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File #: RLH TA 19-271    Version:
Type: Resolution LH Tax Assessment Appeal Status: Passed
In control: City Council
Final action: 5/22/2019
Title: Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 679 HOYT AVENUE WEST. (File No. CG1901B4, Assessment No. 190060)
Sponsors: Amy Brendmoen
Ward: Special Tax Assessments, Ward - 5
Attachments: 1. 679 Hoyt Ave W.City Response Letter.3-15-19, 2. 679 Hoyt Ave W.December Notice of Non-Payment.12-31-2018, 3. Online comment re RLH TA 19-271
Related files: RLH AR 19-47


Ratifying the Appealed Special Tax Assessment for property at 679 HOYT AVENUE WEST. (File No. CG1901B4, Assessment No. 190060)


Hearing Date(s)

Date of LH: 4/18/2019

Time of LH: 2:30PM

Date of CPH: 5/22/2019


Tax Assessment Worksheet

Postcard Returned by: Marguerite DeSpain

Cost: $ 96.08

Hauling Service(s) Provided: Garbage Service Medium Cart; Oct 1 - Dec 31 2018

Garbage Hauler: Waste Management

Type of Order/Fee: Garbage Hauling

Billing Time Period: 4th Quarter 2018 (Oct 1 - Dec 31)

Invoice Date(s): Oct- MISSING / Nov - MISSING / Dec - 12/31/2018

Returned Mail/Notice Concerns?:

Stated Reason for Appeal (if given): Zero Waster, services billed are not in relation to services received, as this was not ordered and has NEVER been used. City is storing its bin at my home, but it was not used or requested.  Multiple communications were sent to the City and to the garbage company informing that I did not want or need the service, asking where to drop off the bin, etc. Object to failure of City to act democratically and respect opt outs that have been neighbor shares for many years, zero wasters, etc.

Staff Comments: Under citywide garbage service, all residential properties with up to four units, including rental homes and townhomes, are required to have a garbage cart and receive garbage service for each dwelling unit. Property owners must provide garbage service for all occupied dwellings. There is no option to opt out of the citywide garbage service. The City is operating under a signed contract under state statute. The property owner is responsible for paying the outstanding charge, as garbage service was provided from October through December 2018.



WHEREAS, the Office of Financial Services Real Estate Section has attached to this Council File both a report of completion outlining the costs and fees associated with Trash Hauling during Collection of Delinquent Garbage Bills for services during October to December 2018. (File No. CG1901B4, Assessment No. 190060) and the assessment roll including all properties for which these assessments are proposed for Council ratification; and


WHEREAS, the City Council’s Legislative Hearing Officer has reviewed an appeal of this assessment and developed a recommendation for the City Council with respect to this assessment; and


WHEREAS, a public hearing having been conducted for the above improvement, and said assessment having been further considered by the Council and having been considered financially satisfactory; Now, Therefore, Be It


RESOLVED, that pursuant to Chapter 14 of the Saint Paul City Charter, said assessment is hereby ratified and reduced from $96.08 to $60.83.



Date NameDistrictOpinionCommentAction
5/22/2019 6:57 PMEric Lein Against ••ORD 18-39 was not effective until October 10, 2018. ••ORD 18-39 was “suspended in its operation” (per City Charter Sec. 8.05) when the City Council adopted Resolution 18-1922, “Finding the Petition for a referendum of ORD 18-39 is legally sufficient…” ••ORD 18-40 has been suspended since October 2018. Language in force says: “…This section shall not preclude a****ing property owners from cooperating for arranging for collection services from a licensed hauler, nor other arrangements for reasonable interruption of service.” ••The City and haulers have not complied with MN Stat. Chapter 443. Rates fail to take into account the character, kind & quality of service, of rubbish & method of disposition. Rates fail to take into account the number of people served. ••Charges and ***essments for 1, 2, 3 or 4 unnecessary empty trash carts exceed the benefits to the property and violate MN Stat. Chapter 429 and City Charter Chapter 14. ••Invalid Garbage Contract signed after deadline.
5/22/2019 2:17 PMMarguerite DeSpain  Against Critical concerns of citizens were reported in hearings and are not being shared with you, as there are many thousands of concerned citizens that are protesting this garbage program and see it as directly opposed to the environmental climate improvement plan with it's refusal to allow for neighbor-sharing and opting out when a bin is not necessary. The current garbage program implementation and fines is motivating more waste and not less. The way the City has chosen to implement organized trash collection has harmed many citizens, which these ***essments prove. It has also caused multiple small family garbage collectors to go out of business, gradually creating a new monopoly - Waste Management. Instead of responsibly preventing these harms when concerns were raised, Council members have stifled their concerns, acting as if helpless instead of insisting that there be negotiations and necessary changes made. We citizens of St. Paul are not represented by your silence. +4
5/22/2019 1:54 PMMarguerite DeSpain  Against I protest the ***essment to my property, as I participate in the trash program as a neighbor-sharer, as I have for more than twelve years, with a single adult household across the street. I choose to reduce my waste substantially both for the sake of the earth and our City and to save money. I have very little waste, as I eat mostly vegetables and eggs, and can easily compost their waste. If I have any waste that cannot be recycled or composted, such as packaging, I pay the neighbor to add a very small bag once in a while. We have harmoniously done this for many years, reducing the costs to us both. The City has refused to honor or acknowledge and follow my request to not have a bin, to pick up its bin left on my property without my permission, and is billing me for a service I did not request or ever use, which I see as unjust and oppressive. I offered to serve on a committee of citizens to add neighbor share to implementation, and help, with no response. Please stop this. +3