City Hall and Court House  
15 West Kellogg Boulevard  
3rd Floor  
City of Saint Paul  
Meeting Agenda  
Audit Committee  
Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, Chair  
Councilmember Saura Jost, Councilmember  
Councilmember HwaJeong Kim, Councilmember  
Councilmember Mitra Jalali (ex-officio)  
Dana M. DeMaster, Community Advisor  
Stephanie D. Dilworth, Community Advisor  
James T. Farnsworth, Community Advisor  
Jeremy Lostetter, Community Advisor  
Tuesday, March 19, 2024  
Roll Call  
2:00 PM  
City Hall, 3rd Floor Council Chambers  
March 19, 2024 Audit Committee Agenda  
1. Review Proposed Calendar  
2. Updates  
3. Departments we would like to hear from  
4. Risk Assessment Training