City Hall and Court House  
15 West Kellogg  
City of Saint Paul  
Council Chambers - 3rd  
Meeting Agenda  
Audit Committee  
Councilmember Rebecca Noecker, Co-chair  
Councilmember Jane Prince, Co-chair  
Councilmember Amy Brendmoen (ex-officio)  
Ellen T. Brown, Community Advisor  
Dana M. DeMaster, Community Advisor  
Stephanie D. Dilworth, Community Advisor  
James Farnsworth, Community Advisor  
Monday, February 6, 2023  
Roll Call  
3:00 PM  
Council Chambers - 3rd Floor  
Audit Committee  
1. Residential Housing Development Study Update  
- Presenters: David W. Eisenlohr, Managing Director (Baker Tilly US, LLP) and Nicolle  
Goodman, Director (Planning and Economic Development)  
2. Customer and Constituent Services Study Success Story Update  
- Presenters: Jenna McCullough, Chair of the Customer and Constituent Services  
Workgroup, and Susan Young (Public Works)  
3. Exploring a Standing Contract for Short-term Studies  
4. Surveys Development  
- 2023 Topic Survey  
- Ongoing Topic Ideas and Suggestions posted on the Audit Committee website  
- Community Feedback on the Audit Committee  
Next Meeting Date  
- Member Participation by Interactive Technology (See, Minnesota Statutes 13D.02)  
Ellen T. Brown, Community Advisor  
Meeting Location: 531 Midway Lane, Tarpon Springs, Florida  
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