City Hall and Court House  
15 West Kellogg Boulevard  
Council Chambers - 3rd  
City of Saint Paul  
Meeting Agenda  
Audit Committee  
Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, Co-chair  
Councilmember Jane Prince, Co-chair  
Councilmember Amy Brendmoen (ex-officio)  
Ellen T. Brown, Community Advisor  
Dana M. DeMaster, Community Advisor  
Stephanie D. Dilworth, Community Advisor  
James Farnsworth, Community Advisor  
Monday, April 10, 2023  
Roll Call  
3:00 PM  
Legislative Hearing Room 330, City Hall  
Audit Committee  
1. Draft of an RFP to obtain professional consultant services to assist in conducting up  
to four research and evaluation projects beyond those that Council or City staff can  
provide to improve the timing of delivery of services for these projects - Dana DeMaster  
(Community Advisor), Trina Chernos (Deputy City Attorney), Asha Moreland (Assistant  
City Attorney), and Nhia Vang (Staff)  
2. Drafts of Resident and City Employee Topic Suggestions Surveys - James  
Farnsworth (Community Advisor), and Nhia Vang (Staff)  
3. Community Engagement Plan - James Farnsworth (Community Advisor), and Nhia  
Vang (Staff)  
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