn’t because of unwillingness, I want that clear.  
Moermond: I hear where you are coming from. The Order to Abate a nuisance building  
includes the list of items the City is aware of that led to its vacant status. The August  
3 letter is a list for what caused it to be condemned as unfit for human habitation. That  
is different that the items to reoccupy with the Code Compliance Inspection.  
Grimm: understood.  
Moermond: I’m going to look for a Performance Deposit and it seems like you’ve been  
in this position with the mortgage for a little while. You are familiar with the players and  
moving pieces. If you could summarize that for me and where you are at with taking  
steps, like you’re awareness of heirs and outreach there, sheriff’s sale date, shortened  
redemption period. Those considerations that are impacting your ability to move and  
decision-making. That would be toward your benefit. If you can put something together  
that shows me how you are actively trying to clear title as quickly as possible, and post  
that Performance Deposit. You have a Public Hearing November 9. Let’s say  
December 13 we talk again; the dust should be settled on a lot of this by then.  
Grimm: foreclosure by publication.  
Moermond: but if you seek a shortened period you’d be in front of a judge, I would ask  
the judge if you can have inspectors in to assess condition. That is within their  
authority. It would give everyone a better idea of what the money will be to fix it. If  
you’re having discussions with heirs about what it would cost to fix they may make a  
more informed decision on the process.  
Grimm: I think our attorney made the petition already to the court. We asked him to  
file that with the publication. If that has already been made we may not be able to ask  
that permission.  
Moermond: is Brian Hoelsher your attorney? We could include him on the follow-up  
Grimm: yes, that would be great.  
Moermond: if you could send us his email we can copy him. Any questions?  
Grimm: no.  
Moermond: so the Performance Deposit I would like posted by November 4, the Friday  
preceding the hearing.  
Grimm: am I to attend the Council hearing?  
Moermond: if those things are good, there’s no reason to testify. You’re welcome to  
come say “hi, I’m the Responsible Party” but if you are getting what you want it likely  
isn’t worth your time.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 11/9/2022  
RLH RR 22-58  
Ordering the rehabilitation or razing and removal of the structures at 331  
LAWSON AVENUE WEST within fifteen (15) days after the November 9,  
2022, City Council Public Hearing.  
Remove within 5 days with no option to repair.  
No one appeared  
Staff report Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: The building is a two-story, wood frame, duplex  
with a detached one-stall garage on a lot of 2,770 square feet. According to our files,  
it has been a vacant building since February 9, 2021 due to a fire. The current property  
owner is Charles Nosie, per Amanda and Ramsey County Property records. On July 6,  
2022, an inspection of the building was conducted, a list of deficiencies which  
constitute a nuisance condition was developed and photographs were taken. An Order  
to Abate a Nuisance Building was posted on July 14, 2022, with a compliance date of  
August 13, 2022. As of this date, the property remains in a condition which comprises  
a nuisance as defined by the legislative code. Taxation has placed an estimated  
market value of $20,000 on the land and $179,200 on the building.  
Real estate taxes for 2021 are delinquent in the amount of $2,546.07, which includes  
penalty and interest. Taxes for the first half of 2022 are due and owing in the amount  
of $3,614.26, which includes penalty and interest. Taxes for the second half of 2022  
are due on October 17, 2022, in the amount of $3,227.00. The property is scheduled  
for tax forfeiture in 2023. The vacant building registration fees were paid by  
assessment on March 3, 2022. A Code Compliance Inspection was done on July 30,  
2021 and is now expired. As of October 10, 2022, the $5,000 performance deposit has  
not been posted. There have been ten Summary Abatement notices since 2021. There  
have been seven work orders issued for: garbage/rubbish, boarding/securing, tall  
grass/weeds, and snow/ice. Code Enforcement Officers estimate the cost to repair this  
structure exceeds $100,000. The estimated cost to demolish exceeds $40,000.  
Moermond: this order was issued to Charles Noise. He is a landlord. This was a Fire  
Certificate of Occupancy rental property. There was a significant fire in February 2021  
affecting both this property and also the neighbor at 329 Lawson. We have had a  
number of appeals from 329 Lawson related to this fire. It is unfortunate it has taken  
this long for it to come forward for demolition. I understand that Community  
Development Block Grant dollars can’t be used for demolition until it has been sitting  
there for a full year. That has been super tough for the neighborhood to have this fire  
damaged structure, plus the neighbor who was displaced and had insurance  
difficulties. That arises from the fact that property values and contractor costs have  
gone up significantly and homeowner’s insurance hasn’t gone up should there be an  
issue like this. Quite a sad story. This is a no-show hearing. Landlord has abandoned  
the property. I’m going to recommend the Council order the property removed with no  
property for rehab within FIVE days.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 11/9/2022  
10:00 a.m. Hearings  
Making Finding on Nuisance Abatements  
Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for 1253  
CLEVELAND AVENUE NORTH in Council File RLH RR 22-14.  
The nuisance is abated and matter resolved.  
No one appeared  
Moermond: the resolution will indicate the nuisance has been abated and the matter  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/19/2022  
11:00 a.m. Hearings  
Making Finding on Nuisance Abatements  
Making finding on the appealed substantial abatement ordered for 975  
HUDSON ROAD in Council File RLH RR 22-18.  
Layover to LH October 25, 2022 at 10 am. PO to 1) have Nathan Bruhn out to assess  
% completed, 2) updated financial statement sufficient for completing rehab, 3)  
updated schedule (including bids if new contractors) and 4) property must continue to  
be maintained.  
Derek Thooft, attorney, appeared via phone  
Lorrie Miller, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: our business today is to revisit the grant of time the Council gave you to do  
the rehab of this property and talk about where we go from here. The Certificate of  
Code Compliance hasn’t been issued.  
Staff update by Supervisor Joe Yannarelly: there have been several permits pulled. Mr.  
Bruhn was just recently contacted about this, and without having been in the building  
he is estimating 40% completion at most.  
Moermond: in my cursory review of the permit situation, can you confirm the plumbing  
has had a rough in?  
Yannarelly: yes.  
Moermond: electrical rough in?  
Yannarelly: yes.  
Moermond: building is pulled, ongoing. Mechanical permit is under review and warm air  
we have nothing.  
Yannarelly: says active issued warm-air as of October 5.  
Moermond: 40% just based on paperwork. I understand that you contacted Mr. Bruhn  
for an extension, that extension would come from here. Where are you at?  
M: I reached out to nathan because my attorney reminded me the paperwork told us to  
do so and I didn’t realize that.  
Moermond: it said to reach out to do an inspection, the extension is done elsewhere.  
Miller: I was confused about nathan needing to do an inspection because when I was  
down at the permit office to pull the building permit they put Clint Zane on because  
Bruhn refused a promotion. They put him as the contact and was out and approved the  
framing portion for the building permit.  
Moermond: and what I am going for is I need Nathan Bruhn to be eyes on at the  
property with the goal of getting a percentage complete assessment. If you’ve reached  
50% complete your Performance Deposit will be continued and isn’t in danger. You  
haven’t according to what Mr. Bruhn can review. That means your Performance Deposit  
is in danger. That could mean the Council forfeits that Performance Deposit and  
requires and additional one. They could continue your existing Performance Deposit  
and ask for another to be posted. That would be in order to get more time to complete  
the rehab. If you are at 40% and when Mr. Bruhn is eyes on and confirm that, I would  
recommend the Council continue the Performance Deposit and ask for an additional.  
That would also be returnable upon issuance of the Code Compliance certificate. That  
is why I’m focused on that piece. Because you haven’t completed the work on the  
schedule you provided six months ago, you need to submit a new schedule. If you  
have new contractors I need to know about that. I need to know you have the money to  
complete the project as well. I want you to have a chance to get Mr. Bruhn out there so  
we can get a percentage from him. I’m going to lay this over two weeks. You can start  
working on a new schedule now. I’m seeing you have inspections, but no finals. Things  
are open so we need to get some eyes on it. Mr. Thooft, any questions or statements?  
Thooft: frankly I’m in agreement with everything stated. She has made a lot of  
progress. I want to provide surety she is diligently working on this. We have been in  
communication and she is doing everything she can. We’ll follow up on those  
recommendations. My office will get on that for that 2-week check in.  
Moermond: call Mr. Bruhn before 9 am in the morning. In the event he says Clint Zane  
is doing that inspection, he can. Last I heard Mr. Bruhn was still the responsible  
person in making what is a large financial decision on this percentage complete. We’ll  
talk again in 2 weeks, October 25. If you have a revised schedule at that point, that  
would be helpful, as well as financial documentation. Any questions?  
Miller: no, thank you.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 10/25/2022  
1:00 p.m. Hearings  
Vacant Building Registrations  
Appeal of Nick Hubers to a Vacant Building Registration Requirement at  
Waive the VB fee for 90 days (to December 15, 2022) to have Fire C of O reinstated.  
Nick Hubers, owner, appeared via phone  
Moermond: we do have a new inspection report to consider.  
Staff update by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: an inspection was done by Inspector Der  
Vue on September 29, 2022 for a new Fire Certificate of Occupancy inspection. Orders  
were updated and sent September 30.10 corrections, pretty typical. Some safety items  
and some property maintenance items.  
Moermond: Mr. Dornfeld, you opened the fie September 2021, so it has been in the  
Vacant Building program a year. We’re not talking about the year 2 fee?  
Dornfeld: yes.  
Hubers: I don’t think we had a fee the first year.  
Dornfeld: it was opened as a Category 1 Vacant Building September 15, 2021.  
H: it has never been vacant. We weren’t made aware of any fee. I’ve been emailing  
Inspector Vue. It should all be done next week, 17th or 18th. I’ll have to talk to our  
accountant, maybe it did get assessed.  
Moermond: it did.  
Hubers: you can’t appeal something you don’t know about.  
Moermond: it is on you to give Ramsey County your correct address. Here we are now,  
year 2, trying to get you out of the Vacant Building program. We have a list of items to  
be corrected, and if they are done within a given length of time we can get you out.  
Your anniversary date is September 15, so I’ll recommend a 90 day waiver to  
December 15. If you have your Fire Certificate of Occupancy reinstated by that time  
you have no fee and you can reoccupy. Can you do that?  
Hubers: yes, it can be done next week. I just reach out to Inspector Vue to verify?  
Imbertson: if you are planning to have the work done prior to that deadline contact the  
inspector. We don’t like to send out a letter giving you shorter time than allowed in the  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/26/2022  
Appeal of Adero Riser Cobb to a Vacant Building Registration Notice at  
Grant the appeal and release the property from the VB program conditioned upon  
building permit being pulled by January 16, 2023.  
Adero Riser Cobb, Chief Operating Officer Keystone Community Services, appeared  
via phone  
Paul Johnson, project manager, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: we were dealing with this through the Fire  
Certificate of Occupancy renewal. The most recent use for the property is S1  
occupancy, auto repair garage. 5,900 square foot one story commercial building.  
Revoked September 3, 2021 being found unoccupied. It was unoccupied at least  
some time prior to that revocation. It was initially being monitored as “unoccupied  
status”. Certificate of Occupancy was revoked and it wasn’t’ certified for occupancy but  
wasn’t’ referred to the Vacant Building program yet. This is done for properties vacant  
for a short period of time or are turn key and move in ready, often between tenants.  
After it was monitored for a year it was referred to the Vacant Building program based  
on the length of time it has been vacant, and some noted exterior violations.  
Moermond: we have old orders, are they for its current use?  
Cobb: it was used for something different before we purchased. We had a fire  
inspection January 12, 2021. I went through that inspection and that’s where we got  
occupancy from Laura Huseby.  
Moermond: Mr. Imbertson, the most recent document I have revokes the certificate  
and that was September 3.  
Imbertson: that was the most recent action. There was an inspection in January 2021  
prior to that. I didn’t get into details of that since I didn’t view it as part of the appeal,  
but if it is relevant I can go through that.  
Moermond: you left things as you had an unoccupied building with existing orders and  
a different use than how it is currently being used  
Imbertson: that was an auto repair garage, and that is all we can recertify as without  
going through a change of use. January 2021 the inspector believed it to be between  
tenants or unclear about future use of the property. It does say it is vacated in that  
letter and will need to be recertified for its particular use prior to reoccupying. Then we  
found it still unoccupied nor reoccupied as a repair garage. That led to the revocation  
of the Certificate of Occupancy.  
Staff report by Supervisor Matt Dornfeld: we opened a Category 1 Vacant Building  
September 1, 2022 per the Fire Inspection referral. At time of inspection Inspector  
Hoffman noted it was vacant and secure and posted Vacant Building placards. As of  
October 4, his latest entry states the building appeared vacant and secured. When he  
says “vacant” he means human occupancy, not storage.  
Moermond: I see in your appeal you are transitioning from storage to using this for your  
food bank and you have a lot going on. I looked up permits and you have a building  
permit started June 2022. Tell me your plans.  
Riser Cobb: we purchased the building to consolidate our food shelf. We have been  
under design. We worked with our architect and engineer, environmental specialist as  
we gear up for renovating. During this process we are preparing the building to start  
construction this fall. We are working with Planning and Economic Development,  
Claudia Klinkhammer, Curt Schultz. They added another layer they forgot to inform us  
of, the Sustainability Study. Now we are tweaking our plans to make those  
adjustments to the plans. Paul is our project manager.  
Johnson: over the summer we have been working with our design team. We achieved  
completion of the design development portion of our architectural plans. That was step  
2 of the process. We anticipate having 100 percent of our construction documents for  
our permit application by Mid-November. There is some abatement and vapor  
mitigation required. Both of those activities don’t require a full building permit. So while  
DSI is reviewing for the building permit we would apply for those permits around  
hazardous material abatement and vapor mitigation under a plumbing permit. That  
would be concurrent with building permit review. Pending that issuance, we would start  
construction in January 2023 hopefully.  
Moermond: that sounds great. Planning and Economic Development staff is involved in  
pulling this together. These uses sound really different. Do you have zoning changes  
you need to deal with? Zoning is currently T3.  
Johnson: our proposed use is permitted under current use is my understanding. We do  
have to replat the two parcels into one with the County. That is underway. It shouldn’t  
be a high hurdle.  
Moermond: we’ve got the storage going on. We have upcoming construction activity.  
When do imagine you’ll be moving from the bicycle storage to having workers coming  
and going?  
Johnson: I would say that is happening now. Increasingly over the next few weeks  
engineers will be in and out, architects verifying field conditions. Designers accessing  
the building regularly. In terms of construction crews from 7 am to 3, that won’t occur  
until mid-January pending that building permit. Sporadic work as we do that vapor  
Moermond: will the storage use have ceased the time the construction begins?  
Riser Cobb: we’re storing our bicycles at 1790. They are just there until construction  
starts. There is probably 300 bikes there and we are taking them out; we are selling  
them. Once construction starts they won’t be there.  
Moermond: when there isn’t a Fire Certificate of Occupancy Mr. Imbertson, my  
understanding is your concerns are about fire load?  
Imbertson: the Fire Code and Vacant Building ordinances typically ask for a Vacant  
Building to be broom clean and totally empty. That is to minimize the fire load and  
making sure anyone coming and going would be safe and has proper access to exits.  
Storage is an occupancy even if there isn’t anyone typically there day-to-day. If that is  
allowed to continue while it is uncertified we would like to see storage to a minimum  
and how many people are allowed in.  
Moermond: I’m hearing that the storage use will continue to decrease as they move to  
starting construction. That leaves me only with a concern that the storage use is done  
by the start of construction. So we don’t have workers around the storage and people  
moving bicycles when there is construction going on. I’m comfortable with that storage  
continuing for the moment. You describe it as a minimal use. Of course professionals  
can go in and out of the space. I’m thinking this can be released from the Vacant  
Building program since you have this pending construction and we can revisit it later if  
needed. Your full permit application you said would be mid-November?  
Johnson: mid-November we are anticipating applying for a building permit.  
Moermond: I will recommend you are released from the registered Vacant Building  
program conditioned upon the building permit being issued by January 1, 2023.  
Johnson: we were kind of hedging our bets with the time frame. We will do our best,  
and then we are at the mercy of DSI’s schedule. We’d love it earlier than January 1.  
Moermond: January 16 will be my recommendation and work actively being  
undertaken. You wouldn’t have a fee. The Fire orders in place, once you begin  
construction they are kind of meaningless since they apply to a previous use. Getting  
your Certificate of Occupancy from your building official is the measure of when it can  
be reoccupied.  
Riser Cobb: my confusion was when we got the Certificate of Occupancy in January it  
was under Keystone and not the other organization. I spoke with Mitch in May and  
September. I said we’d just had a fire inspection and he said we will cancel the  
inspection. That is why I was under that impression that everything was fine. Sounds  
like we are past that point now as far as moving forward. We are in the process with  
starting the renovation and needing the permit. January 15 should give Planning and  
Economic Development the time to get that done.  
Moermond: we have a building without a Certificate of Occupancy for its current use  
which is storage. I’m going to allow that to continue through January 15 at which point  
there should be a building permit issued. This will keep you out of the Vacant Building  
program. That is the measure. Any questions?  
Riser Cobb: can we remove the Vacant Building placard?  
Moermond: you can.  
Referred to the City Council due back on 10/26/2022  
1:30 p.m. Hearings (NONE)  
2:00 p.m. Hearings  
Fire Certificates of Occupancy  
Appeal of Benjamin Roberts to a Re-Inspection Fire Certificate of  
Occupancy With Deficiencies at 124 LEXINGTON PARKWAY NORTH.  
Layover to October 25, 2022 at 2 pm to discuss timeline of Xcel repairs.  
Benjamin Roberts, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: initial inspection was done March 2022. B  
classification with six violations. One was exterior surfaces, which is still cited. A  
number of reinspections were made between March and now. We are down to a list of  
the one item, exterior surface repair. That includes repairs to soffits or fascia where  
there are holes and repairing peeling paint. Not a safety issue but we do view it  
important and could prevent eventual habitability issues with critters getting in or  
moisture, or lead issues in the chipping paint.  
Moermond: what are you looking for today?  
Roberts: there was the initial visits and many subsequent visits. Everything was done  
on the inside. There are two items, the facia and then the front porch there is a small  
amount, one beam and part of the room. The back part was the same thing at the top.  
As I explained to the Inspector, the power company tightened a line that was too low on  
the neighbor’s house and as a result the wire connected to my house was pulled from  
the board and it dropped. I’ve called Xcel to fix the line, I have no control over that.  
Maybe I should just repair it to the best of my ability.  
Moermond: is the work that Xcel doing impact the repairs and painting on the list? Are  
the wires close? I don’t understand.  
Roberts: I thought the inspector took pictures?  
Moermond: I see holes in the pictures.  
Roberts: notice the connection to the house, where the wire connects to the fascia.  
There is a rod connected to the house. The wire goes to a pole across the neighbor’s  
yard. When they tightened the wire they pulled the board out and disconnected the one  
running straight across. In order to fix that they will have to come out and figure out  
what they need to do to relieve the pressure on that line. There is no way I can get that  
board connected back in alignment with the top board. There is probably 3 inches  
pulled out at the bottom.  
Moermond: normally you see a mast connected to the roof, rather than into fascia.  
That seems unusual.  
Roberts: there is a mast that runs up the wall. Most houses the wire is connected to  
the house and then it goes to the mast.  
Imbertson: a more typical way is they run the connection strapped to the mast so the  
wires aren’t anchored on the house. I believe this is acceptable for Xcel it just leads to  
complications if you need to repair the board behind it. I don’t believe there is a  
concern for existing buildings. They may have had to raise the anchor point up to get  
additional height with the mast.  
Roberts: it has been like this all along.  
Moermond: with the separation between the fascia boards?  
Roberts: no, not until they came out and tightened it.  
Moermond: you have connected with Xcel. They may or may not be of assistance in  
addressing the construction matter. Talking to them is the next step and you are  
waiting to hear back?  
Roberts: I’ve talked to them and have a work order in but haven’t heard anything. At  
minimum since the wire goes so close to the house is put in another pole. There is  
probably 50 yards from the pole that runs to the person’s house.  
Moermond: so you would like an extension on the fire order to correct the fascia  
boards until Xcel can do their side of things and you don’t know their timing.  
Roberts: even for me to make the repair they would have to drop the line. They told me  
four months on another property. I’ll do the best I can to get it up so it won’t be  
drooping. It won’t look too good. As far as the painting I plan to take care of that. It  
isn’t a large amount. It is probably about a six-foot span. For some reason I didn’t get  
up that far when I painted the house.  
Moermond: why don’t we continue this conversation in 2 weeks and during that time  
you speak with Xcel so you can come back with a firmer timeline so we can put in an  
appropriate extension.  
Roberts: I will try and contact them. They haven’t even responded to my initial  
Moermond: get all over them on it. I’d like to know that before we lock something in.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 10/25/2022  
Appeal of Katherine Gosiger to a Fire Certificate of Occupancy  
Correction Notice at 258 SEVENTH STREET WEST.  
Layover to LH October 18, 2022 at 2 pm. PO to submit survey for staff review.  
Kathy Gosiger, general manager, appeared via phone  
Tom Reid, owner, appeared via phone  
[Moermond gives background of appeals process]  
Staff report by Supervisor Mitch Imbertson: inspector Niemeyer was out on a referral to  
assess rear exit due to wall collapse at neighboring property. In response a correction  
notice was sent with two items. One is regarding a fence on the east exit from the rear  
bar. The second is the roof above the east exit in the same area. The concern with the  
roof was to have a building permit and inspection of related instruction. There appears  
to be deterioration of the fence and it is leaning due to the collapsed wall. We don’t  
have a survey in hand so inspectors make their best judgment as far as which property  
we determine a property border. Mr. Niemeyer’s observation is the fence was built good  
side out from the 258 seventh property, making it appear related to this property. If we  
are shown a survey showing it isn’t not part of this property we would of course close  
out this order and pursue it with the correct property owner.  
Moermond: so a survey is critical to figure out where this lies. Do you have a survey?  
Reid: we do.  
Moermond: is it something you can share?  
Reid: absolutely.  
Moermond: what I’d like to do is get that survey and I know there is a lot going on in  
that tight geographic location right now. Clarity on that would be fantastic. The other  
place I would look is if anyone has any site plan conditions established as part of that  
process or license conditions related to any of this space. I don’t know that exists but  
it may be informative. I would like to see the survey before arriving at a conclusion on  
this. If you could get that to me, we can talk again next week.  
Gosiger: how can I send that to you?  
Moermond: scan it and email it, sometimes surveys need a high-quality scan.  
Reid: I’ll call the company who did the survey and see if they can help. It is quite large.  
Prior to us even doing the extension we had several engineers looking at the property  
so we didn’t create a problem for the Justice Ramsey House. We started in that corner  
and everyone said there was no problem with digging by that shale rock. They were  
here hourly as we started digging. The fence was here when I bought the property in  
1999. I always understood it was on the adjoining property, not on our side. 8 or 9 years  
ago our customers, pre-expansion, smelled smoke and the back of the building was  
on fire. There was a metal pipe the owner had put a stove in without proper inspection.  
Our manager had to put the fire out.  
Moermond: the Justice Ramsey house?  
Reid: yes. I think he may have been cited for it. It was back on that side. It was never  
corrected, some of the wood is still charred to this day. Chimney falling down, gaping  
holes. We did have that metal ceiling. That isn’t an emergency exit. It is just for us to  
store but we did have the metal roofing taken down so it isn’t out there to cause any  
problems for us or the neighbor. The 4x4s are actually holding that back portion of the  
building or it could have caved and damaged our building. It is six inches into Burger  
Moe’s property. John Evans did maintenance for us and Burger Moe's and he would  
come in to fix the fence and at one point because Moe had a patio they put in an  
emergency exit so they could still use the patio. John made a gate so his customers  
could exit the area if necessary. When we did our expansion we actually left more room  
at the back so he could still use that and didn’t close him down. When we got into a  
tiff with Moe that is when things started to change. I said it was impeding our  
customers because it swung left to right and prevented exit from our building after the  
expansion. We believe that fence isn’t ours. It looks terrible from our side. They can’t  
see it at all.  
Moermond: how quickly can you get the survey to me?  
Reid: I would hope today.  
Moermond: could it be close of business Thursday or Friday? Is that too soon?  
Reid: we close at 2 am, do you want to come over?  
Moermond: I’d like to look at the survey and pictures and then I’d have time to  
schedule to come visit the site if I had questions and perhaps bring the building  
inspector too. I’d want to see the survey first because that may answer my questions.  
Reid: you come over and pick a time that is fine.  
Moermond: I’d want the survey first so I would know more. It may not even be  
G: I could bring it into the office tomorrow.  
Moermond: we can make that work. Reach out to Joanna Zimny. [Moermond  
discusses her calendar]. Either tomorrow or Thursday and we’ll figure it out.  
Laid Over to the Legislative Hearings due back on 10/18/2022